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Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

Passed 12th with commerce.

by Pratibha Singh
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4 answers

RE: Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

Adhunika Naithani
Adhunika Naithani
Verified Career Expert
School Counselor at Step By Step School NOIDA
  • Noida

Hey Dear,

First of all congratulation on completing you 12th class successfully......

Dear I am not sure why do you doubt yourself and your capabilities.... And if this is so why are you willing to do this course? Are you sure you want to do it or are there other reasons for doing this course? When you are sure about the Charted Accountancy course and you know what the course is all about, the eligibility criteria for it or even the levels and the syllabus and everything then why are you doubtful and not sure how to go about?

Are you doing this course because you want to do this course or because your parents what you to do this or your friends are doing this course or you think that this is one of the most hep course or the one that many people are going for or you are not left with any option as you have opted for commerce and this seems the best choice..... Think dear why are you doing this course?

Are you sure that you want to do it and you have the right traits to do it or go for it?

If so then don't doubt yourself and just do it.. I know that it is one of the most demanding course course and requires a lot of Hard Work But if you are passionate and are willing to do it then Hard Work should not bother you and you should not fear the same.
Yes the passing rate of the CA is also very low and it might be that one will have to put in more number if years than required but dear do not feel bothered but work eve harder.... I know it is easy said than done but if you are sure then definitely go for it...

You can also go for doing your Graduation and prepare alongside once your graduation is complete then give the second level exam ore else go for masters....

Best Wishes!

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RE: Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There! Glad that you approached for solving your confusion in your career and I am sure that you must have benefitted from the expert Adhunika Naithani's reply.

I would like to just add some more aspects and my thinking on your confusion.

Basically, the very first step you have already achieved and that is of deciding on which course to pursue that is Chartered Accountancy. This also means to me that you know very well what suits you and whether you are capable of it or not. This is a very important thing and step towards being successful. This step is of determination and passion. Very good!

Now I would like to suggest you not to get confused ever since I can definitely tell you that CA is a wonderful and golden course. I have been counselling students from the commerce and management stream for many years now and have also been into teaching and writing on career management for years.

I would also like to appreciate the fact that you have gathered all the necessary information about the CA course and you are well aware of its structure.

All this means that you have almost won the battle half. Only half remains and that is of study and passing.

As far as step by step preparation for the course is concerned, I am very happy to see your positive and disciplined approach towards your career and course. Defintiely a disciplined study pattern is always necessary for professional courses like CA, CS, CWA.
First step I would suggest is to have the attitude of not 'skipping' any topic in the course, even though it may be hard. Second step is your readiness to practice practice and practice. CA is a course which requires practice of solving problems and reading. Third step is may be you can join CA coaching classes in your city so that you get a proper study guidance and also make friends who can help you.

As far as the course is concerned, keep up your determination and motivation to high spirits and I am certainly sure that you will succeed in the course and become a qualified Chartered Accountant one day.
Remaining focus is all it takes to succeed in career.

Best Luck.

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RE: Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Pinky,
Welcome to career

Thanks for visiting to us and writing us your career query.

Congratulations for completing your 12th and good to hear that you have been giving a thought to do CA.

As you have said that you know much of the infromation about CA course how to apply etc.

It seems that you have been having fear whether you will be able to complete the course of CA or not. I would like you to reflect back this question:
1.Do you have an interest to study Accounts subject.
2.Are you really passionate about CA.
3.Are you willing to do the course or giving a thought for the course under someones pressure.

In order to become a CA one needs to be very good with accounts and should have a great passion and determination.
CA is not an easy course that can be completed without Hard Work. You need to be completely focused over the CA studies till the time you complete your CA course.If you have decided and determined to do CA course than half of the CA course Journey you have completed.

CA as a profession is demanding profession and have a good career scope. Certified CA professionals are hugely required in the Industries. The Demand is high for CA professionals but Supply is less. Every year around 50,000 CA's are required in the country.

On the Successful completion of CA course sky is the limit for you.

If you find still confusion than i will suggest you to go for career guide. com's career assessment to know where your career interest lies. With this assessment report we will be able to know where your interest lies.

I hope you find this information relevant to your career query.

Feel free to get in touch again.

Wish you Good Luck

Thank You

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K.

RE: Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Dear Aspirant,

Thanks for choosing to resolve your career confusion!

Well, I appreciate your clarity to do CA and honesty to ask guidance to prepare for CA.

Have positive attitude: The first basic factor towards Cracking CA exam in first attempt is a positive attitude. Have positive belief that you can do it. Someone rightly said, "If you think you can then you can"
Never keep fear of failure and just keep positive attitude. Remember: "Change your attitude and you change your world"

Believe in yourself: The most important thing in clearing CA exams is, believing yourself that yes, I can do so. There is no point in having negative thoughts in mind that CA exams are very tough or for that matter that passing percentage is very low. Even if you have failed in earlier attempt or you did not had a great academic record you can still clear it. Have faith in yourself! Remember every attempt is fresh start. A new innings! Visualize yourself that you already have become CA.enlightened Let me tell you it will have a very powerful impact as what can be conceived in mind can be achieved.

Study well with planning: Give yourself enough time for studies and revision from the beginning.
This is the most important step in the race of cracking CA exam in first attempt. Prepare timetable for everday study and follow it everyday. In the begining your performance will be down but later you achieve 90- 95% adherence to the schedule. Remember,"If you fail to plan then you plan to fail"

Study strategically: do not focus on one subject in a day. Read relevant subject one after another.
For example,study accounts with company law, income-tax with accounting. So you can read provisions of company laws and then work our problems in accounts, audit issues and so on.

Access online resources for CA preparation. There are many websites provide free materials as well as guidance for CA preparation. For example,

Take admission in BCom: You may join BCom and prepare for CA alongside. Identify difficult topics and seek help to resolve from college professor. BCom is resourceful in preparation for CA. You can use college/university library for the preparation and professor's guidance on certain topics.

Take help of coaching: If required,you may join coaching. Put systematic efforts, I am sure you would clear all CA exams. Coaching will help you get study materials and will guide to refer books by one or two authors so you won't get confused.

Practice writing: What you read will prove futile if you cannot reproduce it on the day. Do write at least 3 test papers of all the subjects before the exam. It will also boost your confident.

Take break from the study: Exercise daily. If you can't exercise then at-least walk in the morning and evening. If possible do pranayama and meditation. It helps relax your mind, body and improve concentration.

Hope this information is useful.

Looking forward to see you as CA.

If you have any queries related to CA preparation, feel free to write back or talk to us.

Hope this is helpful.

Best Wishes for bright career,
Apurva Kumar, PhD

RE: Hi,I have passed 12th and going to do CA but I am totally confused how to proceed further step by step though I know evrything about it and it's level information

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