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I'm a software engineer in hcl , how to get to companies like google, microsoft , thoughtWorks . In a hunger to achieve more

I'm a fresher starting my career. All my life i'm more interested in research . I want to work in future technologies in worlds most top companies . How do I get there

by Ganesh Srini
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2 answers

RE: I'm a software engineer in hcl , how to get to companies like google, microsoft , thoughtWorks . In a hunger to achieve more

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Dear Friend,
Welcome to!!!
Thanks for writing us.

Its really good to hear that you are having so high aspirations for your career life.
Well many software engineers on completing their degree land up taking some kind of a job with the MNC companies or small companies and don't think out of the box of going beyond it. They are quite with happy with what they have in their hand.

Having high aspirations is a good thing as it helps you to reflect back in yourself and gives a ground for your self development. Development has been always an on going process that really helps you to get into such kind of Companies.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to get into either in Google,Microsoft etc.-
Getting into Microsoft or Google is really a very tough task but once you get crack it..than you are the ship of the captain.

  1. Start Something :-
    Launch a small tech company or just a project can demonstrate virtually everything a tech firm wants to see;field expertise,passion for technology,initiative,leadership and creativity. If you don't hold a software development experience- you can hire an outsourced development team from outside.

  2. Create an Online Portfolio :-
    Create a simple website with a description of your major accomplishments, can provide more context than what your resume can provide.recruiters may reference this after seeing your resume,but they might stumble across your portfolio online and give you a call.

3.Get Out There (And Online) :-
Online job boards are tough and the best way around them is a personal referral.Attending tech events will help to build your network,but don't forget about the online channels.Recruiters search for potential candidates on blogs comments,industry forums and Twitter. Being active online- while providing a trial back to your portfolio- can be an excellent way to catch a recruiters attention.

4.Make a Short and Sweet Resume :-
Let me tell you a little secret:Recruiters don't really read resumes.they glance a them,often for as little as fifteen seconds;before putting it in the 'yes' pile or the 'no' pile.For this reason, a short resume is advantageous. this will ensure that the resume screened notices your most impressive accomplishments,without the mediocre items getting in the way.

5.Focus on Accomplishments:-
No one buys into vague statements like "excellent problem solver". A resume should focus on your accomplishments: concrete ways that you've made an impact,quantified if possible.

6.Rehearse Your stories :-
One of the best ways to improve your overall interview performance is to practice your 'Stories'. Rehearsing thees responses aloud will help you to more effectively discuss what you did and why it mattered.

7.Practice Interview Questions -And Practice Them Well :-
Dont walk into an interview blindly. websites like and offer thousands of interview questions from tech firms. this will give you a good idea which areas to prepare for. Memorising answers won't help you instead try solving practise these interview questions just as you would in an interview.The more realisticaly you can stimulate the interview the better you'll do.

8.Prepare Questions for You to Ask:-
`Asking interesting questions during your interview not only help you to learn whether the job is right for you or not,but will also demonstrate to your interviewer that you're passionate about the position.You should prepare a list of these questions before your interview.

9.Admit Mistakes:-
No one is fooled when you try to cover up mistakes,especially in a problem solving question.After all,your interviewer has probably asked it dozens of times.Admitting a mistake shows that you are analytically enough to recognize when you messed up,and it also demonstrates humbleness and interpersonal skills.

10.Be Fearless :-
Companies like Google and Microsoft nearly as notorious for their tricky questions as they are famous for their perks.Unfortunately,,many candidates freeze when asked a challenging questions.Their minds race with thoughts of incompetence and impending doom,instead of with potential solutions.In asking these questions,companies are not just trying to test your intelligence.they wan tot see that how much you are fearless.They want to see that you're the type of person who sees a tough problem and charges it head-on.So take a deep breath and charge.

These are some of the tips that can help you to get into Microsoft or Google. While you can apply to their internship program which is held every year of which one can get notification on their respective websites.

You can watch a movie 'The Internship' its a movie based on Google Internship and will give you an insight with the regards to getting hired.

I hope you find the information useful and helpful.

Wish you Good Luck!!!

Feel free to get in touch again.

Thank you

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K.

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RE: I'm a software engineer in hcl , how to get to companies like google, microsoft , thoughtWorks . In a hunger to achieve more

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

HI there,

Firstly keep the aspirations high and keep the focus in mind.

Also you have an awesome start. Getting into HCL is also not an easy feat.

This means you have the potentials.
Just keep polishing them and you would make a proper move.

Since Google and Microsoft are world famous technology oriented firms, the name itself makes the process a little difficult.
But do not worry. Employees there are also just like you, with the only exception that they are far focused. They are continuously brainstorming and thinking out of the box. Though they are working or are employees, they have the streak of entrepreneurship. That is what is driving them to make new developments all the time.

Though for you it is just the start, it is good to know you are aiming high. Keep that alive.
But just dreaming wont help.

You need to be known in the market. Sounds easy than actual doing. But definitely, you need to be innovative. eg. A small project using software technologies, and making a viable product. You can then advertise this project on the net or rather write down a summary of the product and mention it on your Resume in achievements.

At the same time, networking is essential. Any chance of professional meetups you need to make a presence. Meeting new people and colleagues will give you ideas to move forward.

At the same time, what is stopping you to apply directly as a fresher.
You know your capabilities and if you are creative and have a passion, just add this on to your covering letter.
Companies just wish to know you would be an asset to them, not just an employee who they have to train all through.

Hope this helps you somewhat.

Wish you all the very best...........

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RE: I'm a software engineer in hcl , how to get to companies like google, microsoft , thoughtWorks . In a hunger to achieve more

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