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I need some guidance in banking

by Meena Raj
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2 answers

RE: I need some guidance in banking

Arun Khatri
Arun Khatri

Hello there..!!

You can check out my answer to the question about how to get a job in a bank. There I have explained various ways through which you can go for a job in banking sector. Whether it is a private bank or a public sector bank, you can get a job by going for the competitive exams or various courses which are specially designed for banking aspirants.

Below is the link:

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RE: I need some guidance in banking

Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta


Some of the tips for the banking exam are as follows which will help you to get into the bank:

1. Choose the post for which you want to go such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk or IBPS RRB. Study according to it. 

2. Study according to the latest IBPS PO syllabus as it is the highest rank post through the exam in IBPS.

3. Join any coaching and practice as much as you can. Without which you will not be able to crack any of these exams.

4. Keep track of the scores achieved in mock tests. You will be able to identify your areas of strength and weakness with the help of these tests.

5. Apply the short tricks in the mock tests so that you are able to perform them in the main exam also.

6. Focus on the amount of time you take for a particular question while preparing for the exam and giving mock tests. Students must remember that never waste your time attempting the questions you are not confident of solving. Only attempt those questions in which you are confident enough.

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