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Are private medical colleges and government medical colleges really comparable?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Are private medical colleges and government medical colleges really comparable?

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 The comparison is what life makes you face at each and every phase of life. You would have to face people who will compare you in every way possible irrespective of the reasons why you are the way you are. It is just a fun pass time for the world. So why are you taking it too seriously! Always take everything positively. Even if someone is making you feel inferior take it as a positive reinforcement to put in more efforts in what you are doing. A similar type of comparison is made to the children when it is the time for them to take admissions in the college.

It 'really' doesn't matter to which college you take admission. Your marks may determine your college selection but it can never measure your skills and knowledge. Don't ever let yourself down just because of low marks. In whichever college you take admission, the uniformity of syllabus will enable you to study what any other student is studying in the similar course in any other college.

Talking about the medical colleges in India, there are numerous universities and colleges where you can take admission and get a decent education. One more comparison you would face while taking admission is of Private Medical Colleges and Government Medical Colleges. The education provided in both the sectors is somewhat similar only the ways and strategies of educating may differ. Government medical colleges are more of traditional and are assumed to be superior to the Private medical colleges.

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The major basis of this comparison is the cut offs or marks of the students who can be admitted to a particular college. The cut-offs of the government medical colleges are much higher than the private medical colleges. This makes all the students who have scored high attracted to the government universities. As already stated, marks are never a determiner of your knowledge and education, the students who are less fortunate to get good marks are welcomed by the private medical colleges to cater to their aspirations to become a doctor, the aspirations which were broken by their not so good marks.

No doubt private medical colleges are the support of the flickering hopes of students of becoming a doctor, but yes, there is a lot of difference between the private medical colleges and the government medical colleges. Some of them are stated below:



  • Money is a major basis of the difference between both sectors. Government medical colleges are free of cost or with minimal fees. On the other hand, education in a private medical college is very expensive in terms of the fees. Students with not so good marks and not so good financial background get ignored by both Government and the private
  • The comparison between both the sectors is further stretched with a fact that more than 75% students from government medical colleges get into post graduation courses through merit. While in most of the private medical colleges, this number is as less as 40%.
  • Government medical colleges serve as an opportunity for the students with a not so good financial background to pursue this very expensive course medical studies. Whereas in private medical colleges, the fees structure is astronomical, making the course very expensive.

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  • The next point of comparison between government medical colleges and private medical colleges is accommodation. The hostels in private medical colleges are fairly new and with good facilities. On the other hand, in government medical colleges, the hostels are not in a very good state as compared to those of the private sector.


When we talk about the services you get in a college, government medical colleges are considered way better than a private medical college. Some of the facts about the government medical colleges are:

  • fewer fees!
  • Better teachers
  • better colleagues
  • exposure!
  • More authentic exams, as a result, better doctors! 

A government college is obviously a better option for a student who has scored good marks in the previous examination. But the point to be kept in mind is that no college guarantees that their students will become great doctors. No matter how good services these colleges provide, in the end, all that can make a change is the will power of the students themselves. All the comparisons come to an end when the students themselves work hard. When you have decided to do what it takes to be successful, it will not matter whether you are studying in a government college or a private college.

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 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Are private medical colleges and government medical colleges really comparable?

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