Graduation in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) ,which is better option India or Abroad (US , Canada)? If India, which is the best college in Gujarat?

graduation in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) ,which is better option India or Abroad ? If i select India, which is the best colleges in Gujarat?And if abroad, what are the job availability in Canada, as it is less developed compare to US, should i take an option to go Canada after 12th science to do graduation in Bio-tech? I also heard that Germany is the best for Bio-technology, if i wish to go abroad, which is the better option US,CANADA or Germany in terms of degree, jobs availability and salary.please guide me.

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RE: Graduation in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) ,which is better option India or Abroad (US , Canada)? If India, which is the best college in Gujarat?

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
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Hello Dear Friend,
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Biotechnology is one of the emerging career having a vast scope.Biotechnology
is the application of technology on the living mass (bio) in order to derive a
commercial product which is beneficial to the humans and the environment.
Biotechnology is becoming a good business area for it is having a striking
effect on the country's economy and as a result there are many well progressed
and upcoming biotech firms functioning across the globe with a competence to
establish and survive.
The applications of this branch of science are vast and simply mind-boggling. On one hand, it caters to the industrial sector such as food and beverages industry, textiles industry, biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals while on the other hand this branch of science caters to the requirements of agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental conservation. The list is a long and an envious one.


The combination of subjects of study at the 10+2 level must primarily include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and even Mathematics. Once you have finished schooling you can opt for a suitable undergraduate program (B.Sc, B.E, B.Tech) in Biotechnology from various academic institutions spread across the country. The duration of a B.Sc program in biotechnology is three years whereas it is four years for B.E and B.Tech courses.

However, for many undergraduate courses in biotechnology you need to sit for common engineering entrance exams such as:
1.The Joint Entrance Examination for IITs (IITJEE): for admission to
various IITs.

While ,engineering institutions offering undergraduate programs conduct their own entrance examinations. The result of these entrances will allow you get admission to an undergraduate course in biotechnology in reputed engineering colleges.
Once you have earned a degree you can also go for M.Sc in Biotechnology and than for Ph.D.
While there are many colleges and universities that offer integrated course of five or five and a half years course in Biotechnology.

However in order to earn good money and expand yourself you must hold a masters degree.

A number of factors determine the demand of professionals from this interdisciplinary field. India primarily being an agrarian economy, requires professionals who can improve agrarian practices and optimise agricultural output. The growing population of the country requires improved life sciences related products and medicines. This in turn fuels the demand for an increased research and development of vaccines, medicines, tissue culture methods and so on.

There is a steady demand for these professionals in numerous organisations engaged in different types of industrial research and development. On the supply side, technical colleges are trying their best to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals

Some major organizations employing bio-technologists in India include Hindustan Lever Ltd, Thapar Group, Indo-American Hybrid seeds, Bincon India Ltd, Bivcol, IDPL, India Vaccines Corporation, Hindustan Antibiotics, National Botanical Institute, National Chemical Laboratories, Tata Engineering Research Institute etc.

International Focus
At the international level, India has started making its presence felt in the domain of biotechnology. However, there is tremendous scope for graduate and post-graduate students from this field especially in the United States and in European countries.A large number of post-graduate students and research scholars tend to move out of India to complete their higher studies. Furthermore, these students prefer
to seek employment in the country where they complete their studies or research projects.

Following are the B.Sc Biotech colleges running in Gujarat.

  1. Sheth M.N.Science College, Patan (Gujarat)
  3. Department of Biotechnology, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University- Website:
  4. M.G Science Institue,Ahmedabad-
  5. VVP Engineering College, Rajkot,Website:
  6. Christ College,Rajkot- Website:
  7. Pramukh Swami Science & H.D.PATEL ARTS COLLEGE,Kadi.

I hope you find this information useful and helpful.

Wish you Good Luck!!!

Feel freee to get in touch again.

Thank you

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K.
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RE: Graduation in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) ,which is better option India or Abroad (US , Canada)? If India, which is the best college in Gujarat?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Hi There,
Superb subject of study you have chosen. It has a niche in all sectors right from humans to animals to food and dairy to medicines etc.
Please note that Bioo-technology is completely a Reserach oriented field. Mainly pertaining to research and finding solutions towards exisiting fields.

Though your specialization begins at the post-graduate level, but the foundation course is equally important.
Your choice of the University and study country would and should depend upon the specialization you choose at the Graduate level and at the masters level.
Secondly the choice also depends upon where you wish to continue the practice or rather wish to be employed. Since your field is Research oriented, there are different facilities provided in India and Abroad.

Thierd and the most important is thye finances and the study environment. and culture provided. You need to study and evaluate the in-campus crowd as well as the living habitat and the availability of jobs while you study.

Keeping all this in mind, ity would be good if you could check or rather select one abroad country and do a thorough study or else consult an Abroad education consultant. But prior tot hat get your research done in terms of which specialization you wish to opt for, your campus life and finances available.
As far as colleges or rather University at Gujarat is concerned, I will list down a few, but do check the University at the earliest before you settle down for one of them.

Hope this helps you in your choice.

Wish you good luck..........

RE: Graduation in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) ,which is better option India or Abroad (US , Canada)? If India, which is the best college in Gujarat?

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