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What are the career prospects after completing an ITI course?

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RE: What are the career prospects after completing an ITI course?

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After completing their high school education, most students opt for conventional study courses which include either proceeding with quintessential graduation and post-graduation or seeking entry into entrance based courses of study such as engineering and medical. But those with an inclination and interest in professional programs can pursue vocational skills.

 Practical education is a domain with a lot of scope. It encompasses the spheres of technology, hotel management, art and craft, management etc. These vocational courses can be availed at ITIs and ITCs (pertaining to the private sector). In this article we focus on the former.

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ITIs short for Industrial Training Institutes are a series of government vocational colleges which impart skills and technical training in the form of certificate courses. They operate under the guidelines prescribed by the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of Labor & Employment, Union Government of India.  

Students are admitted after class 10th on the basis of merit.  As of 2016, 8th pass persons are also considered for certain vocational programs. Usually, no entrance examinations are conducted to permit entry to such courses. The time span of the courses ranges from 1-3 years and differs according to the subject opted. 

The focus of these courses is to extend professional knowledge to trainees in their specific trade domain who in turn provide a skilled workforce to the industrial sector.  ITI branches are spread all over the country. The trainee is qualified to sit for the AITT (All India Trade Test) after completing his / her training. The two kinds of vocations they are educated in are:





  • Engineering based
  1. Machinist Engineer
  2. Pump Operator
  3. Carpentry Engineer
  4. Mechanic Radio & T.V. Engineer
  5. Refrigeration Engineer
  6. Welding Engineer
  7. Electrician
  8. Plumber
  9. Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineer
  10. Sheet Metal Working Engineer
  11. Pattern Maker
  12. Draughtsman
  • Non-Engineering: computer based vocations and soft skills
  1. Secretary
  2. Book Binder
  3. Commercial Artist
  4. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant
  5. Foot Wear Manufacturer
  6. Hair & Skin Care specialist
  7. Stenographer (English)
  8. Cutting & Sewing specialist
  9. Dress Maker
  10. Fruit & Vegetable Processing specialist
  11. Confectioner and baker
  12. Surveyor

Career options post ITI

  • Further studies

Diplomas in technical education can be sought post the completion of ITI courses. A National Trade Certificate (NTC) will be given to those who pass AITT in engineering vocation the value of which is as good a Diploma in Engineering.  Other programs which enable one to attain specialization are made available by Advanced Training Institutes.

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  • Employment opportunities

There is an abundance of job openings in both government departments and private enterprises. A lot many organizations recruit ITI degree holders as interns and coach them for about 6 months to 2 years. They are hired by organizations through the placement cells of ITIs.

  • Electronics skills are the most popular vocational line of work as such mechanics can be hired in electronic implements factories as well as in IT industry.  Those who specialize as fitters can find work at oil and gas rigs, shipyards and docks etc.  Various electricity boards hire electricians through the medium of PSC (Public service Commission) Exams. Railways and armed forces are often in need of mechanics who have gained expertise in electrical works etc. One can appear for Government, NDA, SSC exams in order to acquire these jobs.
  • Self-employment is on the rise as well. One can set up their own workshops, mills, garages, winding shops, transformers etc.
  • Those trained in the electrical trade and air conditioning mechanics can even bag jobs abroad.


There has been a general change in perception of the masses towards industrial skills as such certificate courses and diploma are creating  employment opportunities for millions of  those who have an aptitude for these skills.  

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The Skill India program launched in 2015 is an initiative to introduce newer technological innovations which has boosted the demand for courses offered by ITI. These courses are also beneficial for the industrial sector and the nation’s economy.  In a globalizing world like ours, the country requires a labor force which can compete with the manufactured products and services of countries like China.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the career prospects after completing an ITI course?

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