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The job of a translator is to translate the foreign language. Translators work with various technical materials such as letters, reports, memos, minutes, books, articles etc. The core of their work is to read and edit the written material and prepare summaries and translate the information into the desired languages. The key skills of a translator include fluency in a number of foreign languages as well as good English skills in written and oral. Area of specification may include technical, scientific, political and legal.

Hi Dear, Congratulations! As I care for your career, I would like to tell you that 74% is pretty average score nowadays when most of the students to whom I place is having above 80% to 85% in their 10th and 12th. So let's be very honest.  B.Sc. will lead you towards M.Sc., M.Tech and PHD and you will end up working as an Academician. You may also end up fighting for entrance examinations like CAT, XAT etc. later.  B.Tech. will take you towards job as an option as well other than all above options. Best wishes Himanshu Vyas Head - Placements Adani Institute of Infrastructure Ahmedabad

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for putting up your query here. Well, to become a clinical psychologist, minimum qualification is MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Following is the career pathway to become a Clinical Psychologist: MA/MSc in Psychology (preferably specialize in clinical psychology if you want to do become clinical psychologist) MPhil in Clinical Psychology (you have to appear in entrance test and interview) PhD in Clinical Psychology (is desirable but not mandatory to work as a clinical psychologist) When you choose institutions for MPhil, please consider institutions which are recognized/

Hell friend, The career in library and information science is in demand because the libraries are considered as repositories of knowledge and information and are indispensable in the information age. with the merging of information technology with library science, the nature of libraries and the scope of their services have radically changed. The job involves wide range of reading and processing of the information content through cataloging, classification and indexing, storing documents and retrieving the required information and so on. In your query you have not mentioned your academic q

Dear aspirant If you love psychology then you are definitely free to study this course. I understand your basic bachelors degree is in political science but you should ask yourself why you want to study psychology. I have seen as a counsellor that many students get sudden interest into a new subject and it will be completely irrelevant to their bachelors degree. It is no harm to get sudden interest but you should also judge if this will prove useful to your future. You can also find ways to some how link this new subject to your bachelors degree. I will give you few examples. I know

Communication skill plays  a vital role in every field.Some people inherited it generation wise and family teachings.It is also a God gifted art.For example,our noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore was a brilliant personality who had all the best qualities in his field without going to even formal School and founded world famous institute - 'Shantiniketan'. But certainly one has to make best efforts to learn,speak,analyse,participate in debate,discussion,critical thinking,understand psychology,writing flow,to earn knowledge in every field, careful observation capability,reading,delivery of

Hello friend, The professor in university is a senior person who joined the university or college as Assistant Professor then promoted to Associate professor and then finally to Professor. To become a professor in a university, it takes generally 15-20 years, depending upon the performance of the person. As per the UGC (University Grant Commission) guidelines, the salary of a Professor is as follows: Assistant professor Grade One Rs 15600-39100 plus academic grade pay of Rs. 6600 per month. Total salary = 36240 Assistant Professor Grade Two Rs. 18600-39100 plus academic grade pay of

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Hello Suman,  Good. What I dont understand is what is the query then? Please prepare an attractive resume and send it to various schools. You could also log into the schools website and either upload your resume there or send in your resume via mail. Please note mostly schools post or announce their vacancies either on the website or through word of mouth. Job portals do not advertise such vacancies.   If any further query do write back to us so that we can help you better.   Wish you good luck..    

The World has changed rapidly in the last decade; new technologies, lifestyles, demands and needs are bringing in the call to provide new services, facilities and a way of getting things done in a less time consuming and effective way which has opened doors to new career paths. Young people are always trying to bring in new ideas to make this world a better place. Today I am going to discuss some new age career paths that are more interesting, different and unique from the traditional ones. Energy Audit Engineer: An Energy Audit Engineer or often known as Energy Auditor does an inspection, sur

Hello Prashant,   As you have mentioned, English professor as one of your option. Not bad. But then why are you speaking  or writing in Hindi. Start picking up the language right now to be a successful professor of English language. Another point here is, then you should opt for BA in English and follow it up with a MA in English. In this way you would graduate and be  a masters in your subject in which you wish to be a teacher. After you clear your masters opt for NET / SET and then you would be eligible to be an Assistant professor. In terms of your 2nd option, IIT coaching. I

Start teaching in a school and take tuition. Once you establish yourself as a teacher, you would have hundreds of students to teach for their NEET exam preparation. Start asap. You will start with 10,000 PM and if keep patience can go upto 1,00,000 PM.  Best wishes, Himanshu