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What should I do, if I want to become a doctor as well as an entrepreneur?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What should I do, if I want to become a doctor as well as an entrepreneur?

Jayanta Ghosh
Jayanta Ghosh
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Got a passion for saving lives and earning profit too? You are basically trying to blend two very different streams into a bowl and trying to use its result for your own benefit. The question now arises, is it really possible to be a doctor as well as an entrepreneur? Of course, it is! Many people would think that you are making a shot in the dark but those beliefs are no longer sustainable. Doctors have a great potential to become an entrepreneur. These traditional beliefs that a doctor can nothing be a doctor are being broken by many innovative minds who are trying to merge their medical as well as business skills in order to serve the society in a very new and different way.

The one major skill that all the doctors who also want to be an entrepreneur must have is 'acceptance to change'. You will have to change your mindset and think in a very different way than what you have been learning so far. Many of you may face impassivity or ridicule by your parents, teachers or classmate. But you would have to face all of this if you want to bring this change. You would no longer be able to earn fixed salary as a doctor. You would have to face risks of loss which an entrepreneur always does. Thinking 'out of the box' is what we all do but living up to that thinking takes much more efforts.

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If we notice, there are many common skills that both a doctor and an entrepreneur requires in order to be successful in long run. We can draw some clear parallels between the two professions making it a whole:

  • The process what an entrepreneur always follows is – identification of opportunity > researching the available resources > analyse each opportunity > application of learning. A doctor also works on similar lines during their every day dealing with the patients – physical examining ( identification of opportunity) > questioning the patient (researching) > diagnosing (analysing) > treatment (application of learning).


  • Uncertainty is a constant threat that lingers over the head of an entrepreneur as a sword. Entrepreneurship is all about uncertainty. They have to take many decisions for which they themselves are not certain. This is a risk that they have to take. A similar threat is faced by a doctor as well. Sometimes doctors have to take decisions some incomplete clinical knowledge. It is fact that less than a third of medical decisions are based on confirmed medical evidence.






  • Failure teaching many things that a classroom fails to teach. You should have the ability to face the failure and use it as a positive reinforcement. Both doctors and entrepreneurs have to face failure in their own respective fields. An entrepreneur faces failure in form of the loss in business and a doctor faces failure in form of failing in the treatment of the patients.

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  • Questioning, observing, connecting and associating are core entrepreneur skills. No entrepreneur can exist without these skills. These are basically the skills of an innovator, a person who can use his/her mind in a very different way than any other person uses. A doctor is also an innovator. Doctors always have to think of different ways of treating patients as no patient has the same This states that both entrepreneurs and doctors have similar skills of being an innovator.


  • Entrepreneurship is all about researching and experimenting. This is what a doctor also does every day.Without risk is no business and hence no entrepreneur. A doctor also faces the risk of dealing with people's lives every day. A single wrong action can make a life trouble!


After this analysis, we can say that a doctor and an entrepreneur walk on two parallel roads. Is it possible for two parallel roads to meet? Yes, it is! There are many branch roads which can be taken to make these two very different yet similar roads meet. All you need is to analyse which road to take in order to reach the goal of being a successful physician entrepreneur.

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These reasons must have helped to clear your doubt about if a doctor can also be an entrepreneur at the same time. But there is a small yet significant difference between the two fields. The objective of a doctor is to save lives whereas the objective of an entrepreneur is to earn a profit. Being a physician entrepreneur, never forget your commitments as a doctor.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What should I do, if I want to become a doctor as well as an entrepreneur?

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