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what are the systematically series of courses i should pursue for the career in ethical haching such as for security analyst

by neel
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Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Hi Neel,

Loved the way you have framed the question.
"Systematic series of Courses".

Ethical hacking came into the market because of the youngest entrepreneur who devised a code to hacking, " Ankit Fadia".

This course is now running like a blown rage in youngsters.

As far as pursuing this course is concerned, mainly private institutes run this certificate courses which ranges from weeks to 6 months.

To pursue this course, as you have mentioned series,
IT or knowledge regarding programming, languages, software, LINUX etc is the main criteria.
Someone who can understand and play with SYSTEMS would be successful in this course.

Since I do not know your basic qualification, just answering in the dark. You could either pursue, after 12th ( Math compulsory):
B.SC IT ( covers systems completely): A 3 years course after 12th.
BCA. ( Covers software and its applications and part of Systems too, with a lot of practical exposure)A 3 years course after 12th. Few colleges conduct an Entrance exam as an eligibility criteria for this course.

Once you Graduate or if time permits during the course, you can opt for the certifications in Ethical Hacking.
These certifications are generally provided by private Institutes and ranges from few weeks to 6 month.
Check the following Institutes for Ethical Hacking Courses:

Hope this helps you Neel.

Wish you good luck..........

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Akshata Chandrasekhar
Akshata Chandrasekhar

Hi, Neel, 

Ethical hacking is just one of the skills (an important one, nevertheless) you need to have to become a security analyst. Ethical hacking is a skill you can gain by taking a CEH certification course.

Having said that, you must know that CEH or ethical hacking is not the only path to IT security. Other courses include CISM, CISA, CISSP, and CompTIA. 

I haven't mentioned any particular order because there isn't one. Each course that you take aims to build a very specific skill set in you. So, in effect, you would be looking at a horizontal skill development process, rather than a vertical one. 


In any case, if you are more inclined toward a career focused on ethical hacking, you can read this article on the top ethical hacking courses which could help you decide which course is the best fit for you. 


I hope I helped!

RE: Series of courses


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arpit dixit
arpit dixit


Ethical hacking is the way toward infiltrating or encroaching in a PC framework with the end goal of security testing. Programmers who lead ethical hacking are recruited by organizations to direct entrance testing. These programmers are specialists in PC security, as they have a urgent influence in guaranteeing an organization's IT framework security. On the off chance that you need to seek after a profession in ethical hacking, you must be educated in social designing methods and you should have the option to appropriately distinguish the shortcomings and weaknesses of IT frameworks so essential measures might be taken to appropriately make sure about them. CEH certification is therefore, becoming popular among IT companies.

Ethical programmers should investigate distinctive hacking strategies to check if an organization's IT framework can be entered utilizing any of these techniques. Their occupation is essentially to mirror the activities of a programmer and fumes all conceivable hacking alternatives to forestall illicit hacking. Seeking after a profession in ethical hacking can be a fulfilling and productive endeavor, as ethical programmers are normally paid a ton. In any case, before you can turn into a ethical programmer, you need to have sufficient experience and information in systems administration and programming. You ought to likewise have a decent handle of all accessible working frameworks with the goal that you can appropriately foresee hacking techniques.

On the off chance that you need to turn into an authorized ethical programmer, at that point a course that is identified with network protection and IT is an essential. You should likewise be educated about both the product and equipment associated with unlawful hacking. Hacking is a genuine Internet wrongdoing that should be possible by any individual who has enough information about how to infiltrate a PC framework. This information is frequently consistently mishandled to gain admittance to private data, for example, individual data, monetary data and other such confidentialities. Unlawful hacking is as a rule utilized as a device for burglary. Expanding safety efforts must be utilized to shield PC frameworks from this appalling wrongdoing. A profession in ethical hacking is exceptionally beneficial in light of the fact that there is an expanding interest for ethical programmers.

Since ethical hacking takes a ton of expertise, essential preparing is significant before you can get authorized as a ethical programmer. You will likewise must be prepared in the ethical part of hacking. As a programmer, you will have the option to enter classified frameworks that contain several indispensable data. Before you can seek after a vocation in ethical hacking, you should be informed with regards to the ethical part of the business. It takes a specific level of trust before you can be recruited as a ethical programmer so beside having all the fundamental abilities, you will likewise have to procure this trust.

RE: Series of courses

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