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Civil Engineers are responsible for designing, developing and constructing a number of projects in the environment that we live. They are involved in the work of maintaining the building structures and road and railway facilities. They also design the airports, harbours, dams, bridges, power and affluent plants, irrigation projects, metro trains and the like. A civil engineer can become either a consultant engineer or a contract engineer. The main work of civil engineers is to undertake technical supervision and also site investigations. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Civil Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Civil Engineer

Hi, According to experts, there is a high demand for experienced civil engineers in developed countries. Hundreds of civil engineers migrate from India to Canada, Australia and other countries for better career prospects. According to an estimate, over 50,000 new jobs in the civil engineering sector are coming up every year across the country in the private sector. The Centre has announced to invest over Rs 50,000 crore in the infrastructure sector in the next few years.The earnings depend on the industries employing civil engineers such as Central or State government departments or private co

As a civil engineer , one can start private pratice a a consultant or work with municioalities , government construction, regulatory agencies, transportation authorities, architects or urban planners. Others can seek employment in construction or manufacturing companies. As a civil engineer, one can also work for organizations like ONGC,Railways and various departments of state and central governments. Employment opportunities exist in the government sector including the railways, department of irrigation, public works, roads, harbours, muncipal corporations, telecommunication department etc.

Hello Dear, Thank you for reaching Mera It is very common that we all fall into the confusion to chose between the options. Below are my inputs for both Civil and Sound Engineering. After going through my inputs below, I would highly recommend you to join the field which you are passionate about. Where do you want look yourself down the line 5 yrs, 7 yrs etc. Based on which chose the field that you will be comfortable with. Your today's decision should lead a career and happiness for you for tomorrow. Audio/Sound Engineering    It deals w

Hi Subhash, I would recommend that you must gain some work experience before pursuing MBA. You have already invested a lot of your time and resources in your current choice: Civil Engineering. Taking up a job in the related field will help you make a more informed decision. It will also help you to explore other growth options apart from MBA.  A Civil Engineer is likely to be offered employment as a:  Building control surveyor Consulting civil engineer Contracting civil engineer Nuclear engineer Site engineer Structural engineer Water engineer Jobs where your degree would be useful

Hi,  career in civil engineering can be started after class 10th. Here the individual is only eligible to pursue Diploma program in civil engineering. After successful completion of the course, he/she can join as a junior engineer in various public and private sector jobs.A bachelor's degree in Engineering is the minimum requirement to become a qualified civil engineer. A post graduate degree is required for research or teaching posts and an additional degree in business administration is desirable for management positions.Engineering courses are available at two levels. There are the

Civil engineers handle all construction work. They are involved in planning, research, survey and construction of all kinds of buildings as well as roads, airports, dams, traffic and trasnportation systems, irrigation and power plants, water supply and sewage disposal plants, oil rigs etc. Basically they are responsible for planning and designing a project and having it constructed to the required scale. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining the nation's vital transportation and other ifrastructure networks, improve public services, optimize the use of water and energy r

Treated as a most trusted and common degree from the time immemorial, engineering stream is unparalleled. Especially when it comes to the core branches like civil, electrical and mechanical, due to their uniqueness and ability to provide a job, they suit the best for the young, dynamic and enthusiastic ones who wants to make the career in technical heads. Generally, civil is known to be the royal branch of the engineering, just because of the fact that when the men arrived on the earth, his very first necessity was to have the shelter through which he can survive by the sunlight, rain and mist

Hello Ruchin,  Ask yourself why did you opt for civil engineering?. You will get your required answer. Anyways answering your question. You have many options further. Right from opting for a masters degree to designing to architecture, to masters in planning, management studies (MBA), project management, supply chain management, computers (MCA).  Wish you good luck...

Hello Rajni,  Good question asked. But sorry the question cannot be answered. Simply because the two fields cannot be compared at all and secondly they are two seperate professions having no similiarity and lastly they require different potentials. Though few engineers do opt for civil service exams  Choice is theirs and right now choice is yours. As both engineering and civil services are the the best in their concerned areas. Wish you good luck....

