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I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

As I said I have attended T.Y.Bsc exam in april 2014 specialization in botany so can I do Msc biotechnology? If yes then which are best colleges or universities in Maharashtra? & which are the most popular as well as most important subject for specialization in Msc biotechnology? & tel me also that which kind of job I will get ? In which companies ? at which post? Which are another subject available in Msc. Biotechnology for specialization? In which colleges or universities in Maharashtra?

by Mohini Galdhar
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4 answers

RE: I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

ChandraKant Munde
ChandraKant Munde
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Thank you asspirant to choosing and write to us. i thanks ones more to write your quaries in detail. i glad to you to chosen biotechnology as a career.if you choose this career so definately you complete master degree in this field. i also maintain first class in this degree. then you would be get lots of opportunities. i want to explain your all the questions in detail.

In all the universities there is Biotechnology department, you may try to get the admission there.
other institute are like
D.Y.Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformetic Institute, Pune ( )
Bharati Vidyapeeth pune, (
Institute of Bioinformetic and Biotechnology, University of pune.(
Bioinformetic institute of India, Nodia, U P (
Annamali university, Annamali nagar Tamilnadu (
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology KerAla India.(



Biotechnology is a vast science with many variety of branches, your career depend on which subject you have choose to do at biotechnology. for example, if you want to studies plant biotechnology, you can work for plant biotech companies or plant research laboratories in india or aborad. some of institutes are like Plant Research institute, cotton research Institute, fibre research institute, horticulture institute, potato research, vegetable plant research and many more. If you have chosen Animal Biotechnology as you specialization, you similarly work for animal research labs in India.

Forest Geneticist
Meat science researcher
livestock geneticist
reproductive physiologist
biotechnology lab technician
quality control specialist
animal Nutritionist
some pharmaceutical campanies like sun pharma, dr.reddy's lab, Biocon, shantha biotech, Panacea and other. if you get good score in master degree you may take a chance like JRF in Biotechnology field.
or you may attend the exam like SET/NET and work as a professor.
if you want to work in gov. sector you would attend civil service exam/MPSC exam. and work to change/develop our society.

RE: I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Thanks for approaching us at!!!,

Biotechnology is a diverse field. Anywhere you go its a result of Biotechnology.

Whether its concerning Humans or Animals, Medicines, Food and Nutrition or Agriculture everything roots down to biotech.
Biotechnology is basically applying technology knowledge and applications to biology.
It is mainly a research oriented field.
Some of the common Research field of interests are into Agriculture and Agriculture development, Animal Husbandry, Genetics, Horticulture, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Dairy technology, Fisheries, Environmental study and so on.
Since its has applications all over in major industries you could find opportunity into any industry right from Pharma to FMCG to Hospitals.



You could either pursue an M.Sc or program in Biotechnology and choose your area of interests. As i have already said its a research field, so please note there is no fixed job timing. You would have to have an analytical ability, inventing mind, problem solving ability, brainstorming, good communication skill as well as team spirit.

Wish you all the best....

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RE: I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student

Thanks for Visiting at!!!

So you are in final year B.Sc Botany Hons or simple Botany, as certain Universities have admission criteria to screen only B.Sc Hons students for M.Sc so admission criteria must be understood in proper manner.

Being B.Sc Botany aspirant you can take Biotechnology at M.Sc level, you have studied the pre-requisites in your undergrad course work-Physics, chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). Be prepared for M.Sc Biotechnology with your full spirit and develop the sense of responsibility in terms of eligibility to be acquired in due course of course work in M.Sc so that you will be in commendable position to claim the best skill for biotechnology industry. Though you will understand that chasing the job to earn the bread and butter is not my final goal rather you will establish new avenues for the millions. Then job becomes the following agent for your earn credibility.
Anyway an aspirant must know why I am doing Biotechnology and how my academic prospect will be justified by my own commitment, self-motivation, and competency. In general people develop the myth about a subject for example you have asked the question that If I will do MS Biotech then what type of jobs I will get?? This is your pre-mature question and for that you are not responsible. The day when you will realize that I am understanding Biotechnology for the sake of my academic enlightenment and developing skills as much as possible so please ask what are the modules in Biotechnology hpw I will be equipped so that opportunity will knock my door for my contribution.



Biotechnology is application based study and course work has been designed with the following subject basket where you can opt any of them for your specialization and dissertation work which will bring you to claim the specific tools and skills:

1. Cell and Molecular Biology
2. Immunology and Clinical Research
4. Food and Industrial Microbiology (Fermentation Technology)
5. Molecular Biology
.6. Plant Biotechnology (Plant Tissue Culture)
7. Animal Biotechnology (ATC)
8. Cytogenetics
9. Genetic Engineering and Transformation Technology
10. Analytical Biotechnology
12. CellSignalling
13. Bioinformatics and Proteomics
Apart from these above mentioned subjects other courses are also being offered depends on the university and institutes. Though you have to complete the course work in two years somewhere it takes three years also, depends.
In Maharastra many University and research institutes offer you the best academics at international level:
1. University of Pune, ( )
2. Bombay University (
3. Babha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) (
4. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research -TIFR (
5. Reliance Life Science ( )
7. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Mumbai) ( )
8. National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagpur (
All the best

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RE: I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Hello friend,

Thanks for approaching us at!!!

First of all I wish you good luck for your MSc Biotechnology admission. Yes you are eligible to take admission in MSc Biotechnology. The most of the colleges and university in Maharashtra offer MSc Biotechnology, you may choose any college or university of your choice.

I am wirting some colleges / universities for your information:

  • Department of Biotechnology, North Maharashtra University, Umavi Nagar (



  • Centre for Biotechnology, Parwana Institute of Medical Sceinces, Ahmed Nagar ( )







  • Department of Biotechnology, University of Mumbai, Mumbai ( )

    Subjects of Biotechnology: (It depends upon the university to university), but some common subjects are as;

    Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, there could be some subjects of food, feed, dairy related subjects.

    The specialization subjects will depend upon your choice in fourth semester and the supervisor you choose.

    Job Opportunities:

    The biotechnology subject has huge job opportunities in government sector and in private organization. In government sector you may join as lecturer, assistant professor or assistant scientist in colleges / university / research institute / governmental laboratories. For these you have to do doctoral degree in Biotechnology. Although you will be eligible after MSc but due to severe competition, the doctoral candidate have and edge over a post graduate degree holder. The salary of assistant professor is in the pay scale of Rs. 15600-39100 plus academic grade pay of Rs. 5400 per month.

    There are many private colleges/ institutes and universities where a biotechnologist find a job in academics. But salary structure may differ from government organization.

    The private sector do offer many job opportunities, the companies working on drug development, vaccine development, seed companies, molecular biology based companies, food industries, beverage and juice industries, and dairy sciences. In private companies you may get entry even after post graduation. Your designation will depend upon the department you join. You may join as quality control officer, Technical Officer, Scientific Officer. The person having the doctoral degree will be inducted for the post of scientist and the salary will be in the range of Rs. 50,000 to 75,000, depending upon the relevant experience and the company you join.

    Good Luck...

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RE: I have attended the exam of T.Y.Bsc botany so I do M.Sc. biotechnology? and which kind of job I will get ? in which kind of companies?

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