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How does mass communication seem a good career option in India?

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RE: How does mass communication seem a good career option in India?

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Communication is the most important part of everyone's life. An effective and up to date communication is necessary for all types of businesses and economy. A short and concise conversation is the dire need of social media, newspapers, magazines and all over the internet.

Mass communication is an art which imbibes special skills and capability to present one's opinion, or message publicly in an effective way. The aim is to provide accurate information to the target audience at local, national or international levels.

A career in mass communication has dynamic scope in career prospects. One can get better opportunities after completing graduation or post-graduation in mass communication. One can also opt a doctorate degree in mass communication to get research-based jobs. 

A degree in mass communication opens various doors towards bright career options. One can choose from the numerous list as per his skills, creativity, potential and interests. Here is the list of some of the major fields related to mass communication:


Reporters: Reporters has the responsibility to collect all the information related to current affairs and latest events and trends. He has to rely on all information publicly. One should have the ability to work with flexibility and can travel to get necessary data for the same.

Editor, copy-writer or Proofreader: One can join the various technical, medical, educational, legal companies for the post of an editor or a proofreader. The role of an editor is to correct grammar and spellings. Along with this, some companies hire candidates for copy-writing as well. One has to make sure that all the information should be accurate and unique.

Journalists: Journalists play a crucial role in a media industry. The key role of a journalist is to provide information in an effective and interesting way to the audience all over the world through television, radio or websites. One can start his career as a broadcast, magazine or newspaper, web journalist.

Advertising writer: One can get a job in various advertising agencies where he has to prepare quality slogans, banners or ads. All the information should be attractive, imaginative and creative so that they can convince clients for campaigning.

Radio Jockey: One who has an effective voice and full of confidence can apply for the job of a radio jockey. One should have a good sense of humor and ability to express his opinions in an interesting or comic way.

Photojournalist: All the pictures along with the news, is an art created by a photojournalist. One who knows all the technical details related to photography and has the ability to work even in worst scenarios is the best fit for being a photojournalist.

Public Relations Officer: One who is willing to build relationships and capable of communicating with anyone can start his career as a PR specialist. He has the responsibility to gather information from an individual or an organization and make assure that it would reach publicly based on facts.

Social Media Writer: In the modern era, social media has become the necessity for each and every person. One can find a great opportunity for working with various social media websites. One can get the work of blog posting, ad posting, news, articles and much more.

Screenwriter: One can carve a niche in the field of screenwriting by writing his manuscript for various channels, films, comics or video games. One should have special skills such as imagination and remarkable approach to attract the readers.

Writers and Authors: One who has writing as his passion can work as a writer or an author for writing books, blogs, articles etc in various fields. Initially, one has to burn a midnight oil for a kick-start and once you get known for quality content various big opportunities will welcome you.

There is a wide list of some other professions which one can opt after completing a degree in Mass communication such as Art Director, Event manager, Health communication, Information officer, Illustrator, Critic, cartoonist, Video Jockey, media planner, camera person, fashion photographer, Directors, Publishers, Producers, graphics designer, documentation, Filmmakers, Researcher, News Anchor, Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder etc.


Salary Package:

Mass Communication is a field in which one can earn as low as 12k – 25k per month depending upon the job profile and location. For an expert having minimum 5 years of experience, one can get his salary starting from 50k up to more than 1 lakh per month. The sky is the limit for earnings for producers, directors, and authors who can play with words, full of talent and can show outstanding creativity.

One can apply in the companies such as All India Radio, News agencies, Advertising agencies, Journals, Press, Photography companies, websites, magazines, Publishing houses, Broadcasting corporations, Legal Affairs, Public relations and much more. After gaining years of experience, one can follow up his career as a director in the fields related to marketing and communication.

RE: How does mass communication seem a good career option in India?

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