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What are the career prospects of pursuing ‘Mass Communication’ program?

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RE: What are the career prospects of pursuing ‘Mass Communication’ program?

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Today mass media is the most popular way to communicate. This course is now recognized as an amazing course to pursue. Many students are attracted to make their career in the field of mass communication. It is a great course and one gets really good exposure in this field.

Now a day there is so much increase in radio channels, television sets etc. students from this field can work in public relations area, films, publishing, direction etc. There are some essential skills required by the students to get a job in this field such as they should be very imaginative, should be an expert out of the box and full of life. Mass communication provides vast scope for student’s career. This field not only gives you security and satisfaction but it also gives name and fame to the person working in this field.

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Some of the best institutes for mass communication are symbiosis institute in Pune, Jamia University in Delhi, Asian college of journalism in Chennai and Indian institute of mass communication in Delhi. Some of the top companies in which students can pursue their career life are Hindustan time’s group of publication, NDTV network, ZEE TV network, Viacom and many others.

They can work in following profiles

  • Film director
  • Producer
  • Radio jockey
  • Editor
  • Video jockey
  • Event manager
  • Art director
  • Screen writer
  • Fashion photographer
  • TV letter writer
  • Illustrator
  • Books and novels
  • Blogs
  • Newspapers
  • News reporters
  • Press information
  • Advertising agencies
  • Journals

Under media field, one can apply job for a script writer, news anchor, editor, reporter etc. Under advertising one can apply either for logo designs or for copy writing. 

Career prospects of mass communication

Journalism is one of the very accepted fields in media. After mass communication, you can go for journalism; there are many options under journalism such as




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  • Broadcast journalist: here people work for television and the internet, they research and show news on these 2 mediums of media.
  • Magazine journalist: here people write news reports to publish them in magazines.
  • Newspaper journalist: here journalists write news for all kinds of newspaper whether local or national newspapers.
  • Advertising copywriter: this job profile requires people who are inspired and innovative. They write slogans for any TVC or any printed Leafs.
  • Informative officer: here people provide information to any organization. They can provide the information internally and also externally depend on their clients.
  • Critic: here people write about critics of various things such as music, movies, any performance happening around the city. Their critical views matter a lot.
  • Cartoonist: they write as well as make cartoons to make it fun for readers and through their drawing they tell stories about recent things going around in the world. They work for both newspapers and magazines.
  • Photo journalist: some reporters click pictures and make news about that. They write apt captions according to the photographs.

Further options are

  • Public relations: professionals within public relations are a part of any firm and works for many clients’ organizations. They manage their image when the time is difficult while they also help in collecting attention for their clients. It is the only field through which one can get a government job.
  • Advertising: here people can work both in the creative section also and in the business Those who work for creative sides they work on creating advertisements for print. Whereas those who work for the business section, their career opportunities exist in outlets of different agencies. They work for their clients.
  • Social media: this is the most important career prospect in the field of mass media. Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc are so important these days. They have created many new job opportunities for people worldwide. The general public is also active on social sites and has become very helpful.

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Salary Scale

Starting salary in the field of mass communication is Rs 12000 and goes up to Rs 25000. Once a person gets some experience in this field, of around 4-5 years then it is very much possible that his/her salary will increase up to 50,000 and it keeps on increasing if the person has become really professional in this field.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!





RE: What are the career prospects of pursuing ‘Mass Communication’ program?

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