Sahil Sharma

Is symbiosis distance learning a good one if i want to do job i have completed BCA dis year only& want to do mba?

Give me right inforamtion as soon as possible

by Sahil Sharma
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2 answers

RE: Is symbiosis distance learning a good one if i want to do job i have completed BCA dis year only& want to do mba?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
Verified Career Expert
Founder and CEO at CareerGuide.Com
  • Noida

After BCA - it would be preferred to go ahead with MCA if you want to be in IT/Software industry.
An MBA is helpful and Symbiosis leads in providing a distance MBA but on basis of this certification it is difficult to job. You cannot rely on getting a job on distance certification.

Hope it helps.

RE: Is symbiosis distance learning a good one if i want to do job i have completed BCA dis year only& want to do mba?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

HI there,

Congratulations, you are a Graduate.

Since you have decided on an MBA program, why have you not decided to follow it up with an MCA in correspondence.

Since as a Graduate, you would just get an entry level job. Hands on experience will be very limited.

When one wishes to pursue an MBA in correspondence, it only means that the person has the right exposure at job and does not wish to leave the job in the middle, but at the same time wishes to add on knowledge through an MBA program.

As a Graduate, doing an MBA in correspondence is of no value, unless the job experience is wonderful.
So if at all you are looking out for a higher degree, preferably opt for an MCA program, which is now available as correspondence, but preferable if you do it as a full time course.

After the MCA degree, better will be to opt for a job in the right sector and after few years of work experience opt for an MBA program.

As far as symbiosis is concerned, it is an internationally recognized Institute. A degree from the Institute will help you get a good job and position, but not at this stage.

Hope this helps you decide maturedly.

Wish you all the very best...........

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