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Dear Sir, He is Bharat Sharma and I had BBA and recently completed my MBA and also had a job with leading pharma company and left that company in june 2013. I couldn't sir what should I do sir actuall

Dear Madam, You didn't study to the my question strongly Mam I had completed my MBA I had done MBA I wanted to do the CA still that time my parents didn't allow me do that I had convince them strongly still they couldn't understand that time and to forgot CA I have taken a decision to do BBA and I have and after that I have go for MBA and I had completed my MBA in Dec 2012 now Please tell about my career where should i go and my interest in Retail sector still I am not getting Job in this sector and I have also interest in Finance also

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RE: Dear Sir, He is Bharat Sharma and I had BBA and recently completed my MBA and also had a job with leading pharma company and left that company in june 2013. I couldn't sir what should I do sir actuall

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Hello There! From your query I understand that you are lost and confused as to how you should proceed in life and career. The first step towards removing confusion and walking towards your right career path has already been taken by you, in the form of approaching CareerGuide.com for guidance. I welcome you to this excellent and proven forum for career counselling.

I am an Educationist and have been counselling many students from the commerce / management / law / engineering field for more than seven years now. I have also been into teaching and writing on various topics including career management for more than ten years in reputed newspapers and magazines which are published across India.

Looking at your query it appears that you were forced to do an MBa when you wished to opt for Chartered Accountancy course. Now that you are an MBA and you have not completed Chartered Accountancy course and you are not getting a job in retail sector, I would suggest you to polish your 'employable' skills which are a very much mandatory thing in todays business environment and due to competition.

Employable skills means computer skills, communication skills (written and verbal), team work attitude, mannerisms, problems sovling skills, self motivation, ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines, organisational skills, good numerical understanding ability, ability to learn and adapt to chaning situations, positive attitude, helpful nature, politeness.

From your query, I would suggest you to really improve your english communication skills, since if you are not able to converse and communicate your thoughts in the interview, you will not get selected for a job.

Retail sector is one sector which is highly customer oriented and customer driven. Customers need to be dealt with very helpful nature, politeness, patience and humbleness. In retail sector you have to follow tight deadlines and pressure to meet the target.

Do not get disheartened by the fact that you were not allowed to pursue Chartered Accountancy. MBA is also a good qualification. You have not written which specialisation in MBa you have done? Is it Finance or Marketing? If you have done Finance, you need to polish your basic finance and accounting knowledge for getting a job and also you should learn some computer software applications like Tally or ERP or SAP.

Best Luck.

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