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How many rounds does one need to clear before the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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RE: How many rounds does one need to clear before the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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The career life of an air hostess is full of zeal and adventure. The cabin crew members, also known as steward/stewardess are the people who take care of the people on board. They see to it that the passengers are safe and that their journey is comfortable. They give safety instructions to the candidates before the flight takes off. They tell them about the emergency exits, the life jackets, oxygen mask, etc. They are supposed to remain calm during the journey are required to keep the passengers safe and calm too. They also serve food to the passengers and make sure that they are satisfied with what they get. 

After the main meal, they serve water, tea and other beverages as per the requirement of the passenger. This industry has gained a lot of entrants in the past few years. A lot of candidates are applying for the job of an Air Hostess. Since the competition has increased manifolds, getting into the service has become difficult. Airlines nowadays prefer candidates that are well read and have the appropriate training required for the job. There are many institutes that have opened up in many parts of the country to provide assistance to the aspiring candidates on the same.

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There are various physical requirements to which the candidate has to fulfil. Girls and boys both are required to have a good height and range so that they are able to reach the cabin boxes easily. Their weight should be in accordance with their height. They should not have coloured their hair of any unnatural colour which looks offensive to some of the passengers on board. Their hair length should be appropriate. A female air hostess’s hair should be below the collar bone and should be neatly tied up. They should not have any kind of tattoo on their body which is visible to the passengers. Male crew members are not supposed to keep any beard. If they prefer to keep a moustache, then it should clean properly trimmed.

The candidates with clear complexion are preferred. Earlier, airlines used to think that keeping female hostesses would increase their sales and attract more passengers towards them. But over the time, this perception has changed. Now, airlines prefer to keep well- read candidates rather than beautiful faces because they do not just need sales but they require their crew members to interact with the passengers, listen to them and answer their questions comfortably. They require them to take care of the security of the candidates and react appropriately in the times of need. The candidates should know how to swim as most of the times the plane crashes in the water. So a steward/ stewardess should know how to save themselves as well as the passengers who are their responsibility.

The Interview and rounds before it


The interview process for the job of an air hostess consists of three rounds. There is a panel of judges who select the candidates who pass the round and go into the next one. The interview process is very lengthy and rigorous so that the right type of candidate is selected for the job. This process is becoming more and more difficult as the competition in the field has now become very intense.

In the first round, the candidates are asked some basic questions such as why they want to pursue their career in this field, their likes and dislikes, their family background, etc. the candidates who perform well in the first round are selected in the second round. The second round of the interview process consists of a group discussion (GD).

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The candidates are categorised into groups and each group is given a topic to discuss. The topics are mostly general and test the speaking, listening and comprehension skills of the candidates. The ones selected here move further for the final interview test. The third round consists of a personal interview with the panel of members. Many questions are asked during this process. If the candidate passes this round, then he has to take up several medical tests to ensure that he is physically fit for the job.  X-rays, blood tests, etc. are conducted in order to check the physical ability of the selected candidates.

The candidates need to remember that the panel of judges sitting decide their future. So, they need to be polite and humble with them and answer all their questions correctly. The candidate should be properly dressed before going for the interview. This is an important factor considered by the airlines. Dirty fingernails, unpolished shoes, bad hair, etc. may disappoint the judges and become a cause for rejection. The rejected candidates can, however, apply for the interview process next year or they may also apply for some other airline as well.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How many rounds does one need to clear before the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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