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How to prepare for the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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RE: How to prepare for the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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The profession of an air hostess is not an easy one. They have to go through a lot of struggle before and during their job. Air hostesses are people who take care of the passengers on board. They look after their comfort and their safety requirements. They are also known as steward or stewardess. The cabin crew members or the flight attendants are different from the people present in the cockpit like the pilot and other engineers running the plane.

The air hostesses have to undergo vigorous training in order to be selected for the job. There are many institutes which provide the requisite training to the air hostesses. Many airlines too personally select candidates on the basis of a written exam and train them accordingly under them. Earlier people used to recruit female flight attendants with the belief that they would attract customers towards their airlines and make huge profits out of it. But gradually this belief changed. Now, not only women but men have entered in the industry and are doing quite well.

 The competition has increased manifold and one needs to be the best in whatever job he/she is doing in order to reach the top. The promotional avenues in this job are quite good as job rotation is frequent. The term life of an air hostess is very small. It is around seven to twelve years. After that, they are posted to ground level jobs such as management and training of the air hostesses, etc.

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There are many physical requirements which one needs to fulfil in order to secure job in an airline. Both men and women have to fulfil certain criteria. Every airline has a minimum age limit. It is 18 years in some cases and 21 years for some other. It differs from airline to airline. They also have a minimum height limit.

The height limit is there to ensure that the cabin crew members can reach the cabin drawers which are at a height with ease. Also, they should have a good range. Although, height and range are closely related, then also both of them are considered at the time of selection. Their weight should be in proportion to their height.  A clear complexion is preferred. Both men and women flight attendants are not supposed to have any tattoo on any visible part of their body. Even if they have a tattoo, it should be such that it can be covered by the uniform.


Also, they are not allowed to dye their hair in colours such as blue or pink or any other colour that may look unnatural. The hair length of females should be below the collar bone. Men are not supposed to have any beard as it may offend some of the passengers on board. If they prefer to have a moustache, then it should be properly trimmed and should be very neat.



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How to prepare for the Interview

The training institutes in India and abroad help the candidates to develop all the skills required for them to be selected in a good airline. These institutes provide with physical training as well as mental training. They help enhance the candidate’s communication skills which are very necessary to get admission in this industry. Read as many books as you can and converse in English with all the people you meet. Try and make the language your mother tongue. Write about things which attract you and use fancy words I order to increase your vocabulary. Have confidence and don’t stammer while speaking. Gain as much knowledge as you can from anywhere. All these would help you clear the interview.

There are three interview rounds which the candidate has to pass in order to be selected as an air hostess. The first round includes general question and answers session where the panel of judges ask certain questions such as “Why do you want to join our airline?” and “Why do you think this is a good career option for you?” Speak up your mind. Be confident in whatever you are speaking. All that the judges are looking for here is your language skills and talking sense.

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The candidates who are selected in the first round go for the second which is a group discussion. To clear this round, the candidates need to have knowledge about various things happening in the present and also the significant things that may have happened in the recent past. Therefore, in this round, the general knowledge, analytical skills and comprehension skills are tested by the judges. The third and the final interview round is the personal interview round in which the judges ask various questions. The selected candidates’ then move for the medical test which consists of a series of x-rays and other tests and the student is finally selected for the job.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: How to prepare for the interview round to get selected in the top Air Hostess institutes?

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