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Sir, I have completed my 12th with PCM as my opted subjects can I seek my career as an environmentalist?

Sir, being an environmentalist is like a dream come true but I have completed my 12th with PCM so I am a little bit puzzled about it. In one of the search engines I hv read the eligibility according to which I must have PCB in class 12th to do BSc in environmental science. So I wanted to know that is it necessary to have PCB or can I go for it with PCM also. If I can still do BSc(environmental science),can you suggest me the best colleges for it with the eligibility criteria and the pathway to reach there. I would be very thankful to you. Thank you.

by Piyush Chakerwarty
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3 answers

RE: Sir, I have completed my 12th with PCM as my opted subjects can I seek my career as an environmentalist?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend, many thanks for your question, I really appreciate your zeal and liking for for environmental science. As you have studied the PCM in 12 standard, therefore technically you are not eligible to get admission in BSc Environmental Sciences or BTech Environmental discipline. The reason being that in environmental sciences you have to study the biological subjects like, ecology, ecological dynamics, biodiversity, conservation, natural resource management, physicochemical environment, environment pollution, environmental monitoring, environment techniques and impact assessment, environment management and ecosystem restoration and development. Therefore, by studying the maths in 12 standard the student is not technically eligible for BSc or BTech Environmental Sciences.

Therefore, if you wish to fulfill your dream of being student of environment then you can go for B.Tech in Environmental Engineering. This degree do encompass some aspects of environmental science and after doing graduation you should go for MTech in Environmental Engineering. The MTech degree will make you technically qualified Environmental Engineer. Since form you question, it seems that you are interested in BSc Environmental studies or sciences therefore you can focus your research areas in MTech and doctoral degree on some biological aspects. By doing this you will have the knowledge of environmental engineering and biology.

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Let me give an example of my colleague. Since long he was planning to make his career in nanotechnology. But he could not got admission in nanotechnology. He did his graduation i zoology, botany and chemistry. He persuaded his masters in life science and doctoral degree in Microbiology. He tried his level best but he could not make in nanotechnology degree program. After completion of his doctoral degree, he joined as assistant professor in a reputed university and started working on nanotechnology aspects. He guided MSc, MPhil students on nanotechnology aspects. He published many research papers on nanotechnology and presently guiding two doctoral students (Microbiology discipline) who are working on nanotechnology aspects. The zeal of this story is that now he is considered as nanotechnologist. Though he do not possess a degree in nanotechnology.

Therefore, you can also achieve your dream of being an environmental scientist. If you are really serious about your career in environmental science, then don't look back, go for BTech in Environmental engineering and later start working on environmental aspects.

There are many universities in India, which offers courses in BTech and MTech in Environmental Engineering. I am sure that one day, you will be what you want to be.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck...

RE: Sir, I have completed my 12th with PCM as my opted subjects can I seek my career as an environmentalist?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant

Unorganised Sector
Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. You said you are a PCM student does that mean physics, chemistry and maths or physics, computer science and maths? Can you please clarify on this group term that you have mentioned? Studying a degree related to Environment requires you to have studied biology and chemistry compulsory at 12th level. If you choose to study BSc environmental science or a BSc Biotechnology with environment biotechnology, you need to have compulsorily studied physics, chemistry and biology. In case you want to study at an engineering level in environment science then you can choose to study BTech biotechnology with environmental biotechnology
. In this manner maths is mandatory until 12th class. that is you should have studied science and maths until 10th and also studied physics, chemistry, maths and biology upto 12th level.

First of all may i ask you why you gained interest in environmental science subject? Is this interest sudden or was it in your mind since a long time? If it was since a long time then why dint you choose biology to study in 12th level? Do you like biology or you hate it? If your hate biology then you cannot study environmental science aat a degree level. Students change career interest often at school level and as a counsellor i see it very evident. why not? even elders get bored with one type of work and they often change careers. This is all because we often pursue careers against that suit our personality and we keep changing it as it is boring to our personality. Until we arrive at a career that personally interests us, we may be tended to change career line and it is very much happening in the present scenario. But dont worry i sincerely advice you to take a psychometric assessment that is available on this website. On this portal, if you spend a few minutes on the assessment it will test your personality type and will convey what are the suitable careers you can pursue for your type of personality. If you spend a few minutes on the test, it will save you from the risk of choosing wrong profession. May be you are attracted to environmental science for now but actually your inner soul is driving towards some other subject and you will only know when you take the test. Please take it and i think you will be more clear then. All the best.

RE: Sir, I have completed my 12th with PCM as my opted subjects can I seek my career as an environmentalist?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Environmental science. Having you studied PCM, you may not qualify to apply for a BSc Environmental engineering and yes you are right, Biology is an important subject to study Environmental engineering. The reason is because as a part of this environmental engineering degree, you will be studying about bio diversity and that includes plants, microbes on water, land or air. You will also learn about conserving endangered species and for all this you will need a very well understanding of Biology. However the good news for you is that though you are not qualified to be considered for a BSc Environmental science degree there are colleges that accept students with a non-bio background for a BTech in Environmental engineering degree.
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Not all colleges demand Biology as a mandatory subject for this BTech degree and you will be highly qualified if you have studied maths, chemistry and biology. Please be aware that most of the colleges demand two compulsory subjects at 12th level and they are Maths and Physics and most of the colleges give Chemistry and biology as exemption. The college syllabus and admission requirements varies from one to another and therefore you should individually check on each college admission eligibility requirements. Else you can also study BE/ BTech Civil engineering and specialise in environmental engineering at Bachelors level and can study a fully fledged MTech Environmental engineering at masters level.

Some of the top colleges that offer BTech and MTech environmental engineering are:
IIT Bombay
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kanpur
Delhi college of engineering DCE
PES College of engineering Mandya
Vidya Vardhika college of engineering Mysore
Sri Jayachamarajendra college of engineering Mysore
LD college of engineering Ahmedabad
Kolhapur institute of technology, Shivaji university, Kolhapur

Apart from this, some other colleges offering the degree are
AKS University Madhya Pradesh
Aryabhatta knowledge university Bihar
Cochin university of science and technology
Gautam Buddha technical university Lucknow
Government engineering college Gujarat
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha university Dwarka Delhi
Hindustan college of engineering and technology Mathura Uttar pradesh
Indian school of mines
Institute of engineering and technology Uttar pradesh
Tamil nadu agricultural university
Visveswaraya technological university Bangalore

Hope this helps. All the best.

RE: Sir, I have completed my 12th with PCM as my opted subjects can I seek my career as an environmentalist?

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