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I am a Law student. I always wanted to join defense forces. Do I still have a chance?

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RE: I am a Law student. I always wanted to join defense forces. Do I still have a chance?

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Law these days is a very demanding subject. Every country has a set of rules are to be followed by everyone and to ensure a good and safe functioning of it, law is required. The Indian judiciary is never going to come to an end because we live in a democratic country. People have the right to say whatever they wish to while some others won’t always agree with what one says. They will have different and conflicting views. Hence, to avoid conflicts and to bring harmony, we have the law. 

There are many law graduates who want to join army and also want to study carry on law as their profession. JAG branch in army provides you with all this. So no need to sacrifice your passion as well as your studies for your job. This is the only branch in army that offers such an amazing deal. For detail information, please go through the article.

Law is basically required in every field because without laws there will be a lot of chaos. The one, who wishes to be a part of Indian Army with LLB as a degree, need not worry anymore. Indian Army has the post of JAG officer (Judge Advocate General), who is aware about military laws and helps deal with it.  Candidates can apply online and then have to clear a written test.

There are a few vacancies for JAG Officers as compared to other services in Army. Men, as well as women, can apply for this. Even after getting into army, officers must keep on practicing and studying because they have to clear their exams for promotion.

For men, it has 10 vacancies, which means only 10 out of all the applicants will get selected.
For women, there are just 04 vacancies.


  • The applicant must be of Indian nationality.
  • The age must be between 21-27 years. For birth date proof, the selection panel accepts only the matriculation certificate admit card or an equivalent examination.
  • The applicant must have a score of minimum 55% in LLB degree. This degree should either be a 5 year integrated course of a professional law course after graduation.
  • The applicant must be accepted by the Bar Council of India.
  • The applicant must be a graduate from a university which is recognized by the Bar Council of India.

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To join army, certain physical standards have to be maintained. Army looks for candidates who are physically fit and can survive in all types of conditions. Therefore, to join army not only intelligent but also physically fit candidates are required. Physical test is one of the main selection processes. If nobody from the current batch passes through the physical test, a certain amount of time is given to the candidate to improve the condition. If the condition still does not improve then you will not be taken into the academy.


Medical Examination.



To remain fit is the need of an officer. A special panel of highly qualified medical specialists is set up, that interview, examine and declare the results of the candidates. One who passes the SSB (Services Selection Board) is eligible for the medical examination. Those who are declared fit by this panel of qualified medical examiners are fit to get admitted in the academy, be it IMA, OTA, NDA.

Finally, coming to the procedure or the selection process.

  • To begin with, initial short listing of candidates takes place. This short listing is done on the basis of the online application that the candidate has filled up. The decision lies in the hands of Director General (DG) of Recruiting Directorate, Integrated HQ of MoD. Further details of the basis of short listing will be mentioned at the official website.
  • Once you pass the short listing part, you are eligible for SSB. A call letter for SSB will be sent at your residential address that will mention the date and venue for your SSB. For SSB you will be provided with residential facility along with food.
  • After reaching the venue, the candidates have to go through a psychology test which will be held at the mentioned center. All the candidates will face Stage I of the selection process. Only those who have cleared this stage will face Stage II, and those who fail to make it will be sent back home then and there.
  • Stage II includes a personal interview with a panel of designated officers of the Indian Army. After this, the candidates have to provide the selection board a set of photographs and other documents required which are mentioned at the official Army website.
  • Candidates, who qualify this stage and are also found physically fit, will accordingly attain their position on the merit list. Candidates will be taken up to that number only where the number of vacancies is fulfilled. Say for g.: - there are 10 vacancies. This means only top 10 of the merit list candidates will be taken, rest won’t be.

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The above mentioned is the detailed selection process to be a part of JAG branch in the Indian Army. There also a way through which the merit list is made. This is described below.

Merit List.

There is one thing to keep in mind. You will only get selected if you are able to make your place in the merit list which equals the number of vacancies. It is not obvious that if you pass the SSB then you have secured your place. No, you will be mistaken here. You need to wait for the merit list to be out. And it is just a matter of 5-6 days, the whole selection process.

Including the announcement of merit list takes place within these days. Merit list is made exactly according to your score and your hard work which further include your personal interview and the medical test, whereas, your qualification, marks in graduation, NCC, your past achievements have nothing to contribute to it. Those who make a remarkable position at the merit list are then sent Joining Instructions for training.

The best thing about Army is that even during training you have a salary. What else do you need? A respectable job, with salary that begins right from your training. There are a couple of thing one needs to keep in mind when you are in for training.

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  • The candidate must not be married till the training is over.
  • Training duration is for 49 weeks (11 months).
  • The candidate is not allowed to stay with their parents/guardian. The candidate has to stay in the academy itself.
  • The academy is set up in Chennai known as OTA (Officers Training Academy)
  • Government funds the basic requirement for the candidate.
  • No phones are allowed inside the academy.
  • After the completion of the training, all the candidates will be provided with ‘ Post Graduate Diploma in Defense Management and Studies’ by University of Madras.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: I am a Law student. I always wanted to join defense forces. Do I still have a chance?

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