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What are the career opportunities for MBBS graduates in European countries?

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RE: What are the career opportunities for MBBS graduates in European countries?

Jayanta Ghosh
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A very warm welcome to all our readers. This article is for all the medical aspirants. Read it carefully and make your decision wisely.

Health is wealth. Everybody is very much aware of this saying. Nowadays people are more prone to disease because of the fact that eating habits have taken a drastic change. People fall ill, and to cure them doctors are required. Medical has become the new streaming profession and is evergreen. It has a huge demand in the market because of the fact that more and more people are falling ill. This is a bad sign as well as a positive one.

Every course in every country has many career opportunities. Those willing to find a job making their way even through the dark and get placed. One needs to be determined in whatever field they are working. Medical obviously is a costly course but the kind of employment and status it offers is commendable. Dreams of many medical aspirants are shattered just because of the support and fees their family cannot manage. For medical, generally, government colleges are preferred because they are highly funded by the government and have less fee. Moreover, they have high credibility and also cut off in government colleges is high.

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Talking about MBBS job in European countries, it has a wide variety of jobs which are mentioned below:-

  • GP Jobs
  • Anesthetics Jobs 
  • Neurology Jobs
  • Surgery Jobs
  • Pathology Jobs
  • Radiology Jobs 
  • Psychiatry Jobs
  • Rheumatology Jobs
  • Urology Jobs
  • Endocrinology Jobs
  • Dentist Jobs

All those who wish to work in any European country must know their language. There are two reasons for it:-
- So that you are able to communicate while giving your interview
- You are able to communicate with your patients while treating them

The Europen government readily takes those who know their language and also give chance to those who wish to learn their language. this means that those who show interest and are genuine candidates can also find a suitable place for them in the country.

If you wish to work as a doctor in Germany, you need the approval of free practice(Approbation). To get this approval you need to be a German language certificate holder in B2 or C1 which depends on the federal state. only giving the exam won’t work, rather you will have to pass the C1 German Exam conducted by the Federal state.  

Also, the medical authority does not organize any kind of language test but they will certainly guide you to the experts and professional with whom you can complete the language course.


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  • Swiss Medical Jobs

    For this job, one needs to know German and must be fluent in it so that you are able to deal with the general public of that country. You can work as a GP(General Practitioner) but your minimum work experience must be two years. They demand some kind of experience because they need proof of your capabilities before hiring you. Prove your worth and work hard day by day. There are a set of things to keep in mind before applying for the job. They are mentioned below:-


  • Completion of specialist for minimum of 2 years
  • Experience certificate as GP for a minimum of 2 years.
  • A valid degree stating that you passed with first division
  • A willingness certificate stating your willingness to carry on the medical profession and language development

They will provide you with stable and clean working environment. The salary slab in which you lie will be from 120.000-160.000/ year CHF. Apart from this housing facility will be provided. You can lead a happy life with work. They will also provide you with advanced scientific development for your personal growth. It will look after you for your better performance. Also if you do not work properly you will be given warning. Even after receiving a warning, in case you do not improve, you will be asked to leave the job position.

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So it is very important to work properly with zeal and enthusiasm to have a promotion.

There is a certain set of procedure that is carried out when you apply for a job.

  • The first and foremost step is the meeting with Human Resouce Management Authority. they will ask you your preferences and qualification and then will guide to the institutions you are fit for.
  • Then a telephonic interview or sometimes video call interview is conducted by the HR consultant to know more about your demands and scope along with your fluency in the German
  • After the selection of the hospital, one interview is conducted in which the head of the institute also participates. This interview is completely in the German
  • After all kinds of interview, document verification is done to check your authenticity.
  • Once verified, you can start working.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the career opportunities for MBBS graduates in European countries?

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