Hi Satish ,pls.elaborate on your nature of job and what kind of career you are trying to make out in IT. Relevant education is always important, however during our working career we develop certain expertise areas, which then helps us in finding future job opportunities. Regards,Sumit

Dear student, At every stage and age in life we must make choices and the quality of our life depends on our choices. Keeping in mind your aptitude, liking, deep desire and goals choose one of the options you mentioned. You may write down on a paper the pros and cons of all choices and then decide with a calm mind. Money however, should not be the reason for choosing a career or path. An expert always commands a price in any field. You should feel happy and at peace with a choice thus made.

MIS/IT consulting and Business Analyst can be two good options. I've not heard SSD in I, what is that?

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