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How is the academics life at ILAM Campus?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: How is the academics life at ILAM Campus?

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Avadhut Desai
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ILAM is the Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management and is one the most reputed and highly versatile institutes of India that provide courses in logistics and aviation management both. The courses offered by the ILAM are mostly industry oriented and follow a very high and progressive approach that forges the better and more professional candidate to join the aviation and the logistics industry and performs really well. This is why the name of the ILAM is taken with pride among the various organizations of the aviation and logistics industry.

Logistics and Aviation Management

ILAM provides multiple professional courses in Logistics and Aviation Management inclusive of BBA which a three year undergraduate course, MBA which is a two year post graduate course, and other open online and in-house diploma courses as well. All these courses are fully very much influential and work in order to create the better performing candidate in the aviation industry. The aviation industry also provides some of the great opportunities in the India, with providing the freshers with a basic package of 4 lakhs per anum to 7 lakhs per anum.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The other course that is offered by ILAM is Logistics and Supply Chain management, which is also available under BBA (3 year undergraduate), MBA (2 year post graduate) and diploma courses. The logistics and supply chain industry is growing at a very high rate and is considered to be the next big recruiter in India. Also the demand of the Logistics and Supply chain professionals are very high and hence making it one the most important sector in the country. The logistics and supply chain management course that are provided by ILAM is fully professional and works with providing great exposure to the technical as well as new technologies and methods that are used in the industry.


  • ILAM is preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.
  • Higher salary 4 to 7 lacs in starting & within 5 years its 10 to 12 lacs pa
  • Additional certificate from CII in Logistics
  • Frequent guest lecturers & Industry visits
  • Additional certificate from Galileo in Aviation
  • Teaching by pool of expert from XLRI &IIMA
  • Placement with big brands
  • Nation-wide campuses- Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Campus Life

The campus life of the ILAM is very vast. ILAM has total of three campus in three major cities of India and are as follow as:

  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai

All these campus are fully Wi-Fi enabled and has greater access to all the educational content and study material. Apart from that, all the campus has great library that consists of almost each and every desirable study material and books. Apart from that, the campus has greatest amphitheater and an open air theatre to conduct numerous events. Also the university promotes the celebration of cultural fests and sports meets annually and all these are well funded and has been a great success overall with creation of a great environment.


Education at ILAM

One of the things ILAM is known for most is the education and the faculty. The faculty of the ILAM is the alumni of some of the greater institutes of international values and has been the part of development programs for the students in order to create a better persona of each every student. The ILAM focuses on holistic growth of each and every student and process each and every characteristic of each students aptly, so that he or she can perform very well in the industry and achieves a greater future. Apart from that, the ILAM also organizes the Industrial trainings, visits, internships and guest lectures in order to provide the greater and necessary exposure to each and every student and hence increase the professional value of everyone.

Hostel Environment

The hostel environment of the ILAM is very good and home-alike. All the candidates live in proper harmony and delivers and process everything together. The idea behind having a hostel environment is to increase the personal values like spirit, harmony, empathy and team work among each and every candidate. This is why almost every course in ILAM is fully residential and works in order to improve the values among each and every student.

ILAM as the top most option

The option of ILAM is considered to be great as per the reasons like great training and education experience, faculty, development process and screening and grilling of each and every candidate on a number of grounds in order to make them good and more goal oriented professionals. If this is not sufficient, then ILAM also provides the best of the placements and has the very high reputation in the recruiting companies and organizations which make the ILAM as one of the greatest option to look forward too.

RE: How is the academics life at ILAM Campus?

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