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Autocad Designing is on the high demand for the Civil Engineers. How can one make a career in Autocad Designing?

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RE: Autocad Designing is on the high demand for the Civil Engineers. How can one make a career in Autocad Designing?

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Autocad as its name suggests that it is a digital platform on which the building and design layout of the structures are developed on a computer enabled program with the high accuracy, which forms the basis of the on-site construction work for the Engineers. You will be surprised to know that the Autocad industry today holding a glimpse of successful completion of the projects, as the engineers are looking for the work-friendly layouts and sections of the structure on a single sheet of the paper. Autocad not only providing the working reference and desires of the work but also acting to be a tremendous source of employment for the young and desperate engineers. Those civil engineers who have completed their degree and now looking to some innovations kind of job, they can opt for the Autocad source and can earn decent through drawing and sectioning. In this article, we’ll talk about various courses inside theAutoCAD as well as top institutes in the country who provides the best training in it. 

First, start with the Definition

Autocad designing is a computer based cumbersome program on which a trained professional can build, draw and sections each and every component of the structure with the tremendous precision, supplemented by the three- dimensional view of the structure. Thus to done away with the paper and pen work, Autocad, is a mean by which the work of the engineer becomes very smooth and efficient and also the timing, costing get reduced.

Basically, there is two component in the Autocad designing, one is called Basic development and another one is Estimations.

  • Basic Development: It is a wide and huge concept, as the development could be of building, roads, bridges, pipes system or of wooden structures. But keeping it a very short and simple, and relevant to the article, the cross section development, the linear development, plan, layout, etc are some of the designs and drawings are taken under the Autocad.
  • Estimations: By enabling the Estimation mode of the Autocad, the estimation cost of the structure are nowadays are prescribed on the other sheet of the drawing, called estimation sheet, in which the information regarding the estimation cost right from the foundation work with the lead and lift are written, till the painting and denting.


Syllabus for the Autocad Designing(B.E Civil)

(As Defined By The AICTE)

  • Autocad units
  • Autocad design and development
  • Arrays units
  • Cross sectioning
  • Development of the structures
  • Verification of drawings
  • Estimation analyses
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Axis development
  • Hollow designing
  • Roads design and drawing
  • Pipe system drawing and drawing
  • Miscellaneous

Top colleges for B.E. Civil in which AUTOCAD training is imparted as a part of graduation course for the partial fulfillment of the Bachelor's degree.

  • Indian Institutes of technologies IIT’s
  • National Institutes of Technologies NIT’s
  • Amity, Noida
  • SGSITS, Indore
  • LalaHardayal technical universities, Bhatinda
  • Loknayak institute of technology and sciences, Patna
  • Ambedkar college of science and technology, Nagpur
  • Tata memorial institutes of sciences, Mumbai
  • GajananMadhav institute of technology and sciences, Bhopal
  • SavitribaiPhule university, Pune
  • Fergusson college, Pune
  • Anna university, Chennai
  • Kalinga institute of technology, Bhuvaneshwar
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy college of Engineering, Kolkatta
  • KSR institute of technology, Hyderabad
  • Fergusson college, Pune
  • Anna university, Chennai

Private Institutes of the Autocad Learning

There are some private players  whoprovide the Autocad Training like:

  • ATL Engineering Solutions, Ghaziabad
  • ELTP group of Computer Education, Jabalpur
  • Agrawal’sAutocad School, Ahmedabad
  • Hightech Engineering Centre, Bhopal
  • L and T solutions, Mumbai
  • AztecAutocad and stator, Pune

Jobs Available in AutocadDesigning:

There are various jobs particularly in a government sector and in private sector also in the Autocad Designinghead, some of them are as follows:

  • Drawer: To draw the plan, layout and cross section of the planned construction project, whether it may be a building work, road work or any special construction work. The responsibility of the drawer is so that, an engineer can very well understand the plan and can follow the desired construction work in a real time.
  • Estimator: For any of the construction work, which has to start, its expenses must be laid down much before the starting of the construction work, hence, the chief role of the estimator is to lay down the separate estimation cost for the each single unit of the project. This is one of the challenging and busiest jobs.
  • Teacher: Last but not the least, if you are confident and have the command over Autocad Designing. You can start your own school of Autocad and can impart the training to the learning civil engineering aspirants.

Autocad designing is termed as an associated mode of employment generation for the civil engineers, many of the successful candidates are making good money through the Autocad designing, our suggestion for the young aspirants is that you should take your career as a civil engineer from the top institute and in between also make the rhythm in Autocad designing. Hope will help you!

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Autocad Designing is on the high demand for the Civil Engineers. How can one make a career in Autocad Designing?

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