Alok Anand

Well i am working in a company with a big name , but i am not liking the corporate culture as i was good in music and guitar

I want to leave the job which is paying me handsome for the thing i am not sure about.... weather i'll be able to establish my career in it is this a right decision

by Alok Anand
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RE: Well i am working in a company with a big name , but i am not liking the corporate culture as i was good in music and guitar

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Hello I am glad to know you quite influenced by character Howard Roark, and I am assuming it's not your real name.

For a person who is so driven by fountain head, it would not be wise to say don't quit and pursue your dream.

Ask yourself, do you have guts to face years of struggle and talent to take world by storm ?

My advise would be take part in local bands and try it as a hobby which once you very much sure of and willing to take ahead struggle then go ahead. Remember no one acknowledged the creativity of Howard Roark initially, it was years of determination which helped him reach where and what he wanted.

I am sure you would love to read this and get some cues on how to get a head start:

All The Best

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