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I am confused between bio and maths

by Ashish kumar
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2 answers

RE: I am confused between bio and maths

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

This confusion can be removed only by one way - and the way is to introspect and ask yourself which is the subject between Maths and Biology you love the most and would love to work in for life.

Maths and Biology individually have excellent scope. 

I would strongly suggest you to take the Ideal Career Test and assess your real interests, aptitude, capability. This report gets generated instantly and will suggest you ideal career option. You can also then speak to the counsellors here and craft your career path.

Best wishes

RE: I am confused between bio and maths

Deepti Khandekar
Deepti Khandekar
Verified Career Expert
MBA-HR| Career Counselor
  • Pune

Hello Ashish

Both biology and mathematics have many options and excellent scope after twelfth standard. Go through the syllabus and think about profile you would like to work on in next few years. I would highly recommend choosing only one of the subjects. Choosing both the subjects can be taxing as each of the subjects needs many hours of studying. Also you need to allot time for entrance exams for the course you want to choose.

Go for a psychometric test or aptitude test if you find the decision time consuming. offers ‘Ideal career test’ on the portal.

All the best

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