Watch the video below to get a glimpse of a Software Programmer:The day usually goes like this:Checking the emails and replying to them.Bugs, status reports and other necessary communications are made at the start of the day.There is usually a team meeting, describing the course of the day and what activities to work on. After the meeting, pick up the code where it was left yesterday and start working on it.Work on the programming. Take breaks. Discuss things with developers and work again.They read about the latest happenings in the programming world and share it with fellow programmers.

You are into a booming career. Everywhere we see computers are an in-thing. And reserach into this field comes up with new technologies to help us to make our life simpler.Every second person wants to create their own websites to promote theri business. Every organization wants a Software to ease their work load.So your job is very much in demand. And [your MCA qualification supporrts][1] you into the tch world.As a starter or fresher, you would be employed in an organization at the junior level, miostly a softeare devleoper trainee or  junior level programer, designation vary from compan

Dear Aspirant, The points in the previous answer are just pointers of writing a resume. However as a web designer, your resume should contain the job details and the software you have working knowledge and command on. Further, you should also separately prepare a portfolio where you can demonstrate the actual work done by you as a web designer. For switching jobs, portfolio is asked by almost all companies since it reflects your real talent and skill. Best wishes

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Software Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software, including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Education Requirements:To become Software Engineer, you will typically [require a bachelor of science degree in computer engneering][1], computer science or electrical

The typical day of a web designer is very interesting and exciting. It's one of the rare careers where technical expertise meets the creative energy. This is how a web designer spends his/her day:Working on Overall Goals – A web designer will spend his or her time trying to achieve certain larger goals; for example, he or she will need to ensure proper design, layout and coding of websites. Every element of these websites will fall under the website designer’s job responsibilities, including technical aspects, graphics, and overall aesthetics (the site’s appearance). 

Software engineers have good scope in terms of [development of software or programming][1]. From computer operating systems to "video" games all require software and there comes the needs of software engineers. The main role of a Software technician is to analyse the users needs and then help to design, tests and develop software by applying [computer technologies and mathematical][2] concepts. As said Software's require a thorough knowledge related to computers and maths, so to become a Software engineer, you need the base of computers and mathematics. Thus post 12th, any stream but hav

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Hello There,  Before I could answer your query, I wish you had clearly mentioned which stream and whether you have Math as a subject. If yes, then you could opt for either a B.Sc IT or a BCA course. Never the less, NIIT has a lot of diploma and certificate courses related to networking and IT. Wish you good luck...

Hello There,  Before I answer your query, let me tell you if you choose a career based on high monetory gains, then it would be a wrong choice. Since money follows skills or talent. Sometimes a high paying profile may not suit you because you may not have the required skills or potentials. So before you make a choice crosscheck your skills with the skills required in the chosen career and if they match go ahead with the career choice. Incase you are not able to pinpoint your potentials, opt for an Aptitude test or career counseling test which would highlight your potentials and help you m

Hi Udit! Yes, You can do MCA after B.Sc IT, it is absolutely fine. As far as comparison between B.Sc IT and BCA is concerned, from graduation point of view, both are equally good. B.Sc IT is more focused on technical aspect of IT, mainly covers programming languages and likes. BCA covers subjects like e-commerce, accounting for managers, economics etc along with technical subjects including programming languages. If you are very much sure for MCA as a PG, BCA should be your first choice. Apart from course, it is equally important to check the college/university you are seeking admission into.

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Hi, It’s good to have your query about cinematography and I am really happy to guide you on this topic in detail. Being such an interesting and dynamic field, the Media and Television has got abuzz with fame these days. A good number of career opportunities in this field are fascinating the aspirants and make them pursue the courses in Cinematography and allied activities in the Media and Television Field.   Take Here - Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test The profession you are aspiring for is the science or art of motion pictures photography. It’s all about

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Hi You seem a computer geek and tech-savvy, else you would not have that much interest in the computer field! Am I right? The world we are living in today is a kind of digital world and we are going toward the IOT (Internet of Things) concept where every physical thing will be connected and embedded with electronics, software, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity. This is going to a huge interconnected network which will ease the life at greatest level.   Take Here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test   I think this is the right time with fully matured with

Dear Aspirant, You are 26 years old already? Didnt you study anything till now? What were you doing till now after 10th std? You seem to have lost valuable years in your life. By the age of 26, you should have been into a job and towards settlement.  After Diploma in Computer Science, it is recommended that considering your age, you should first prefer a job if you get. Alongside job, you can then enrol for BTech part time from a good Institute and University. I would recommend a job, however it may not be always possible to get a good job since companies would prefer graduation in engine

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Hello, We are living in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) world and the progress of ICT, we all know, has been at an exponential rate. The momentum of the field requires a great number of IT professionals to shoulder the numerous business operations and for the related tasks.     Take Here - Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test We had a period when the want of the IT professionals has been felt, that caused the boom in the IT education industry and now we are having so many colleges and reputed institutions everywhere as one would easily get the des

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