I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

I do not want Teaching or Law. What other opportunities are their if I like English and am very good in it? Any research prospects?

by Lopamishra12
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4 answers

RE: I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore


You need to take English Honors in your Graduation per suing arts.

There are many diverse opportunities for a English Graduate,You are sound in English than you have so many options apart from Teaching or Law. The career choice are mentioned below:

-Journalism, mass communications- even after +2 Science you can enroll in BBA with mass communications and continue to MBA with same specialization. Here later you can enter into the career of journalism.

-Content writer, technical writing, creative writing:vast scope is there with so many employment options.Publishing,Editing job editor of some renowned firm, magazines,newspaper,

-Language trainer:you can start your own training center.

  • Advertising and marketing field also is having great area of response for English honors.
    as far as research field is concerned there;s a lot there too like based on the writing and editing skills you have or developed gradually. For example:
  • Literature research can be done like great poets and authors are there, what their writing style and how they use literature to project all there writings etc.

Hope this answered your question.

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RE: I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

With science background you can pursue any discipline arts, sciences, commerce or any professional course. You need to explore the best institutes for English language course at Under Graduate level. Many universities having repute of English at national and international level where you have to see the course structure and its application in job market.

You can visit the website of followinf universities:

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi www.jnu.ac.in/
  2. Delhi University, Delhi www.du.ac.in/
  3. Jadavpur University www.jaduniv.edu.in/
  4. Kolkata University www.caluniv.ac.in/
  5. University of Osmania www.osmania.ac.in/
  6. Various private universities like AMITY, NOIDA offers excellent English course. www.amity.edu/

Before opting Language course in english you must assure yourself regarding the communication skill which will help you to transmit your internal elements to the desired language that is English.

Of course institutional effort will be there to groom you based on its defined parameters and set goal to educate students so that product could be acceptable world wide and various sector will employ you. Though for many professional courses like journalism, management, higher degree in humanities require English at UG level and if yoave this asset then you will be easily picked up.

Now your approach to develop the English temperament is very important rather learning any subsidiary course whether it is a foreign language- french, Chinese, German etc where English is mandatory in India, as you know English has become global language and it is the inevitable language as secondary language after any indigenous language in India.

Be assured the lab course in english is very important learning tool of any language where you will be given original strength so before joining any institute check the lab facility at modern level for phonetics.

For instance JNU offers several foreign languages and having world class phonetics lab to develop the sound of English with international bench marking system. You must visit the lab and have the glimpses to check the standard. Therefor you are advised to check the phonetics transcriptions machinery and then you make up your mind, as we know deciding any language for the career establishment is a serious job so give much time in screening the institution and then join.

Once you will be groomed with all these factors then you will be very important asset for any industry, organization etc.

Good luck

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RE: I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

It is nice opt Engilish subject as a media of your career. Your background in siences at basic level also give you a boost opt english and get benifited in future. To make a career in english is not easly like any other subject so take it seriously and develop the attitude and aptitude both to shape up a meanigful goal.

You must be carrying certain driving forces to opt english based on your self motivation and skill to understand this langauge which seems to be very easy as compare to hindi and sanskrit, though it is a global language and has brought the entire world under one umbrella. Therefore it has diversified on its own in terms of utility for several purposes at commercial level.

It is your duty to take this course as simple langauge or trying to understand the dimension of this medium for several professional or commercial benifits henceforth it becomes a tool to understand the needs.

Firstly you need to see the syllabus and course content at national and international level and understand the pre-requistes for english langauge and literature henceforth extend yourself about the value of this course which suits your career interest either in the format of literary or non-literery it depends on your mood.

I mentioned a word mood which is very important for a phillosophical course like english which gives you the scale of literacy which is a powerful scope to tranform any socieity.

English again classfied with national national and international benchmarking and fusion dynamics with other disciplines which is called multidiscilplinary langaluge covers the hybrid themes as being narrated in mix langauge. This kind of course is being offered in oxford can see online.

With this langauge you can go for a wide variety of career:

Public administration, local government, the civil services, art institutions, advertising, journalism, education, legal work, business banking and retails, human resource, trusts-charities and compagning etc.

Now it is your choice about such langauge which gives you diverse career can make you confused and late processor too if you are not clear with your career objective. Check the entire parameters and analyse with open eyes you find one thing interesting where you are vocal and feel comfortable.


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RE: I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thanks for your question. Let me tell you that if you do not wish to pursue career in teaching and law with English, then there are many more fields, where your English will help you. After 12 you have take English honors as one of the subject in graduation and then in post graduation, your major subject should be English. It could be English literature also, but you should have good command over the subject.

The job opportunities with English could be;

Editor or editorial assistant, They provide all assistance in publication of a book, journal, magazine and a broad range of publicity material. They support senior editorial staff in administration of the commissioning planning and productions of publications. The level of responsibility depends upon the size of publication house and number of staff members. The editorial assistant role is the usual staring point of the careers in editorial work. Progression to more or senior roles will depend upon the performance and the experience.

Lexicographer: A lexicographer write, compile and edit dictionaries for both print and online publication. They may work on any one of the following dictionary;
English for native speakers
English for learners for English
Bilingual, for native speakers and for learners of English

English language lexicographers monitors the record uses of language and use database to interrogate the wide level of evidence. They consider both the meaning of usable words and compile definitions in structured manner. A lexicographer also write definitions for the learner of English and also take account of those who feel difficulties in learning English. Lexicographer edit, proof read and check the accuracy of their own and other texts and perform editorial tasks. They reassess the existing entries and use evidence and judgment to identify and for possible new entries.


Magazine journalist: A magazine journalist conduct research and write new articles and features for a wide variety of periodicals, including consumer titles, business publications and trade journals. The magazine have a defined readership and it address the particular area or interest. The magazine journalism covers a wide range of disciplines, such as editing, writing, sub editing and designing.

News paper journalist; The newspaper journalist write on various features, such as science, sports, health, entertainment, local as well as national politics and other burning issues.

Freelance writer / Writer; Here the writer work on fiction and non fiction, such as poetry, prose, stories, personal experience and many more.

Good Luck..

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RE: I want a career choice in English.I am +2 student with Science stream

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