I want to know what is the difference between Computer science , computer science and engineering and information technology.

I want to know which stream is good to take in

by Siva
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RE: I want to know what is the difference between Computer science , computer science and engineering and information technology.

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student...

The difference between computer science, computer engineering and IT information technology, in Computer engineering main focus is hardware development and computer science focuses on software development. and IT focuses on running production systems that somebody else has built.

Computer science and computer engineering are more technical than information technology and are generally of higher level.These are inter changeable as compare to job they qualify in.

But both computer science and computer engineering are taught to computer engineer so that they can be fluent in both things and they can even learn programming through some computer classes, and work in IT field too. So it is easy to transit between all the three line or streams with some training and computer courses which you can easily do now a days every where.

All the above mentioned are stating the difference between all computer science, computer engineering and Information technology and now you can know and get some idea about the difference in all.

Hope you got the answer for your query, and now you are clear about the difference between all lines, though the difference is less and not that much.

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RE: I want to know what is the difference between Computer science , computer science and engineering and information technology.

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend,

thanks for consulting
Opting career in computer science and engineering or information technology is quite fascinating at contemporary level. It is very important to know the course structure in catagorized manner like computer science is different from engineering which has also certian common modules at basic level. It is advisable that before taking admission into any stream you visit the institutional acadmic information under the academic category you will come to see the details of course and program which will update you with subject and module configuration how it has been designed for a program at btech and bsc level. As you know bsc is meant for basic sciences where entire course has been designed with fundamental subject specifically on the thread of physics, chemistry and maths at the same time it is advanced form of basics which bring you to the higher notes which explain the basic implementations in compute sciences. Try to understand the difference between engineering and sciences which aquiant you fundamentally and then you will realize your interest to opt it out accordingly. As far as engineering program is concern at btech or mtech level it is destined with technical facts looks quite application based which give the essential product in our day to day life though it is evolved or orginated through basic sciences. Just like seed to plant formation. One must understand that science is the backbone of any technology which provides the fundamental and noble inputs before formulating anything at engineering or techncology level.
Further it is your prime job to understand the standard of academic conduct at institutional level that is very important to analyze with your analylitical bent of mind.

Other part of your query is Information technology that is core application of computer sciences, how an infotech engineer exploits the tool of computer science or technology depends on the hoghthroughput analysis at implication level. Moreover Info tech is the highly paid profession into this speedy world and implication of Info Tech is required everywhere ---called multidisciplinary approach it is involved in biology-Bioinformatics, physics-nanotechnology, sophisticated world like robotics and sensor technology.

It is you who will decide the career after a serious look of entire dicsussed modules and then join the world of your interest where you will generate multiple options for you and the society.
Good luck

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RE: I want to know what is the difference between Computer science , computer science and engineering and information technology.

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