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Can you help me in getting into politics?

Can you help me in getting into politics ?

by Mudit Khandelwal
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5 answers

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Aspirant,

To get into politics, get yourself involved in your local area social work and contact the Corporator of your area. You can join any political party and show your willingness to act as a Servant / Karyakarta for them.

Then as per experience, you will grow.

Best wishes

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hey There,

Thats an interesting and Unique career choice.

But my question is Why???

Anyways since you are interested in Politics, as Dr. Anand has suggested, start by getting yourself involved in your locality.
Join the local corporator ward and start representing them in helping your locality o rater addressing issues of the locality.
Once the locals are aware of your presence, stand for the local corporator elections.
That will be your final ticket to enter politics.

Also please note that to get into main stream politics, one needs to be financially high.
So start in that process of accommodating wealth.

Hope this helps.
Wish you good luck...

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Dear Aspirant,

Thanks for writing to us. Its really interesting query. Politics is a field where we required young, educated, and professional people. India needs people like you who are committed, wants to serve our country and help people.

We need politicians who have knowledge and skills on governance, people psychology, Indian constitution, legislation, state laws, human rights etc. If you wish to pursue a career in politics, I would recommend you to prepare systematically and develop professional skills.

  1. Build educational profile
    Having decent educational background is always useful to get public support as well as build professional knowledge and skills. Good qualification will enhance your credibility as a politician. Common areas of study include law, political science, business, finance, law enforcement, rural development, journalism and education. Masters qualification is desirable.

  2. Learn about Indian history, politics and legislative process:
    As aware politician, you should have detailed knowledge about Indian culture and history, political events, people concerns and legislative process.

This knowledge will help you take decisions in favor of people.

  1. Engage in political activities at local level:
    As mentioned by my colleagues, you can seek out opportunities to intern for political campaigns, join political party as support and worke and/or work with not-for-profit organizations who are working for human rights or rights of marginalized community of grouo of people.

  2. Stand election at local level:
    At local level, there may be cooperative organizations / association or society (for example, cooperative banks, milk federations, sugar association, farmer association etc.) Or become member panchayati raj institution, village level committees such as child protection committee, school management committee, health committee, water and sanitation committee etc. Or stand for the election of taluka or jilla pramukh.
    With these beginnings your political career will begin.

  3. Build network, supporters and stay in touch with them
    This is very important step. You need to develop strong network and supporters for your activities. Stay in touch with them.

  4. Stay in touch with people
    Always stay in touch with people. Listen to peoples problems and help them solve their problems.

  5. Stand for election of sarpanch or corporator:
    Now its time to mark your political presence by standing for major elections.

Hope this is helpful. If you still have queries, feel free to write back.

Best Wishes for political career,
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Dear Friend,
Welcome to
Thanks for approaching us and writing us your career query.

It sounds good that you have an interest to make a career in the Politics. when it comes to politics everyone comes to the point that its not a good field to do your career.Politics has been one of the great career . The country like India have a wide career scope in Politics.

While India needs a great visionary politicians who will do the development of the country along with their own development .

In order to make a good career in Politics one needs to have some aptitudes like-
1.Extrovert Personality
2.Sociable Person
3. A problem Solver
4.Ready to listen to others advice and act on it
5.Crisis Management
6.Good at Leadership Skills.

Though the Indian Constitution gives a right to the citizen of India to participate in politics with out any educational qualification. Here i would like to suggest you to have a good educational qualification especially having a study of Political Science will give you a concrete knowledge about the Politics. This is the course that helps the students who aspire to make a career in the politics. In this course one studies about the various theories written and followed by great different thinkers,scholars and philosophers. This gives an idea to student how the government were set up in ancient times and how they are set up nowadays,its functions and duties towards the citizens of the country and the rights of the government. It gives a holistic approach towards the politics to one.

So you can apply for B.A in Political Science after your 12th Std. irrespective of your stream. While you can also go for further education to foreign countries also.Gain a thorough knowledge of Indian Politics,History,Constitution etc.

Eventually you can start participating in the political events at the local level. You can arrange some of the events like blood donation camp etc. which are not for profit purpose.

While there are elections held at college level and also in other various organisations etc. you can participate in that too.

Try to build your Network with the people and try to acknowledge the problems of people and try to solve their issues at the local level.Have a good relation with the people.

Participate for the Coporator elections or Panchyat Samiti's etc.

I hope you find this information relevant to your career query.

Feel free to get in touch again.

Wish you Good Luck

Thank you

Warm Reagrds,
Prathamesh K

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Aspirant,

To add, having academically well qualified is a must these days to differentiate yourself among others.

BA / MA Political Science would be the best course to get introduced theoretically to Politics. BA / MA Economics also helps.

Best wishes

RE: Can you help me in getting into politics?

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