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Can I get phd admission in management with ugc net ls

I have a valid UGC NET score (UGC NET LEC) under SC category, but not JRF. I have completed my masters in management and degree in Btech (Computer science and engineering). Am I eligible to apply for PhD in management studies?. Do i have to write a seperate entrance exam and am i eligible for scholarships?

by Nandana Balakrishnan
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3 answers

RE: Can I get phd admission in management with ugc net ls

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Being an academician I interact with the psychiatrists world wide and interpret their skill to assess the common psyche of human being but they are very particular about the clients profile and draw the remarkable comments for a particular theme. Ofcourse it reflects the standard of their obtained degree and fro where they have passed out . Therefor you are advised to explore academically strong institutions which can shape up your career.

You can explore these following colleges:

1. Daulat Ram College
2. Jesus and Marry College
3. Keshav Mahavidyala
4. Mata Sundri College for Women
6. Indra Prastsha College For Women
7. Kamala Nehru College
8. Lady Sri Ram College for Women
9. Zakir Husian College

Now you get admission brouchure for all these colleges and must apply to each of them, specfying the subject along with subsidaries. Let me tell you cut off marks for first list will go very high more then 90 percent you must know the crowd, as all students countrywide prefer the under graduate study in Delhi University.

They have BA hons in psychology also you must try also. Abroad colleges offer B.Sc / B.Sc hon in psychology and offer the foriegn languages as elective course which help the students in terms of globalization of thought. Being a psychiatrist or practitioner one must understand the common psychometric and for that reason you need to opt multiple langauge/ professional art. sciences and commerce.

According to the need, academicians are also conceptualizing the thoughts of school from various streams and coordinate with the students for the narration, trnasiiton and ultimately provide the transcript of psyche. Before joining such course you must acquire the folowing factors which will play important percieving modules for the course work:

1. Could you be able to enjoy working with other?
2. Could you be able to handle the stress?
3. Could you you plan to attend the graduate school?

I have asked you certian relevent questions related to your coming profession which require the interpersonal skills, gelling attitude, well behavior, versatile, expressive as well as reciptive both, logical and easy going person only then one can practice the psuchology and serve the society in comfortable manner

Second and third are also importnat due to stress handling capacity, as you know simple graduate in Psychology will give you small salary package so try to be specialized and graduate with specialized degree in management, clinic wtc and obtain doctorate degree.
Please feel free to call us if you have any doubt.
Dr. Mnaoj

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RE: Can I get phd admission in management with ugc net ls

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Many thanks for choosing and writing to us. I really appreciate your thought concerning a PhD study. A Doctorate is the highest academic achievement one could get which also comes with a prestigious tag of 'Dr' that can be added to your name as a prefix. I understand you would like to do a PhD in Management in India.

The criteria for applying to PhD in India is
1. A valid undergraduate degree (either a 3 year or a 4 year) with a pass, preferably First class or above
2. A valid Masters degree (mandatory, a 2 year degree) with a pass, preferably First class or above. Please understand that many Universities abroad offer a one year Masters and most institutions in India doesn't appreciate such degrees. So a mandatory two year degree is essential and it could be either a MA/MSc or MBA. MPhil degrees are also welcomed to apply for a PhD and they have a better standing.
3. Now comes the specific research tests. The test requirement depends where you would like to do your PhD degree. In India, UGC-NET is a basic requirement. Apart from this some schools require you to submit additional test scores. If you are planning to do your PhD at esteemed B-Schools in India, they will require a mandatory CAT score to be submitted along with your NET score. Some schools also appreciate GMAT scores. If you have passed from IIT's you could waive these test scores. In sum, you are required to sit for CAT apart from the NET score that you already have.

Regarding your scholarship inquiry, if you are doing your PhD at a Government accredited university like the IIT's or the state universities in India, you need to have a JRF test result. This will be the eligibility criteria to be considered for a stipend every month. If you submit papers that prove you are qualified NET and JRF candidate, you will be given stipend every month to support your PhD. This could be in a range anywhere between 12,000 to 18,000 every month for Management students.

If you are willing to study your PhD from only esteemed B-Schools like the IIM's or the ISB, they have fantastic scholarship opportunities. All students admitted to the program are exempt from paying tuition fees and they give you a monthly stipend ranging from 25,000 to 35,000 per month. The highest is offered by ISB Hyderabad and it pays above 35,000 every month. The starting range of 25,000 every month is offered by IIM Trichy, IIM Ranchi, IIM Shillong and the ones that are close to 30,000 are IIMA, IIMB and IIMC. But to be eligible for scholarship and admission, these schools require high scores in CAT/GMAT.
I hope this helps. Good luck with your admissions.

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RE: Can I get phd admission in management with ugc net ls

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

You are definitely eligible to apply PhD in management studies with the national qualification and the degree you have in hand. So i can assure you that with no doubt you can send applications for PhD management program.

In order to apply for a PhD in management studies you should have passed 10th, 12th, a bachelors and a masters and all through out with a minimum of first class degree. As you belong to the SC category, you need to maintain 55% score through out your education. You have written UGC NET LEC exam and this exam qualifies you to apply for a PhD in management studies. And not writing UGC JRF is never a problem. UGC JRF is only for students who expect some financial support like the monthly stipend to support them through out their phd program. So if you want some monthly stipend then you may need to qualify UGC JRF exam, if you dont want stipend then this is not a problem for you. The monthly stipend usually ranges between 12000 to 14000 depending on the university you wish to do your phd.

Now comes the topic where you want to do your phd. If you want to do your PhD management studies under the IIM, XLRI, Symbiosis, and few other reputed schools then you need to write CAT exam and obtain a high score in it. At IIM'S PhD is known as fellow program and to be eligible to study here you need to have passed CAT exam with top score.

If you would like to sudy at the iit institutes then you should pass the GATE exam and get a good score in it. If you have already completed an MBA or the MTech from IIT and have got a good rank, then you dont need to appear for any of these qualifying exams. Please note that only IIT insitutes give this flexibility of national qualifying exams if you are already an IIT pass out.

The last option for you is to do phd at management at state colleges. This means you can study at any government approved or private colleges and also please note that all these colleges demand the UGC NET, UGC JRF UGC LEC are widely common where as UGC NET is modtly acceptabe. You can also do masters and then return to phd if you want. All the best.

RE: Can I get phd admission in management with ugc net ls

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