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Dear Ashveen,Real estate consultant, investor, marketing and sales expert...Please have a look at some popular career option under Real Estate industry :Real Estate Broker

1 answer Bidit Chattopadhyay in Real Estate category

Dear Aspirant, Very good question and I believe an answer to this should be read by every student and parent. Psychometric test is a scientific way of analysing ones strengths, aptitude, interest. This test is different than a normal aptitude test.  Today not just an aptitude is what is important but also the level of interest is also important. Aptitude alone cannot get someone successful in the career and make him / her happy. Aptitude ability is required to a certain limit and then interests, inclination, passion is also important since it compliments the aptitude. Psychometr

1 answer Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD in Real Estate category
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Join any institute like Princeton Review and Manhattan Institute. they will guide you

1 answer Vinay Wardhan in Real Estate category

Hi ! thank you to considering me to get opinion. Real estate is wonderful field which is bridge to go rich in with in a period. This business you can do from several source. You can do this work from your home by way of marketing through mobile and internet .But it should be work under any big company. Other wise you can do this job as a mediator or broker which you get commission from this.basically you can do this work for 2% commision from seller side and 1% from buyer side. But upto registration you have to co- ordinate with the both buyer and seller.You should know about the type of land

2 answers D.magesh Cdavid in Real Estate category

Hello My Dear Real Estate Aspirant,Real Estate is one of the largest and fastly growing fields in India. Real Estate includes housing and commercial properties.I am very thank ful to you for approaching for seeking guidance to your career query. I have been related to the construction and real estate field since I am involved in a post graduate course in construction project management for a bschool in Pune. In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I really get rarely queries about real estate careers, since its perceived in the public that real estate mean

2 answers Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD in Real Estate category