Hi Biswajit,You can study further to improve your career. If you have a passion for singing you can learn music and even become a music teacher if you wish you are not satisfied with your present work of a pt teacher. Or you can start a coaching institute at you place for singing classes as well. But for that you will have to learn music yourself.I would be in a better position to answer you if you could tell me in what sense do you want to improve your career as in try some other job or in money terms etc……Best Wishes!

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Nowadays Personal Trainer is of many types: Physio- and pyscho- both are becoming popular. So choose first which field you like most-or if you have no knowledge of this variations please try to achieve it. Physio trainer is connected to Body fitness, if you have similarly fine body built you can proceed with this mindset-nothing is late like-get admission and be expertise in it. With it you can develop yourself as a LIFE COACH-it is related to mind-body appropriate coordination. You can try for it,  A person not only needs a well built body, but also s/he needs well functioned min

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