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Is it better to pursue MD or an MBBS degree is good enough?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Is it better to pursue MD or an MBBS degree is good enough?

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Before starting with the topic, let me first guide you with the basics of what MBBS and MD is. So firstly

 What is MBBS?

MBBS stands for bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. It is an undergraduate degree in medical field. The period of this whole course is 5.5 years. In these 5.5 years, 1 year is for internship which is obligatory. Students from science stream can go for this degree. Students should have good stamina, along with that they should be patience, should have ability to work in a team and should be responsible for making their career in MBBS.

They have 9 semesters in all. Each semester is of 6 months. In this students are learn deeper knowledge of human body through theory as well as practical learning. Those students who are way too intelligent and who have the capability to do well for human race are best to pursue MBBS. A medical degree is never trouble-free. It is to a certain extent much more complicated in comparison to other career fields. A medical degree is never trouble-free. It is to a certain extent much more complicated in comparison to other career fields.

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What is MD?

On the other hand MD stands for doctor of medicine. MD is a postgraduate degree in medical whereas MBBS is an undergraduate degree. Any student can pursue MD only after completing their MBBS degree. In some countries, MD is well thought-out just equal to Ph.D. in value. MD is basically to obtain training in some specialized category.

 MD specializations include gynaecology, ophthalmology, dentistry, paediatrics etc. Thus this degree makes a student specialist in medicinal area office. As this study involves deeper study of one subject, one needs to prepare its mind well so that they can focus and concentrate on it. M.D is one of the most important and famous course in medical field. One major reason for its popularity is its salary packages which are very good.




Like all post graduates degree MD is also completed in 2 years. Subjects offered in this degree are cardiology, clinical pharmacology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, neuro radiology, pulmonary medicine, medical oncology and rheumatology. While doing MD, students should have good communication skills, also they should be fully aware of the improvements and advancements taking place in medical field.

MD is a higher and more advance degree in comparison to MBBS. As in MBBS, students learn more or less general understanding in almost all fields of medicine whereas in MD, student focuses on 1 main thing, here the students get deeper and better understanding in 1 field of medical of his choice. MD and MBBS both are medical degrees but different from one another. MBBS focuses much more on theory whereas MD concentrates more on practical training but MBBS is the major and necessary degree in a medical field to practice as a doctor or a physician.

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Which is better?

Now the question arises, that MBBS is good enough, or taking MD is necessary. The best thing is to pursue MD, as it is good to be specialized in one field. Also there is no higher limit for gaining knowledge. Though for many, MBBS is enough in the field of medical, but it’s never a bad choice to go for further studies.

Many people don’t pursue MD because they think in a way that they have already given a lot many years to MBBS, in comparison to students of commerce field or arts field also only pursuing MBBS is not that bad, here also doctors have complete knowledge but these days everyone finds post graduation something which is very important so it’s better to pursue specialization in that field where one is studying.

MD degree gives student a good exposure in medical field. Here they learn a lot, so they are much better skilled than those who don’t pursue this degree. Taking MD degree will benefit student in many aspects of life. When they go for a MD degree, they find experienced doctors who guide the students well and make them a better doctor for future.

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On the whole, it totally depends person to person. There are many doctors who are good enough with only MBBS as their qualification, whereas some are not. So, if you are good doctor who treats their patient well, they will approach those doctors only and it won’t matter to them whether you have MD degree in your qualification or not.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Is it better to pursue MD or an MBBS degree is good enough?

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