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I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS?

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Apparently, an apple a day can keep doctors away. This might just as well work in centuries bygone. But, today? There is an ever increasing demand for doctors. Doctors are a very important part of our society- that goes without saying. With the coming years, it can well be estimated beforehand that doctors might become the most important number to call in the contact list of a household. With the important position and knowledge that they enjoy, they also have their own share of mammoth responsibilities. The responsibilities that are tedious and tiring. So, one needs to be very well informed and trained to practice medicine.

For the purpose of best training and education of medicine to aspirants of this profession,  the governing bodies of India have always successfully formulated the best education system for this profession. One such course and the most popular course in Medicine is MBBS. Now, MBBS stands for Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae. This full form is Latin for what can be commonly understood in English as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. As the name suggests, this course forms the basis for further specialization in Medicines.

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With the degree in hand and a stethoscope around one’s neck, one deals with great responsibility. Medicine truly is a profession which is not about getting handsomely paid. Studying medicine might as well be one of the noblest courses to take up. Which is why aspirants are full of determination and passion for doing a greater good for the society at large? It is at times like this that questions of insecurity might pop up in their heads. At times like these, the pressure might build up further. And then come questions like - I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS? The answers to which need to explain elaborately.

  MBBS is a course that needs 5 and a half years for completion. This time period also includes 1 year of internship.This means that it really is 4.5 years of studying. The course starts with the basics pre and para-clinical subjects which include physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, pathology, and pharmacology.


   As with all courses that lead to specialization and a handsomely paying job, the entrance to MBBS is not an easy task by itself either. MBBS is pursued after qualifying one of the many entrance tests typically. However, to even sit for these entrance tests, institutes generally demand a minimum percentage in class 12 board exams. Therefore our question today- I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS?




Yes, you still are eligible for MBBS even if you could not score as high as 60 %. we are in an age where marks do not determine a lot of our potential so, instead, we let knowledge set the bar for our aptitude and interest. But, is the answer today as simple as an affirmative too? ‘I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS?’ could surely use a more complicated answer than that?

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   For most colleges and also for most entrance exams to MBBS, the minimum requirement is a solid 50% in the board examinations of class 12. The student must have studied Biology as a subject up till class 12. Students are supposed to have taken up Science as their stream of education in 10+2.

So, a student who has scored below 60% can be eligible for MBBS. This holds true only if the scores obtained by the student are within the bar of 50-60%. Anything below that might not help the student with getting admission to the best of colleges like BHU and AIIMS. Of course, the government has its own stipulations pertaining to certain classes of the society too at times.

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Any student and aspirant worried about the same scenario as our question today - I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS? Has now been fully answered. With this, we conclude today’s topic. Of course, determination and passion are always the keys to everything.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: I have scored less than 60 % in 12th standard. Am I eligible for MBBS?

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