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What are the best courses after 12th science as External

we have get 60 % percentage in science , but economic condition is not good so , i want to do external course after 12th science - only science based not any commerce or arts.......

by Prajapati Nilesh
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4 answers

RE: What are the best courses after 12th science as External

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant at Sun Productivity Inc
  • Mumbai


 Do not worry if your economic condition is not good, there are many charitable trusts to help students like you. You can get their contacts from the net and speak to them. There are so many courses which you can do after 12th science but you should choose the one you are interested in. You have not mentioned what are you interested in. Following are the courses for science stream - [Engineering][1] - Electrical, Mechanical, Civil etc .Its a 4 years course

MBBS - 5 years and 6 months long. To be successful doing PG is must.

- BDS -Dentist - 5 year course.</div>  - BAMS Ayurvedic Doctor - 5 years.</div>

- B Pharmacy 4 years course.


- Pharma D 6 Years long course, includes both B and M pharma, has good opportunities abroad.


- B.Sc.3 year long course.


- BBA Bachelor of Business administration


- Join armed forces- have to be 19 years old to appear in NDA after 12th


- Diploma courses - After diploma you can do degree courses.


- Other good courses -


- Hotel Management


- Fire safety technology


- Welding Technology


- Soft ware / hard ware courses


- BSc in agriculture


- BSc in forensic science


- Biotechnology


- Geology


- Zoology


- Food Technology


- Microbiology


- Textile


- Architecture


- IT etc




I hope the above detail about the courses after 12th will help you choose the correct course for your career.




ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!

RE: What are the best courses after 12th science as External

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Aspirant

I do undterstand your problem, without exagarating just focus on your interest of subject your situation will be improved. Now we are living in an excellent economical era where entire is very small and you can connect to others with your desired motives. You must be knowing Learing while earning or Earining while learning this is the matter of realization your career ambition will be full filled. Please try to understand one thing that never compromise with your interest of subject, and comfort where you possess the best. Certain common philosphical things as the keys of successess: Self-Motivation, Ambition, Dedication, Competitive etc. I do agree with these words of action.

Now come to the preparatory stage and ideally analyze with your situation and then get ready to imbibe them as follols:

1. First you set your goal for the subject choice, never treat the subject for a job or something else otherwise it will bother you and paralize your thought process before attainding the ripening stage. So finalize the subject, how to do it??? you should have asked it? Give your hundred percent to understand all the subjects from class 8th to 12th prefarably from NCERT, though i know you will tell me i have already done it tell me something else, even though you do it once again with screening purpose and draw the graph of interest things will be cleared and you will come out from the confusion and will be stopped asking here n there for your satishfaction.

2. Once you are ready with your subject for your career then start to explore the financial support in descent manner. I would like to suggest you certain options available:
a. Student do explore the campus job in the same institute and earn the moderate for survival.
b. Many online jobs are also available
c. If you are in commercial or technical studies then bankers are there to support your education latter you clear the due after getting the job.

3. Apart from sciences you can pursue certification / degree /diploma in IT, Hspitality, Nutraceuticals, Clinical expertise/ Psycology/ Instrumentations etc these skill oriented course will bring you to the demanding forum and you coulb be able to get fitted into comfortable situation economically and then continue your academic program. Now a days we have e-learning and earning both just need your proper preparedness and intelligencia. Stop thinking you do not have money to study you are in very good society so lets grow mutually---

you are advised to call us for frank opinion.


RE: What are the best courses after 12th science as External

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Interest and firmness never be compromised due to any circumstances, as you have scored sixty percent in science is not bad. After 12th with sciences either in maths or biology, you have various options those are equally demanding and job oriented. First you should come out from the pre-occupied mind set shows blind faith in a particular subject and believe that this subject will decide the fate. It is absolutely a myth and nothing else. One should understand that subject is defined and re-defined by researchers, academician and students like you. Though one must know that a subject needs to be understood with deep interest and analytical mind set only then one can re-define it.
Anyways come to the point where you are stuck due to the financial reason, in fact i did try to explain you that you never compromise with your interest. If it is so then you must explore the sponosrship / scholorship / financer for your study at higher level. Here you are suggested to screen the subject of your interest which provides you the basic insticnt to opt out a career like technical-engineering, biology-medical sciences, biotechnology-bioengineering etc.
You need to do the self analysis before opting any career where your fundamental knowledge which encourages you to discuss the application based module.

Moreover certification or diploma programs are also the available options for you. Diploma in engineering like mechanical, mechanotronics or biomechanotronics (hybrid of mechanical, electronics, computer sciences and biological sciences), electrical, electronic, computer application. These courses are truely applied and implicative in industrial research where you can attempt the best deal.

First you look at the institutional information and course structure and fraw the similarity index in terms of interest and suitability. Govt as well as private institutions are offering such course works. Though fee structure and other cost are the matter of your discussion. After diploma you will be given priority at btech level where you can make lateral entry and can save one year.

It is truth that affordability is very impoprtant aspect of life so accordingly plan your study based on fellowship or any means. Though you have potential to justify the above discussed matter what I have discussed to encourage you in academics .

Good luck

RE: What are the best courses after 12th science as External

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, your question is also concerned to those who cant afford the high price of quality education. There are many governmental of semi governmental colleges which offers the science based courses at very nomical fee structure. Since you have got 60% marks in 12th standard. The best opportunities for you could be the following subjects combinations;
BSc Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
BSC Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry
BSc Microbiology, Biotechnolgy, Chemistry
BSc or BTech in Biotechnology
BSc in Microbiology
BSc in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Computer Science
BSc in Microbiology, Botany, Statistics
BSc in Pharmacology
BSc in Foresnsic Science
BSc / BTech in Environmental sciences
BSc Agriculture Science
BVSc Veterinary Sciences
BSc Marine Biology
BSc Medical Laboratory technology
BSc in Radiology
BSc in Bioinformatics
BSc Computer Science
BSc in Home Science
BSc in Environmental Zoology
BSc in Biomedical Sciences
B.Tech Food Technology
BTech Dairy Sciecnes
Besides these there are many more courses, depending upon the university to university.
Biological Scientist

You look for those colleges, which charge very nominal fees, these are mostly governmental colleges. The admission takes place on the basis of merit. Another thing the state government also offer schlorships to economically needy students. In Uttar Pradesh, even a student can study in private colleges and institutes, which charges quite high fee. Here the fee of the students comes from the government account. The students pays only very nominal fees in graduation as well as in Post graduation science courses. You have to explore this possibility in your state. You have submit an income certificate of your father or guardian.

My suggestion would be that you should work hard in graduation, score good marks, the colleges of university will offer you merit scholarship to further studies. After your post graduation degree program, you will be able to get a decent job. There are many fellowships offered by UGC, CSIR for brilliant students. If you wish you may work after your classes, but you have manage time, so that your classes and study should not hamper. Many big colleges and universities do offer on campus placements. This will help you to good a good job after you finish your grdaution program.

Many graduation program such as agriculture, veterinary science, dairy science, biomedical science, pharmacology and food Technology offer good job opportunities. You may join job after your graduation, after sustaining yourself economically, you go for higher studies (post graduation, doctoral degree program).
With all my best wishes
Good Luck...

RE: What are the best courses after 12th science as External

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