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Macro-electronics is touching new arena every day, are you looking for to get into it?

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RE: Macro-electronics is touching new arena every day, are you looking for to get into it?

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Avadhut Desai
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The micro-technology, name itself suggests that which works on the micro units. In the era of the scientific world, in which people wants the leisure life in the pocket of their jeans. The information of the world, they want to have on their hands and the fully automated mode of human, from morning to night. It would not have been possible if the concept and evaluation of the micro technology not been there. Hence, micro technology enables us to live the life in scientifical, dynamic and real-time manner. Where the information flows inside the wire, where the chips talks to interact, where the command is judged by the processors and where the meaningful action is given by the system.

Being hundred times more potential than the traditional communication system, this micro technology will take over the energy, communications, education, etc very soon. Thereby, the possibility of jobs offered by these sectors is tremendous. In the article, we will talk about the most dynamic and advanced career in micro technology, the courses available to this domain, the colleges, the career prospects and finally of course the job opportunities. If you belong to the technical background, and roaming here and there for your graduation, trust me you’ll get all your answers of the questions in this article.

Microelectronic technology today includes thin film, thick film, hybrid, and integrated circuits and combinations of these. Such circuits are applied in DIGITAL, SWITCHING, and LINEAR (analog) circuits. Because of the current trend of producing a number of circuits on a single chip, you may look for further increases in the packaging density of electronic circuits. At the same time, you may expect a reduction in the size, weight, and number of connections in individual systems. Improvements in reliability and system capability are also to be expected. Thus, even as existing capabilities are being improved, new areas of microelectronic use are being explored. To predict where all this use of technology will lead is impossible. However, as the demand for increasingly effective electronic systems continues, improvements will continue to be made in state-of-the-art microelectronics to meet the demands

What Is Micro-technology?

Microelectronics is that area of electronics technology associated with electronics systems built from extremely small electronic parts or elements. Most of the today's computers, weapons systems, navigation systems, communications systems, and radar systems make extensive use of microelectronics technology.”

Micro-technology involves the use of objects at the micron level or one-millionth of a meter. Micro-technologies are built using a top-down approach that uses techniques developed mostly in the semiconductor industry. “It’s called a top-down approach because a solid block of something, usually silicon, is selectively etched or built up into the needed structures,”

The most common examples of micro technology can be found in microelectronics, which include computer chips and most modern electronic components. However, a type of micro technology that combines micron- sized electrical and mechanical parts is now experiencing growing commercial use. Called micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), they have already enjoyed success as air bag sensors, inkjet print heads, and the read/write heads of hard drives. A considerable portion of the work in micro technology is aimed at computers or MEMS devices, In contrast, two other applications of micro technology, abbreviated MECS and MICROCATS, process mass and energy. These devices may be used, for example, as biosensors, chemical reactors, fuel processors, or cooling systems. The extension of micro technology into processing mass and energy has required some fundamental changes in the way microtechnologies are manufactured. Ever since the semiconductor industry started using silicon instead of germanium 50 years ago, silicon has been the foundation on which most microtechnologies are built.

Courses Available For Micro-technology

Bachelor of engineering (Micro electronics)

Duration: 4 years

The important degree one can pursue is the or B.E from the recognized top institution. This is the foremost degree to get into the very first step into the field of microelectronics.

The syllabus for the microelectronics engineering is:

  • Modern science and technology frontiers
  • Chip technology
  • Advanced Integrated circuits
  • Artificial chipping techniques and development
  • Microunits design and drawing
  • System of semiconductors
  • Advance material science in universe
  • Advance engineering and applications

Top colleges for B.Tech ( Microelectronics)

  • IISc (Indian institute of science)
  • BIT( Birla Of technology), Ranchi
  • Electronic design and technology center, Imphal, Manipur
  • University of chinkara, Shimla, HP
  • Goa university, goa

M.Tech. (Microelectronics) is the specialized degree for the masters in the microelectronics, one need to complete the degree to unlock the higher opportunities in future.

Duration: 2 years

Syllabus for the M.Tech. is as following:

  • Advanced Engg Maths
  • VLSI Device & Modelling
  • Digital IC Design
  • Microelectronic Technology & IC Fabrication
  • CAD Tools for VLSI Design
  • Digital Signal Processing & Applications
  • Microelectronic Technology
  • Embedded Systems
  • Dissertation

Top colleges for the M.Tech in microelectronics are:

  • IISc (Indian institute of science)
  • Javadi anglo college, Kanchipuram
  • BIT( Birla Of technology), Ranchi
  • SGSITS, Indore
  • Karnpura science and technology, Bangalore
  • Electronic design and technology center, Imphal, Manipur
  • University of Chitkara, Shimla, HP
  • Goa university, goa
  • Ramanujan Gyan Sangam college, Chennai, TN


  • Chip builder

This is the most common job present in the microelectronics, the chip being an integral part of the microelectronics, so the job opportunities for this sector remains always high.


  • Hardware engineer

To maintain the microelectronics system to work, the hardware provides the foundational support for which the logistics work. Hence, the hardware engineer is one who manufactures the body of the microelectronic devices. It is one of the promised jobs under the theme.


  • Circuit analyser

This is a newly evolved job, separated recently from the chip builders work, as a now private third party generally give the nod for proceed to chip development. Hence it is kind of verification job, which one obtains through diverse knowledge.


  • Analogue designer

Analog designers are one who performs the functions of developing of command to the chips like introducing binary languages, circuit recognitions, semiconductor assembling etc. this is a tedious task but the job gives attractive packages even to the newcomers in big companies.


  • Design engineer (VLSI) CAD

VKSI is one of the important segment of the microelectronics, the job seekers get into this only after attaining the 4-5 years of intense knowledge. India is having low employee rate in VLSI, but countries like japan are moving ahead.


  • Technician head

Technician's head is a broad job field; one can get into the software unit or hardware unit based on the interest of the candidate.


  • MIC technicians

As same as VLSI, the MIC is another component of the microelectronics. In the MIC, the candidate with the special knowledge of the chip integrated circuit with the ability to deal with the vigorous coding-decoding talent is needed. It is one of the best-paid jobs in microelectronics.

The career in microelectronics is now gaining momentum in India, the government too insisting on the development of the micro technology and nanotechnology. Candidates from the science background have the unique and striking opportunity as the future in the microelectronic is long lasting and job seeking also. All you need is to have perfect guidance right from the beginning with the latest developments in the field.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Macro-electronics is touching new arena every day, are you looking for to get into it?

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