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School Psychologists help the students of all levels in a school in maintaining their general health and well-being. They act as counsellors and advocates to students and offer them valuable advice for their educational and personal growth and development. A school psychologist basically addresses the issues of students by lending an ear to their problems and health concerns. A school psychologist has to solve the problems of students and help them deal with culprits like bullying, low self esteem, anxiety, clumsiness and their problems at home. Find frequently asked questions on career related to School Psychologists answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming School Psychologists

Dear aspirant If you love psychology then you are definitely free to study this course. I understand your basic bachelors degree is in political science but you should ask yourself why you want to study psychology. I have seen as a counsellor that many students get sudden interest into a new subject and it will be completely irrelevant to their bachelors degree. It is no harm to get sudden interest but you should also judge if this will prove useful to your future. You can also find ways to some how link this new subject to your bachelors degree. I will give you few examples. I know

Hello Reading up your inquiry I can clearly suggest you on studying 'MSc or MA Psychology' course or MA/ MSc Applied Psychology with counselling. Some colleges also run 'MA or MSc Counselling psychology' itself. So you are free to choose either of these three degrees from the above. If you choose to study Psychology degree, then during your second year you should choose 'Counselling psychology' as your major elective. However studying a 'Counselling psychology' is more appropriate to you than choosing only a psychology or applied psychology degree. Next, when you choose to study Coun