Help me with my studies, I can't concentrate

My family does not give me time to study me being girl. They want me to learn household work.

by Renu.arione
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RE: Help me with my studies, I can't concentrate

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Girl Career Aspirant,

Reading your query I really felt bad for you and there fore I thought and decided to answer your concern. I am also a father of a daugther and I can very well understand that how girls are sweet and very capable to live their life independently and successfully.

I have complete sympathy with you my dear girl. I would like to thank you for approaching for seeking guidance for your genuine career concern. In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have seen few cases like yours and I have tried to go out of my way to help them.

I am very happy to know from your query that you are ambitious and have the attitude to grow and get educated.

Your Current education level:

In which education level you are? Have you completed your SSC or not? Or have you completed your HSC or not?

However assuming some things I would surely advice.

I think you are facing with the typical family orthodox culture. Doing house hold work is not at all a bad idea of your family, but I think you should also make them understand that how education is important to deal with dya to day life events confidently. Education gives confidence that the world will not fool you or cheat you. I think you should speak to your family about this and explain them the importance of education at the level that it makes one confident and wise.

I think you parents are being over protective for you. Their intention is not at all to make you sit idle and only make you sit at home, but it may be of protective nature, since no parent can see their daughter get into any problem in society, etc.

Your problem can be solved only through interaction and convincing your family members. Any course you would be interested in, would require you to go out, meet people, make friends, study hard.

I would really suggest you to find out what is the exact problem of your family member behind not allowing you to study for your own good?

I think you have to gather courage to speak out what you want in life and how education is beneficial for all in the family ultimately.

All the best!

RE: Help me with my studies, I can't concentrate

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


I got your query as a national issue which is reflecting the psychology of our society and people are still not ready to accept the gender equilibrium where women participation is also responsible for such discrepancy. As your candidature seems to be in defeating mode where you are accepting your weakness and exploring external helps rather looking inside hidden strength. I am trying to encourage you and explaining your infinite power as explained in many religious books with the holistic approach. Learn one slogan which is peculiar --KAR KHUDHI KO BULLAND ITNA KI-----------------

Develop this attitude and do not allow others (either family, parents or friend) to dominate you without any good reason and if you think your interest and career is being costed for the sake of non-productive things then must take it seriously rather not being regretted and asking others please help me then people come to you and extend the sympathy towards your situation. Please mind it no body will help you in real sense unless you are ready to help yourself once give a momentum to your thinking then you will get millions of joining hands with you and then things become louder in your favour.

At the same time there is a realistic fact about your family that their non-cooperative movement is the case of social temperament they are under that impression, and feel my girl child will be safe in doing house hold as they are given negative feedback from the surrounding and being evinced that girls are safe inside kitchen and home so let them do that job at least she will be safe without any stigma.

I have explained you the social background, now you have to convince your family and parents that generation is being changed where the Gender, Cast and Crete are have been rejected by intellectual society and please come up and open your eyes for my wonderful future ahead.

Never be violent in explaining the situation just give the evidence of your intellect and enormous potential to achieve the success of your interest, I am sure your family will support you for your exponential growth and eventually you will set an example in your family.

You are advised a healthy thinking and avoid negative attitude.

All the best

RE: Help me with my studies, I can't concentrate

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi There,

This is the state of every girl child. Whether they are studying for a regular degree or certificate course or any course you name.

As far as possible, you need to juggle up between studies and learning household duties.

Learn to study in a Smart way. Try and attend all or as many as lectures as possible. Make notes while listening to lectures, study in the library or while traveling back home. At the same time, probably take out sometime after dinner to study and mostly study through the notes you have made.

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck.........

RE: Help me with my studies, I can't concentrate

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