Hey Nikhil, Welcome to Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. What to do after the Graduation is the major question that lies with the students. Students do not understand whether they should continue with the studies or should start with the job. I assume that you had completed your B.Tech in Civil Engineering. After Completion of the B.Tech in Civil you have many further study opportunities available for you . First is if you are getting a campus placement you can take the campus placement or else you can go with the Further Education. You need to be very clear with

Once you’re in a master’s degree program, one of the most important things you have to consider is what you will do after you finish your degree.Keep an eye on recruitment advertisements in leading dailies. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test JOB OPPORTUNITY If you are looking for private sector job in civil engineering field following are the designation & requirements for the same. You can go abroad and apply for a good decent job in your own field. Site Engineer - only bachelors degree in civil

Dear Aspirant, I am so so happy to see a girl like you who is thinking for a long term career while being at the 10th std level. Many appreciations to you. For IAS, it would be fine to select Humanities and choose Political Science. Generally the subject political science is very near to the IAS studies and therefore many choose this and get successful. However, it is not that only Humanities Political Science students get through IAS easily. There is nothing easy in IAS studies, but yes, this subject or specialisation will help you get the overall understanding of India which is required for

Dear Aspirant, Your friends are very RIGHT. They have suggested you correctly. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to them since they did not fool you and told you the reality. Being a Civil Engineer, I would strongly suggest you to go a job immediately after your degree. Yes, you can study too, but not an MBA. The best thing as a Civil Engineer to study would be: 1. Project Management 2. Construction Project Management 3. ISO 4. AutoCAD, Stata, Primavera. The above is applicable only if you would like to remain in the civil engineering field for your career. Choosing MBA Finance, etc. wo

Dear Aspirant, Very sad to see another case where the candidate is not happy with the course and future of the career is concerned. Civil Engineering is a good field with good scope. Now that you have decided that you wish to leave Civil Engineering, to begin with please ensure that even if you dont like it, you should score atleast 55% in the degree of civil engineering. If you like playing with numbers very much which is a good thing, I suggest you the below options: 1. Chartered Financial Analyst 2. Actuaries (Insurance) 3. Data Analytics 4. Business Intelligence I would definitely suggest

Dear Aspirant, What is the reason according to you that you are unemployed after becoming a BTech Civil Engineer? Construction industry is the largest employing industry in India and across the world.  You should find out what skills as a Civil Engineer you are lacking since having that degree on paper is not useful now to the companies. I feel learning the software like Stata, MS Project, AutoCAD is a must for a Civil Engineer and also having knowledge about Construction Management is recommended. I feel, you can take the PG courses in Construction Technology, Infrastructure Management,

Dear Aspirant, After Civil Engineering, I would suggest that try to get into a job. If it is difficult, then I would suggest that you can do courses in Construction Management, Project Management, also if you are not trained in software, then you can do courses of AutoCAD, Stata, MS Project. These are very much required by companies when you are fresher. If you are interested in post graduation studies, you can go for ME/MTech in the specialisation of your choice. Latest specialisations are Green Technology, Sustainable Engineering, Project Management, Construction Technology, etc. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Yes, graduation through distance learning mode is now eligible to apply for civil services examinations as per the recent notification from the UPSC. However as a Counsellor, I would like to know why are you doing graduation through distance mode and not regular full time? What is the reason? Are you working due to which you cannot attend full time college? If yes, then that is fine but if not, then I would suggest that you should do graduation full time. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, There is no Diploma in Civil Engineering available through the distance mode. I would like to know and understand why do you wish to pursue a distance learning diploma in a very field and technical subject like civil engineering? Are you working currently? Or you just do not wish to study formally and want the diploma as a formality? I would suggest that based on 10th std marks you can get admission to Diploma in Civil Engineering easily. Ensure that you also complete degree of civil engineering later to have a better scope and growth in the career. Not all distance courses are

Dear Aspirant, Though you have spoken to the counsellor and he must have guided you appropriately, I would request for a more explanation of your query here so that I can try and add value to your query. You have selected Civil Engineering and you are in the last year of engineering. I would recommend that you should start seeking our job opportunities and try to learn on the job and gain experience. Later you can go for Construction Management course if you do not get a job. Best wishes