Kriti Chawla

I am a commerce graduate and confused between various options like cfa, mba, and job. What should I choose?

I have a job EY-gth. I want to appear for CAT 15 which means I can get maximum 6 months work ex if I start preparing from should I take up this 6 months work ex or utilize this time to prepare for my CAT. Also I have secured admission in should I take this up along with mba coachings as it will be completed before my mba starts. I also want to know about career and job prospects details of CFA. any and every detail on CFA from the very scratch of it.

by Kriti Chawla
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3 answers

RE: I am a commerce graduate and confused between various options like cfa, mba, and job. What should I choose?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

Reading up your inquiry, I feel you are more inclined with doing an MBA rather any other degrees. I see you are currently working with EY. Very good on that. You have also mentioned that you will be with six months experience by the time you appear for your CAT in January. My best advice would be for you, please take up this job and build the work experience but not for six months, but for at least for a minimum of two to three years.

I would advice you to go on with this job at EY for next few years but keep it a minimum of two years. Any work experience less than 12 months is not much weighed and it will be considered as a fresher or a starter. Again, work experience from 12-23 months is again not that impressive. An impressive work record is only when it crosses 24 months, meaning a minimum of two years. The main reason why almost all management experts all over the world support students to have minimum of two to three years work experience prior to studying their MBA is, employers will prefer students with MBA + two three years work experience rather than students who are having the MBA with no work experience. There is another reason why the MBA is recommendable after some work exp is, you will understand the subject better when you are already exposed to work culture. This way you can relate to the study better and score well in your MBA. MBA classes are often live with group discussions and case study working. You will be put up in groups to discuss on some real business problems and give solutions. Only when you have prior working business knowledge, you can do such group discussions and case studies well. The last reason why MBA after good amount of work exp is essential is, with prior exp you can start with a high salary after the MBA where as as a fresher you will start with a low MBA salary.

Coming to your last question, CFA/ MBA? It all depends what you want to become in future. I will not advice with MCom but the MBA or CFA has equally great prospects for you.

RE: I am a commerce graduate and confused between various options like cfa, mba, and job. What should I choose?

Dr.Shankar Chaudhary
Dr.Shankar Chaudhary
Verified Career Expert
Chief Coordinator (T&P),) Associate professor and HOD Marketing and Information Technology at Pacific University
  • Udaipur

1.MBA is the best option

2. if you are good in analysis join any KPO job and do mba from distance education



RE: I am a commerce graduate and confused between various options like cfa, mba, and job. What should I choose?

Reena Saxena http://reinventionsin
Reena Saxena http://reinventionsin
Verified Career Expert
Founder - ReInventions ( Career Choice Facilitation I Learning & Development)
  • Gurgaon

M.Com should be on last priority. The best option would be to continue with EY, and prepare for CAT simultaneously.

The work ex will help you in getting admissions abroad, if you do not crack CAT. The work exposure should help you in gliding smoothly through the group discussions and interviews. You have a better idea of what is expected.

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