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Hello Dear Friend, Welcome to Career Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. Law is one of the most preferred career by many of the students and parents. Law as a career is considered to be one of the respectable career. Law as a profession has been practised since ancient times and so it is one of the oldest profession that we find in the world. Earlier as a career was very much restricted to the Justice of Courts. A person who has taken an formal education of law was allowed to practise law as a Lawyer in the Courts.There were only civil and criminal cases that a

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Dear Aspirant, Maths would be of very little use to a Corporate Lawyer. However in case you decide to take up only Taxation / Finance related Corporate cases, then Maths would be of help to understand the domain. Practically as a Lawyer, Maths would not be required. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, As a Corporate Lawyer, apart from excellent domain knowledge about Corporate Law, definitely communication skills will be vital for being a successful lawyer. In legal parlance, these communication skills are called as "Pleading' skills. Pleading means putting the client case in from the Court Bench in an effective, confident manner. Apart from the evidences, witnesses, you definitely require communication skills to get the truth, facts out of the case by talking to people, persuading them to speak truth, etc. Witnesses will open up only when they feel confident about you as

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Hi 'Corporate Lawyer', the word itself very much self explanatory that Lawyers who belongs to the corporate world or who practice in corporate laws are the ones known as Corporate Lawyer. Corporate Lawyers are not different from any other lawyers, because you do need any special degree or licence to be a corporate lawyer. Coming to your question, legal complications and legal formalities are the first step of any organization, be it a small Company or be it a big, giant, huge Corporation or a Group of companies or an organization. Not everybody has these expertise to deal with these legal f

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Hey Selishma, Firstly I would like to say the answer to your question lies in the question itself. Before I begin answering, please note that th route to LAW, is either pursue Graduation in any stream and then appear for LLB Or, after 12th any stream, pursue either a B.Sc LLB or a BA LLB, which is a 5 years course. In case interetsed in The National School Of LAW and its colleges, you would have to clear their entarnce examination called CLAT. In-case of other coilleges, they conduct their own entrance exams which is mentioned on their respective websites, which you need to keep a tab on.

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Hi There, That is a pretty interesting question. First let me begin by a brief introduction to what a Corporate Lawyer does: - He is mainly the one who works in the interests of the corporation or industry he works for - Helping them with their business transactions, formalities, litigation, investments and more importantly taxes and negotiations. - He advises his client about existing LAW and helps him follow it correctly - He is the one who helps the client save himself from future legal disputes, by advising him on ways and measures to be followed during business deals - Helps the

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Dear Aspirant, It would be best to decide whether you have it in you to become a Lawyer is to take [Ideal Career Test][1] from [][2]. This is a [psychometric test][3] which is scientific and the questions are situational, thought provoking and will be able to get you know the real passion in you. This will help you understand yourself in respect of your strengths, weaknesses, emotional quotient, etc. and will exactly tell you which career is ideal for you. You can then call counsellors to discuss. Best wishes! [1]: /know-your-ideal-career [2]: / [3]: /psychometric-care

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Dear Aspirant, Very happy to know that you opted to take a scientific method to assess your potential and interests. I feel, that if the Report did not suggest you Law as a career option, then I would suggest you not to take the risk, since I am confident that the report (if you have answered unbiased and without any prejudice or misconceptions) must be right. Best wishes!

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Dear Friend,Thank you very much for coming on this platform and ask for your furture prospects related queries.Before I go aheada and advice you on doing something or followig my advice, I would like to introduce myself to you so that you have full trust on what I say or advice to you.I am Legal Professional having BSL.LLB, PGDBCL, DBM and LLM. As you can see from degrees I am into a pure legal field.Law is a very vast pool now a days and has tremendous future prospects if you decide what you want to do in this field. Today the legal field has changes so drastically in entire world that it has

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Dear Aspirant, See, Corporate Law is independent of every country. Law is different from country to country. Legal system is different from country to country. Therefore, where there are companies doing business in a country, corporate law is an essential ingredient in the governance of that nation.   7946993_l-1024x921.jpg1024x921 117 KB   If you wish to practice or get a job in any country, you need to learn and get qualified in that particular country. It is absolutely not the case that corporate lawyer will have more scope in some countries. Therefore, scope for corporate lawye

