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Is career in microelectronics has scope in India? How can one go for it?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Is career in microelectronics has scope in India? How can one go for it?

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Science and technology are becoming the key to determining the lifestyle of the people. Even the developing countries are said to be developing only because of the development in the science and technology. Today, the nation's progress is judged by the fact that whoever country is technologically advanced, is said to be developed and in the phase. Thus, the role of the science and technology today is very useful for the education, defense, health, securities and lastly for the jobs too. On every second day, the newspaper contains the article dedicated to any researchers made under the head of science and technology by the scientific community of the world.

Being more particular and specific to the demand of the queries, the Microelectronics is gaining much higher momentum than any of the other stream of science and technology, as the use of microelectronics is precisely high in the space sector, computers and laptops, mobile phones, DSLR cameras and other advanced gadgets available to us.

Thus the alarming rise of the use of microelectronics on a big and small platform, enabling the tremendous jobs opportunities for new aspirants. Hence, in this article, we’ll talk about the various courses available to us in the field of macro-electronics and such, best colleges for the stream mainly in India, and job opportunities available.

If you are looking to get into the macro-electronics jobs and researchers, trust me this article is only for you. Take the very first knowledge, think, work on it and execute it!


What really is Macro electronics?

Do you ever saw a processor working inside your computer, A fan rotating inside your laptop, or a biometric machine outside your office? These are the daily examples of the microelectronic. If you will look into the satellite controlling stations, the gadgets fitted inside it are the advanced versions of macro-electronics.

Thus a proper definition can be linked as, It is a branch of the science in which study the large computing and analogous electronic devices much bigger than the microelectronics, working on the principles of electric circuits controlling. One of the unique things about the macro-electronics is that it is much cheaper than the primitive equipment of the same principles.

Hence it becomes efficient as new technology is working for this, it is economical and occupies very less space than those of before, all these benefits of the macro-electronics leading to the vast marketing of the gadgets with macro-electronics. This vast usage and preferences unfolding the various job opportunities for young ones.


Courses available in Macro electronics

India generally falls short of the colleges for microelectronics as the new beginning courses in macro-electronics is not much publicized in India. But there are top courses in some of the prestigious colleges for macro-electronics. They are as follows:

B.Tech ( Microelectronics)

Yes, its B.Tech in microelectronics! In order to make your career in the macro-electronics, you have to pursue the bachelor's degree in microelectronics. The reason behind is very simple, as the in microelectronics forms the basis of micro and macro electronic understanding capacity in individuals.  Don’t forget that, the constituent part of macro-electronics is microelectronics only, so you need to study microelectronic first.

Duration: 4 years

Semester: 8

Syllabus for microelectronics

  • Modern science and technology frontiers
  • Chip technology
  • Advanced Integrated circuits
  • Artificial chipping techniques and development
  • Microunits design and drawing
  • System of semiconductors
  • Advance material science in universe
  • Advanced engineering and applications

Top colleges for B.Tech ( Microelectronics)

  • IISc (Indian institute of science)
  • BIT( Birla Of technology), Ranchi
  • Electronic design and technology center, Imphal, Manipur
  • University of chinkara, Shimla, HP
  • Goa university, goa


Masters in Macro electronics is the most common degree for the masters in macro-electronics after the completion of the microelectronics. The master's program will take you to the new level of knowledge in the field of macro-electronics.

Syllabus for macro-electronics

  • Processor design
  • Nodes and point development of IC’s
  • Plate Thermodynamics
  • Structure analysis
  • Advanced material studies
  • Lab practicals
  • Automated teller designs
  • VLSI Device & Modelling
  • Digital IC Design
  • Microelectronic Technology & IC Fabrication

Top colleges in India for M.Tech (Macro electronics)

  • IISc (Indian institute of science)
  • Javadi anglo college, Kanchipuram
  • BIT( Birla Of technology), Ranchi
  • SGSITS, Indore
  • Karnpura science and technology, Bangalore
  • Electronic design and technology center, Imphal, Manipur
  • University of Chitkara, Shimla, HP
  • Goa university, goa
  • Ramanujan Gyan Sangam college, Chennai, TN

Job opportunities in Macro electronics

  • Motherboard developers

They form the basis of the system, hence it is one of the highly paid jobs, Bangalore is the center for this job. High opportunities are there to serve in abroad through this.


  • Processor unit developers

Since the processor is the key feature for any of the computing device, so various companies recruit the personnel as a developers and engineers or researchers, to work on this domain. Might you have heard about intel? It is the biggest recruiter for processor developers.


  • LED/ TFT developers

Light emitting diodes are one of the segments of the macro-electronics, the engineers are recruited in big firms to manufacture the LED’s screens and TV’s.

  • Analog designer

Analog designers are one who performs the functions of developing of command to the chips like introducing binary languages, circuit recognitions, semiconductor assembling etc. this is a tedious task but the job gives attractive packages even to the newcomers in big companies


  • Production Engineer

For any of the manufacturing firm, the posts of production engineer are common. Generally, a good number of production engineers are recruited from the campus selection of the colleges.


  • Professors in college

India faces a shortage of the teaching faculties in these branches, thus government is insisting newcomers to take teaching as a profession. It is one of the highly paid jobs in India, a candidate can undertook researchers beside teaching.

The career in macro-electronics is unexplored in India as in the case of microelectronics. One who is aspiring to work in such areas should make his mind during school time only, to get the proper and smooth approach toward it. Remember the interests of the candidate is the governing factor for such streams.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Is career in microelectronics has scope in India? How can one go for it?

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