Watch the video below to get a glimpse of a Software Programmer:The day usually goes like this:Checking the emails and replying to them.Bugs, status reports and other necessary communications are made at the start of the day.There is usually a team meeting, describing the course of the day and what activities to work on. After the meeting, pick up the code where it was left yesterday and start working on it.Work on the programming. Take breaks. Discuss things with developers and work again.They read about the latest happenings in the programming world and share it with fellow programmers.

Understanding your interest/aptitude type will give you pieces of information to how your psyche takes care of problems and situations.   Stream Selector Assessment analyze the potential of a person. It is expressed in the form of a person’s interest as well as the aptitude of a student. When students know their potential, it will be simple for them to make choices related with their subjects.   Taking the assessment and looking at its report recommendation will help understand if where interest and aptitude for science stream lies.   The aptitude of an individual is neith

A resume is a ideal place / Opportunity to exhibit your designing talents.    Show to the world in the shortest possible time, about your skills.. say a few seconds.. that is the time most will have to look at your profile, in case they land up there for some reasons.    Try using free sites, pages, create a good portfolio as suggested earlier. But just have an ordinary profile wont take you anywhere.. It has to be really innovative, creative, eye-catchy and of course, your original work!!   Good luck! Ben  

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Software Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software, including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Education Requirements:To become Software Engineer, you will typically [require a bachelor of science degree in computer engneering][1], computer science or electrical

The typical day of a web designer is very interesting and exciting. It's one of the rare careers where technical expertise meets the creative energy. This is how a web designer spends his/her day:Working on Overall Goals – A web designer will spend his or her time trying to achieve certain larger goals; for example, he or she will need to ensure proper design, layout and coding of websites. Every element of these websites will fall under the website designer’s job responsibilities, including technical aspects, graphics, and overall aesthetics (the site’s appearance). 

Software engineers have good scope in terms of [development of software or programming][1]. From computer operating systems to "video" games all require software and there comes the needs of software engineers. The main role of a Software technician is to analyse the users needs and then help to design, tests and develop software by applying [computer technologies and mathematical][2] concepts. As said Software's require a thorough knowledge related to computers and maths, so to become a Software engineer, you need the base of computers and mathematics. Thus post 12th, any stream but hav

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Hi Abhishek,    Hope you are doing good. Good that you have started researching about available jobs in the market.  As MBA passed out students directly expect manager level jobs, this seems to be a bit tricky for you now. MBA IT specialization will come good only if you have very strong industry experience in the computer science related field. This IT manager kind of roles are done by people who have about 10 years experience in the software industry, thats why you see that. You dont have to loose heart. All you do is start as a trainee software engineer OR any kind of IT role

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Hi Harsh,   Please choose your career based on your interest areas, educational background, your natural advantages etc.    Ben  

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Hello Rhythm,  What kind of a question is this?.   Please get your definition of a career clear first. Please note everything we do follows a procedure which when followed makes life simpler. Thus 11th and 12th are the first step towards graduating. Though there are now job related diplomas available which you can pursue right after 10th. But please note that even if you get a job after diploma doing a graduation is a must for a better opportunity. Wish you good luck..  

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In the world of internet, it seems to be a boom for the digital infrastructures. Even we are not sure about the engagement of the life in the digital world, it's reached the zenith! A 4-year child wants the smartphone now, clear depicting the picture of the digital world. Right from the education and associates, business, noble centers, transportation, aviation, shoppings, services, taxations, redressals, bankings, wallets etc are based on one and only internet. To ease the process and mechanism for these services, there must be the user-friendly screen on one's smartphone or laptop or tablet

All jobs are good it depends upon your personal preferences. There is only one big difference, the job security in Govt job is much more than private job. In govt jobs the salary comes from revenue collected by the government but in private job one has to justify his/her salary. RK Bajpai

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The 21st century is the age of technology. In this regard, the communication and remote sensing are the drivers of that chain. But you know, what is out there which is enabling us to communicate or personalized. A big answer is the space technologies, more precisely satellites. So those who are looking for the career as a satellite engineer or programmer here is plenty of useful information. Few words about satellites importance in everyday life There are broadly two types of satellites on the basis of their orbiting mechanism, one is called geosynchronous and another one is called, sun-synchr

Why choose Defence? “A life which is not ordinary”, join the ARMY. This line is a tag line for the young and desperate, enthusiastic people who want something challenged and unordinary job profile. Being in one or the another way, career in defence is respectful and glorious also. Either you serve in a logistic or technical head, there are associated their own glory and pride, which in turn allowing us to sleep peacefully. In this article, I will be telling you about the various courses and job opportunities in the technical field of the defence sector. You will surpass all your my

With a higher growth in the context of usage as well as data among each and every user in the corporate ecosystem. The analytics approach in order to calculate different metrics for an organization or big company is turning out to be a very humongous task, as the data set is getting bigger and bigger and replicating itself exponentially every moment. So due to this, the process to analyze the data and look out for a different and more effective technique to find the outcomes and insights of data set becomes a more difficult task. In short, with a wide increase in data due to more users and con

It is true that only those things sell which look good and hence it is important to look good. And in the world of web, all the looks and beauty of the product depends on the web designer. A web designer is a person who works in order to create a more interesting design and graphical user interface (the parts of the application which you see) in order to create a better and more effective user experience and hence results in the best and most perfect experience for a product. Apart from that, the work of a web designer is to reduce the complexity of information to a user and one should easily

I guess your confusion is more about finding your natural interest areas first. You can try talking to a career counselor near your location, or try calling any one here for a detailed session and one by one you can get in to the final questions..    Ideally your Under graduation selection should match your natural interest / inclination in the subject , for you to come successful in that.    Business is  a very wide subject / term to use, so you have to try to confine that to few subjects , like business in textiles, or business in computers something like that atleas

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