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Till when one could work as an Air Hostess? What is the minimum salary hike in this profession? To what other professions can one switch while working as an Air Hostess?

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RE: Till when one could work as an Air Hostess? What is the minimum salary hike in this profession? To what other professions can one switch while working as an Air Hostess?

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The Indian aviation sector in the current times has seen a sudden growth. With the spread of education and changed mindset of people, more people are engaging in this sector. In the aviation sector for Asia, India stands out way brighter than the others

The cause of boom is three folds –

  • Encouraging policies made by the government.
  • The sales of the private jets are up.
  • Determining officials giving other countries a tough competition in the aviation sector.

If you are looking forward to becoming one of the cabin crew members i.e. an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant brush yourself up to face the challenges and have some fun.

It’s neither that fascinating nor that humiliating. Because every job has its pros and cons. Yes, you do get to travel a lot places in the country and foreign, meet public figures in the first class, have a glamorous life. Much more lies in the duties that you perform rather than serving food and making our makeup and hair look nice all the time.

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Age Limit for an Air Hostess Job:

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has laid down the minimum age requirement for an Air Hostess which is 19. Girls or boys less than 19 years of age cannot be employed by any airline company for the Air Hostess job. Generally, the age decided by some of the airlines for this job goes from 19-27.

America has no maximum age bar for an air hostess. Whereas, in the European countries, the airlines have decided an age limit of 35 years of age. 

In some of the private airlines, the age for an air hostess is generally 30-35 to the maximum not any older than that where these are included in the contracts which are short term.



Salary Hike in the Air Hostess profession:
The minimum starting salary for an Air Hostess goes from 60k to 100k in any international airline company. With regard to all the good pay and other perks, some of the other non-monitory assistance are also provided like retirement benefits, life insurance, health insurance, free travelling-accommodation and at least 13-16 days off per month as it is more a shift job for 10-12 hours a day. 

With having almost, the same qualification in other fields, the starting salary provided is comparatively less than the salary provided to air hostesses. With the experience of the job, the salaries can vary. If you show presentable work, good communication, and the most important a positive attitude, usually the salary goes up with increment.

With the experience of 1-2 years, the salary for a flight attendant/ air hostess in a domestic airline goes from INR 4 lakh – INR 6.5 lakh. For an air hostess in the senior category gets a salary of INR 5.5 lakh – INR 8.25 lakh. Being a member of the cabin crew can get you a salary of INR 5 lakh – INR 7 lakh.

The jobs of ground attendant also provide a hefty amount of salary from INR 5 lakh – INR 7.3 lakh. Even for the job of Customer Service Agent, the salary provided is INR 3.6 lakh – INR 4.3 lakh.

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The private airline Indigo, offers a 16% hike in the salaries of flight attendants, with extra bonus within 5 years of service.

Professions that can be opted while an Air Hostess:

There are loads and loads of many career options if you want to work apart from being an air hostess.

If you want to stay in the aviation sector, you can opt for the ground staff duty, where you have to do all the ground stuff like booking the tickets, taking the luggage department or guiding the passengers of the way to the plane.

The salaries are only a bit less for the ground duty staff, which ranges from INR 5 lakh – INR 7.5 lakh. In this, there is no risk of life as you stay every time on the round. But yes, this a long duration job where you might have to work like a normal office job of 9-5 every day, which means fewer offs than the job of an Air Hostess.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: Till when one could work as an Air Hostess? What is the minimum salary hike in this profession? To what other professions can one switch while working as an Air Hostess?

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