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Is there any subject of Mass Communication in BBA? What are the benefits of this subject?

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RE: Is there any subject of Mass Communication in BBA? What are the benefits of this subject?

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There are many Universities in Pune and some Universities in Delhi and Kolkata which imparts Mass Communication and Media within the BBA Course. But in Pune there are few reputed Institutes which impart Media, Film and Mass Communication in BBA program. The BBA Program is specifically designed for Media and Mass Communication.

The BBA Course in Media and Mass Communication demands at least 70-60% in +2 levels from a recognized board. This BBA program is a three-year program which aims at creates young creative minds each spectrum of media and entertainment world. The candidate may be from arts, science or commerce background. The candidate has to appear for an entrance exam conducted by the university or the Institute.

The objectives of introducing Media and Mass Communication in BBA course are as follows:

  • To provide adequate opportunity to the students with basic understanding on Media and mass Communication with Management and administrative background.
  • To provide lot of opportunities to the students which they can exploit to master themselves in the field of Media and Mass Communication.
  • The BBA in Media and Mass Communication is apt for those students who desires for multi-dimensional landscape of both traditional and emerging media and then explore communication from all angles.
  • It aims at developing critical skills which is required for ever changing technology and knowledge based society.

Needless to say that Communication today has become a very integral aspect of human existence since the initial days of humankind. Year after year and decade after decade the communication methods have evolved in a myriad forms. In today’s world everybody irrespective of class, creed and status have to say something or the other to others, the necessity of which makes the study of media and communication one of the most interesting fields of study.

Students in BBA program Mass Communication are equipped with fundamental alarms, theoretical styles, methods of study in the field of mass communication and to acquire innovative knowledge in more than one aspect or system of study.

In this three year program students are forced to think creatively and more strategically in order to accomplish in the field of communications related to the advertising world and sales and marketing objectives which will produce a very real and resourceful and ingenious message in the market. The course also equips the students to address the client and customers problem by using wide range of promotional and innovative tool.

Students are imparted with a training to distinguish how one should be connected and in what way. The program with its wide range of curriculum trains and equips the candidates to explore a number of other fields of study both in theoretical and applied contexts and this enables the students to be very aggressive in his or her work with artistic, precarious, and technical skills which are very important for the future market for any kind of product.

BBA program in Mass Communication is the basic which is very essential to other career paths like research on the market, the way of communication happen in the corporate field, palling for any kind of events, advertising, writing for the media houses, journalism, taking up tutoring in the field of Mass Communication and also it equips one to work with Government.

The Course imparts the candidates with the study in the field of:

  • Printing Media
  • Digital technology like Television, Internet and other social network channels.
  • To work in the Audio Media like Radio
  • Art of Marketing or selling their own content through various marketing related tools like the medium of all sort of public relations such as using television, social networks, advertising and in other promotional activities.
  • The students are exposed to several mass media communication through day to day classes and also through projects.
  • The BBA candidates also have to study management techniques, human resources, sales and banking, accounting and other financial aspects of business in order to equip them in managerial skills and also to understand the business in which they will attached in their later days.
  • The course has initial aspects of print and media journalism, programming related to television and production, system of corporate communication, ways of advertising and lastly the integrities of all aspects of cinema.
  • Students are very well equipped to manage good will of any organization by the newer techniques of work and knowledge in the field of Mass Communication and Media science.
  • Students will also be able to make corporate and institutional videos, advertisement or any kind of visuals.

Careers in Mass Communication after BBA in Media and Mass Communication

The most wanted fields in career terms are the field of advertising, public relations, events and corporate and employee communication. All these fields are recruiting fresher in bulk every year. Keeping in mind the fast pace in this field the BBA course helps each candidates to be extremely aware with all the demands of the market.



The three year BBA courses in Media and Mass Communication will offer a candidate with recognized certificate which will help the student to get good job either through Campus recruitment or through his or her ability and knowhow. The course will foster critical understanding of the ways that individuals, groups, and societies which will create meaning about world of communication.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Is there any subject of Mass Communication in BBA? What are the benefits of this subject?

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