I wish to take Biotechnology , but am not sure about the career prospects and study route after 12th. Kindly guide me

I have chosen bio & bio tech as a subject for 12 HSC , but am not sure about the career prospects in that field. Also I am not sure if the study route ftom 12 th onwards. Kindly guide me. Thanks

by Chahat
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3 answers

RE: I wish to take Biotechnology , but am not sure about the career prospects and study route after 12th. Kindly guide me

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Thank you for choosing and writing to us. A career in Biotechnology is very interesting and good to see you have chosen similar subjects at your HSC level. Studying Bio degrees and in fact even Biotechnology subject offers excellent ground level knowledge and prepares you well for a degree in Biotech. The career in biotechnology is very promising and with no doubt you can pursue this field. You have a variety of options to work with in this field, ranging from education sectors, hospitals, private research labs, clinics, biotech companies and pharma companies. This degree offers excellent job scope and a vibrant career and without any second thoughts you can very well choose this subject at a degree level.

As a degree level in Biotechnology you have two options. One with a route in maths and the other without maths. Have you studied maths in HSC level? If yes, then you are eligible to apply for engineering degrees in Biotechnology like the B.Tech Biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology or even medical biotechnology.

However if you have not studied maths at HSC level are do not want to study maths at degree level, the you are best suited to study BSc degree related to Biotechnology like BSc Biotechnology, immuno biotechnology, immunology, genetics, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, aquatic biotechnology, environmental biotechnology,industrial biotechnology, medical biotechnology, medical lab technology, Biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and bio organic chemistry.

Apart from biotechnology, you are also eligible to study B.Pharm. degree. This is a four year bachelor of pharmacy degree, that requires Biology as a mandatory subject at 12th level. Some colleges may or may not require maths as well. Completing this degree you are eligible to work in pharma companies where they manufacture medicines, you can also find jobs in local pharmacies as a chemist, at dispensaries and many more.

Some of the coolest Biotech jobs you can get are,
If you also choose to study medicine, then you may choose the following five options: All these degrees will compulsory require Biology and maths at HSC level.
1. MBBS: You can choose to study the professional MBBS degree if you like.
2. BDS: Bachelor of Dental surgery, this is again a professional medicine degree.
3. BHMS: Bachelor of homeopathy medicine and surgery, a professional medicine degree in homeopathy route.
4. BAMS: Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery, a professional medicine degree in ayurveda.
5. Physiotherapy: A professional medicinal degree in anatomy and physical structure. It is a four year degree and after this you can work at hospitals and private clinics.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: I wish to take Biotechnology , but am not sure about the career prospects and study route after 12th. Kindly guide me

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend

Many thanks for your question and I am happy to answer it through!!!.

In fact you have asked a very practical question and I know many students who are in this dilemma what to chose and what not to opt to make a bright career.
As you have mentioned that you wish to make career in biotechnology. Let me assure you, you are thinking in right direction. The scope of biotechnology are huge in India as well as abroad. Let me first tell you about biotechnology and its scope, then you will come to know about this subject.
The application of this branch of science are vast and simply mind boggling. On one hand it caters to the industrial sector such as food, industry, beverage and juice industry, pharmaceutical, biochemistry, textile, medical industry and many more. On the other hand, this branch of science also caters for the need of agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition, and environmental conservation.
Biotechnology is a research oriented science including a fusion of biology and technology. This study includes a large variety of subjects such as, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering, chemistry, zoology, botany, virology, bacteriology, immunology and engineering.
Biotechnology employ the living cell and bacteria in the industrial process for manufacturing beneficial products for human being and animals. Biotechnology is also employed in manufacturing many vaccines, medicines and diagnostics, improving energy production and conservation and increasing productivity.

Career in Biotechnology offer various job opportunities in governmental sector (school, colleges, universities, research institutions and governmental laboratories) and private or multinational companies. The openings are in academic, teaching, research, manufacture and marketing.
Scope of Biotechnology in India:
Career in biotechnology is a very good option in India as the country has witnessed remarkable growth in biotechnology sector. India has become one of the best biotechnology based industry to to excellent network and output of research laboratories, good diversity, well developed agricultural sector and trained manpower both in governmental sector and in private organization.
The biotechnologist can get good job in food industry, agricultural sector, molecular biology based research organizations, chemical and allied industries.
The organizations in India offer job opportunity to biotechnology are: Hindustan Unilever Ltd (, India Vaccines Corporation (, Indo-American Hybrid seeds (, Boicon India Ltd ( Hindustan Antibiotics (, National chemical Laboratories (, and many more.
My final advice is, just concentrate on your studies and you will have great future in Biotechnology.
Good Luck..

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RE: I wish to take Biotechnology , but am not sure about the career prospects and study route after 12th. Kindly guide me

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Thanks for approaching us at!!!

Firstly choosing Biotech, I am sure, you have a research bend of mind.

To pursue career as a Biotech, you have 2 routes,
I hope you have opted for Math as a subject in 12th, it will help you in preparing for B.Tech. In case you have not, no worries, you can still pursue your dream.
Biotech is a combination of science like Physics, bio and chemistry and Math as an algorithm. So you in short encompass the science field as a whole.
As i have already mentioned the career you have chosen, is more into reaserch, and I am sure you do understand research is done every second, every minute.
As far as the scope is concerned, Biotech is a combination of Bio and Tech, so it includes and takes into consideration every minute details of human. You have scope into FMCG, Retails, Labs, Pharma, Agriculture, Poultry and so on...

But just being a Graduate would not help. You would not work as a researcher, but would have to work under a research team.So if you are interested purely in research you would have to pursue a Masters program and can opt for research programs into Animal Husbandry, Agriculture development, fisheries, gene molecular development, immunology,development of vaccinations, pharmaceutical, conservation of natural resources, nutrition, tissue culture and many more.

Since Biotech is mainly into research, you would have to possess skills of being innovative, being original and full of imagination. Also as research is not a one day affair, but a long procedure to get results, you would have to develop qualities of perseverance, brainstorming, right attitude to deal with failure, good communication skills, foresightedness and lastly team spirit.
Wish you all the best for your future endeavours ............

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RE: I wish to take Biotechnology , but am not sure about the career prospects and study route after 12th. Kindly guide me

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