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I am interested in computers but I am not getting CS and IT branch in any good college. Should I take any other branch or should I opt for BCA?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: I am interested in computers but I am not getting CS and IT branch in any good college. Should I take any other branch or should I opt for BCA?

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Computer Science and Information Technology Field

Computer Science and Information technology are on the major fields that work in order to create more valued computer systems and software solutions in order to solve the real world problems or automate many of the systems and make them work in their possible ways; hence making it possible for them to work freely and with less errors in the real world environment. This is the bright idea about Computer Science and Information Technology which works as the backbone for almost every other industry that exist in this corporate environment and hence creates the most opportunitythan any other field.

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Scope of these fields

Computer Science and Information Technology fields both have a greater value and almost every industry depends on these industry. Thus making these fields of the very high importance in our country. Also India is becoming a leading country in the Information Technology services worldwide and thus making the best use of all the existing manpower in this direction is very much important as well as there is always a greater need for people who can work on multiple projects in this field for India and thus making a very bright scope for these fields in our country, and making a lot of jobs available in the system.


In order to pursue a career in these fields, the right education is very much important and only by the right education one will be able to get into the right field by making the much-needed interest that needs to be there and getting familiar with all types of technologies and studies that are to be involved in the system. In order to get into right education, there are two major fields that can be choose in order to pursue a definite career in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology and they are as follow as:

  1. Engineering
  2. Bachelor's in Computer Application


Engineering is the field that deals with extensive design principles and system creation principles and works in order to perform and build the more extensive applications that can work and needed in the modern industry. Engineering is all about creating and building something new, and better ways to do that. It is mostly based on the design and develop approach and always comes in the system as one of the major education that can be pursued in order to become a part of the software and information technology field and work in any of the major software development companies in India.      

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Bachelors in Computer Applicationss

Bachelor's in Computer applications or also known as the BCA is mostly the second most favorable option to everyone who wants to pursue a career in the Software or information technology industry and become a part of these companies. BCA is more of a course designed with the approach of software industry and except with the all the necessary build approaches that are followed in the engineering, this course actually focuses on the foundation of the software’s as well as a practical knowledge about the applications design and some of the industrial knowledge as well thus make the expects to work in the best possible condition within the organization.

Scope of BCA

In most of the cases, the scope of the BCA got hidden due to the wide and broad umbrella of the engineering studies and because of a heavy number of strength pursuing the B.Tech courses and thus making more professionals than any other industry in the environment. Yet students of BCA has performed really well in the industry and due to their comparative technical exposure to the engineering candidates and with a wide knowledge of the foundation of computer programming and application designs, the BCA is tends to be of a greater value and has a vital importance in the software industry in our country.

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Because of a very high population pursuing the B.Techcourses, the chances and competition in the engineering courses is very high, and there are many cases when some of the students will not able to get into the engineering courses or won’t get the computer science or information technology streams as their prior streams in the engineering. In cases like these, the course such as BCA can also be looked forward to, if your only agenda is to work in the software industry and want to work as a full-time software developer or solution consultant, you can freely pursue BCA for that.

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RE: I am interested in computers but I am not getting CS and IT branch in any good college. Should I take any other branch or should I opt for BCA?

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