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A professor is someone who teaches at a university or college. A professor is a high ranking teacher in the university. The term professor is derived from a Latin word profiteor. The tasks of a professor are managing teaching, research, mentoring, conducting functions. In countries like USA and Canada a professor is the one with the highest rank and they hold the doctorate degree. There are two titles such as associate professor and assistant professor. They are the lower level professors. In European countries they do not consider such titles. To conclude we can say that a professor is an authority or an expert in their fields. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Professors answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Professors

Communication skill plays  a vital role in every field.Some people inherited it generation wise and family teachings.It is also a God gifted art.For example,our noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore was a brilliant personality who had all the best qualities in his field without going to even formal School and founded world famous institute - 'Shantiniketan'. But certainly one has to make best efforts to learn,speak,analyse,participate in debate,discussion,critical thinking,understand psychology,writing flow,to earn knowledge in every field, careful observation capability,reading,delivery of

Hello friend, The professor in university is a senior person who joined the university or college as Assistant Professor then promoted to Associate professor and then finally to Professor. To become a professor in a university, it takes generally 15-20 years, depending upon the performance of the person. As per the UGC (University Grant Commission) guidelines, the salary of a Professor is as follows: Assistant professor Grade One Rs 15600-39100 plus academic grade pay of Rs. 6600 per month. Total salary = 36240 Assistant Professor Grade Two Rs. 18600-39100 plus academic grade pay of

Dear friend, you have asked a practical question. Here you have not mentioned your ediucational qualifications. But I believe that you must be holding either masters or doctoral degree. The best way to find  jobs of a professor, is first to make yourself educationally as well as technically eligible. Since now a days the compitition for the job of a professor is very severe, therfore one has to improve the qualifications in terms of degrees, research publications, guiding students, publishing books or book chapters, attending or oraganizing national as well as international conferences, s

Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned what is your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. As you have asked about sound understanding of math to become  a professor, it depends upon in which field the person is working as professor. The professor of Sanskrit do not need to study math at all. On the other hand a professor of Hindi, English or any other language generally do not use math during study, teaching or research work. But math is really very important for person who is involved in research with some calculations and  mea

Professors have enormous and a variety of roles these days than only teaching. In the previous decade a professor only dealt with teaching and student record maintenance. But in the recent times professors have a lot more to do and I shall explain them in detail on here. 1. Regular lecturing:As mentioned, in the past almost every professoring dealt only with tutoring their students in class. And this practice has been still there even now. So a professor they will conduct regular teaching probably for 3-6 hours a day. 2. Conduct research:Apart from the regular teaching, a professor n

Dear aspirant I hardly get to hear very few students aspiring for a teaching career and i am so happy to hear your career interest about teaching in colleges. You are almost at the right path to a teaching career. There are three ways to get into teaching career in general. First is the teaching career at school as teachers, second is at the college as lecturers and the third is the teaching at universities as professor. I am expalining to you in brief one by one here. 1. Teacher: With a engineering degree in It, you can work as a teacher at local schools to teach students at 10

Dear Aspirant, Factually, MA English and BEd is a very qualification for making a career in teaching. I am surprised that you are into admission counselling which has nothing to do with BEd and MA English. Can you tell me why are not getting teaching jobs? With MA and BEd you are also eligible to work in a junior college (10+2) level apart from a school.  I suggest that you should look out for jobs in teaching. Further, you should prepare for UGC NET/SET exam in English so that you get eligible for senior college and post graduate teaching. This is the qualification will can definitely ge

Hello Nitesh,  The minimum eligibility for pursuing a B.Ed course is graduation from a recognised university. And you are an engineering ( B.Tech) graduate and hence you are eligible for the course. Wish you good luck..

Hello Shivangi,   Absolutely correct, there is no guarantee of job in a government organization. It would all depend on the vacancy and at the sametime reservations that follow. But keep trying is what I can say.   Try for both government and private Colleges.   Wish you good luck..

Hello There, Interesting...   You wish to be a professor.   Please note, the first requirement is a masters degree followed by NET / SET exams. Please note this makes you eligible for an Assistant professor, to be permanent, please opt for a P.Hd along with you being a lecturer.   Wish you good luck...

Hello Prashant,   As you have mentioned, English professor as one of your option. Not bad. But then why are you speaking  or writing in Hindi. Start picking up the language right now to be a successful professor of English language. Another point here is, then you should opt for BA in English and follow it up with a MA in English. In this way you would graduate and be  a masters in your subject in which you wish to be a teacher. After you clear your masters opt for NET / SET and then you would be eligible to be an Assistant professor. In terms of your 2nd option, IIT coaching. I

Hello Pragati    Apart from cracking NET , you need to have a strong academic profile through out your education span. After bachelors you need to take up MA in English. To become a professor you can even go for a M Phill or a Phd Degree that will put you in the same rank as that of a NET qualified Professor. Please go through this link to understand the exact eligibility of NET  /   All the Best !

Hello Raju,  Any Graduate with a minimum 50% score is eligible for a B.Ed course. Since you are a computer graduate, you are eligible for a B.Ed course. Wish you good luck...

I guess you would like to learn English more and fluency in speaking.Speak in English with your well-wishers.Also tell them to correct it wherever and whenever necessary.Don't feel shy in speaking even if you are wrong. Read English newspaper daily,watch English news,keep practice in going through English dictionary etc. Best wishes.

Dear Aspirant, Yes, 53% is a problem and I agree with Ms. Meghana too. Having Distinction in B.Ed is a good achievement. Doing M.Ed would not help you teach in senior colleges if you are not NET/SET cleared. With 53% you will not be eligible for appearing for NET / SET exam. If you belong to the reserved category, then 5% relaxation is available and you can appear for NET / SET. I would suggest that you may think of teaching in junior colleges and schools with your current qualification of MA English and B.Ed. Best wishes