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Dear Aspirant, A Lawyer if employed in a law firm as a fresher averagely gets around Rs. 25000 per month. With experience more than 5 years, it may increase to around Rs. 35,000 per month. Depends on the size aof the law firm too. An independent Lawyer cannot have a salary structure and gets fees per case basis. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo a psychometric test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself in respect of your strengths, weaknesses, emotional quotient, etc. and will exactly tell you which stream is good for you. Best

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Hi Dear Friend, I am guessing that you must be either in class 12 or doing graduation. Well law is a very vast field today in the entire world because of the scopes and jobs are related with it. A Recent Survey by an International Survey Agency, Law is being the most, highly respectable and cream profession amongst the other professions. So first of all, if you want to do Law, you should get enrolled in a Law School (National Law Schools only). DO NOT GET ENROLLED IN ANY OF THE PRIVATE/DEEMED UNIVERSITY. Throughout the world Indian National Law Schools Degrees are only recognized so do not e

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Dear Bikash,You can take up PG diploma in corporate law as distance course. Symbiosis center of distance learning offers such course. See link for more: the best

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HI Love,The short and the sweet answer to your question is that yes an Indian Advocate can practice a case in not just US or UK but in to all the countries, provided the rules and regulations of such countries bar councils are met. Please go through the underneath message in order to know more in details.It is good to know that the target you have set is so high that even if you don't reach there, I am sure you would surely do something different and better than the others for sure. However I wish that you achieve your target and your dream to become an international qualified lawyer fulfill.W

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Law is emerging as fast growing profession. In these days of globalization and liberalization, it is likely to get further momentum as more lawyers would be required to handle cases arising out of international trade and as a result of growing importance of WTO. Persons holding law degree or other high legal qualifications have ample employment opportunities in private as well as public sector . To be specific corporate lawyers play a significant role in providing advice regarding the working and transaction of a company. On behalf of the company or its subsidiaries , they undertake legal serv

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Hello Corporate Law Aspirant,There has been a tremendous for Corporate Lawyers nowadays due to the Globalization. Every Corporate Company needs a Corporate Lawyer now and then for their legal issues to  be solved. Due to the impact of Globalization there has been a drastic change in the field of Law,as a new avenue has been generated for the law students to work in corporates apart from working in Courts.While going for the Law as a career one do must know the following things,there are two streams in the Law i.e Criminal Law and Civil Law. So students has to decide which law they wish to

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Hello friend,Earlier Law as a career was restricted to the courts practices. But with the increase in the concept of Globalisation and Liberalisation there has been demand of people in various departments of the corporates. So due to this there has been also a tremendous need emerged to have corporate lawyers as all countries have different laws country-to-country and corporates also feel easy to have a lawyer of the native country who has a valid law degree from the particular country with good knowledge of law. Therefore in some last few years there has been tremendous opportunities for law

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Hello Law Aspirant,Thank you for choosing CareerGuide (MCG) to solve your query and also thanks for putting this question. Many a times students just get admitted to various law colleges to pursue their 5 years after 12th or 3 years law after Graduation. Very few students take a glance what will be their future after completing the course i.e what job prospects they will be getting,what job profile exactly they will have? Before choosing a career in Law one must think about its pros and cons like:1. What is the course exactly i am taking admission for?2. How this will help me?3. What i want to

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Hi shivam,You can pursue BA-LLB program at your graduation level. At inter level you can study commerce where you can learn about business law, corporate law , communication etcSo, commerce would be the best choice. Whereas to study BA-LLB you need to be pass in 12th with any subjects. All the best

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Dear Friend,Greetings of the Day!!!As you have already given CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) , CLAT is given by various law aspirants for  undergraduate and post graduate programs of 14 National Law Colleges along with some other Law university and CollegesFind Below the partial list National Law School of India - BangaloreNational Academy of Legal Studies and Research -HyderabadNational Law Institute University - BhopalNational Law University- JodhpurRajiv Gandhi National Law University - PatialaChanakya National Law university - PatnaNational Law University - GuwahatiNationa Law U

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