Hi, I just completed my 12th standard and I wanted to know, what should be my next step related to sciences.i need the institutions in hyd

Hi, I wantsd to know the best professional degrees after intremediate, as iam interested in sciences.

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2 answers

RE: Hi, I just completed my 12th standard and I wanted to know, what should be my next step related to sciences.i need the institutions in hyd

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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First of all congratulations on passing your HSC level. I understand that you might be tensed to move up to the next big stage of your life. Do not worry, we at Mera career guide are here to help you. Good to hear on your interest level in sciences. My first degree was in fact in a professional science degree and I can certainly be able to advice you on your query.

As you have indicated that you wanted to study a professional science degree, I assume that you do not want to study three year bachelors degree like the BA/ BSc degrees and are interested in four year bachelors degree like the BE/ BTech degrees in sciences, and yes only the four year degrees are treated as professional degrees. You can study the following professional courses in science.

BTech Biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Medical biotechnology:
This is the often flocked and most popular professional science degree in India and yes, in fact this was my first degree too. It is a four year science degree that will teach you in depth latest developments in the field of biotechnology along with biology, physics, chemistry and maths. There are many specialisations in this degree and depends on the college that offers it. For example, industrial biotech deals with industries that manufacture large scale bio products and medical biotech deals with medicinal and clinical aspects of biotechnology. There are many other electives as part of this degree like the genetic engineering, plant biotech, animal biotech, environmental biotech, aquatic biotech and many more.

BTech Bio-informatics:
This degree combines biology and computer science, and if you have a flair interest in both, you are suitable to study this. You will focus on design and development of bio molecules on computerised software.

BTech Bio-medical engineering:
this degree combines electrical, electronics and biology. If you like this combination then you may choose this. You will learn about design, development and functioning of bio and medical equipments at industries and hospitals.

BTech/ BE Chemical engineering:
This degree is pure chemistry and biology based. Completing this degree you will work for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in design and development of drugs.

BTech/ BE Environmental science and engineering:
This degree combines biology, chemistry, maths and physics. You will focus on methods to preserve certain environmental species, and conserve natural sources and environment.

BPharm - Bachelor of pharmacy:
This degree is a pure chemistry based and completing this you might be eligible to work in biotech and pharmaceutical companies. You can also work for clinical research in hospitals and private dispensaries as a chemist.

Regarding college, I would definitely recommend JNTU Hyderabad. Hope all this helps. My best wishes to you. Good luck.

RE: Hi, I just completed my 12th standard and I wanted to know, what should be my next step related to sciences.i need the institutions in hyd

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
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Dear career Aspirant. Welcome to CareerGuide.com. You are at the right place at the right time. The decision taken at this age and juncture is going to decide your future.

Science subjects are some of the best career choices as it is going to provide vast opportunities in India as the political scenarios are changed. In any case, India shall develop nd shall march towards it future keeping its head high. We have a lot of human resources and skilled manpower and trained manpower who go abroad for a job. Indian Science post graduates are often seen in countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, New Zeland etc.

India is supposed to have a lot of science post graduates an research fellows in the march ahead for the future of the country. I request all the young generationn to prepare themselves. Within the next 5 years science graduates and post graduates are going to have a lot of opportunities.

To correctly understand your aptitude and skills you should undergo a psychometric test. Such tests are available even at this site. Please take one and understand your abilities, skills, aptitudes and attitude.

Test named science stream selector or career stream selector should help find you a good career.

In my opinion, As India needs a lot of research fellows in physics, chemistry, ocenography, space sciences, rocket sciences and other allied subjects, you should select one of these subjects or related subjects. The best and lucrative among these above shall be rocket sciences. For that you should be prepared for education with physics as major.

Even space science is good and again physics is the base course.

The best science colleges in and around Hyderabad are (as per survey conducted by India Today):

1. University college for women (Osmania University).
2. Loyola academy
3.Nizam's College
4. Kasthurba Gandhi college for women
5. Bhavan's new science college.
6. St. Anns college for women
7. Avanthi college
8. Andhra Yuvathii Mandali College
9. Stanley degree college
10. Sarojini Naidu Degree college.

Please select the course and the college you want to study carefully. You can even look for other best colleges in Bangalore or Mumbai for better education. Indian Institute of Sciences are also best, if you have the urge within you.

Good luck.

RE: Hi, I just completed my 12th standard and I wanted to know, what should be my next step related to sciences.i need the institutions in hyd

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