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What are the career prospects of ‘Social Work’? What are the top institutes in India to pursue social work?

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RE: What are the career prospects of ‘Social Work’? What are the top institutes in India to pursue social work?

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An individual is very much part of a society. The relation between an individual and society depends upon a healthy give and take relationship. Out of zeal for doing a great and meaningful work, many students and professionals opt for social work as a career. The pure joy of contributing without asking for much in return brings the proudest moments in life.

Social work is a field for benevolent personalities. It requires a genuine urge to add positivity, happiness, and creativity in the diverse demographic dividend. At the same time, one can say it is a challenging field. The work in the social field comes with great sacrifices and sometimes sufferings. So the career choice in social work should depend upon one’s genuine urge to give expertise knowledge and training without being trapped in promoting self.

Top institutes in India for social work.

1) Tata Institute of social science

Tata institute of social science is the foremost premier institute established in 1936. It has four campuses Tuljapur, Mumbai, Guwahati and Hyderabad. The institute has 20 specialized schools in different genres such as Disaster studies, development studies, education, Habitat studies etc and offers bachelors, masters, doctoral, short term and long distance online programs.

2) Madras school of social work Chennai

It is the top-ranked social work college in South India. It was founded in 1952 by Mary Clubwala Jadhav. It is an autonomous institute associated with Madras University. The college offers Bachelors and Masters Program in social work, and in counseling psychology and M.A program in Human resource

3) Delhi school of social work

Delhi school of social work under the University of Delhi was founded in 1946. The school offers M.A program in social work, M.phil program in social work and doctoral program in social work.

4) Karve Institute of social work Pune

The institution was established in 1963 in the memory of great social reformer Dhondoji Keshav karve. Since then the institution has done pioneering work in social education. It offers M.A, M.phil and Doctoral program in social work. Same time the institute is also recognized for its post graduate diploma program in NGO management and corporate social responsibility.

5) Loyola college of social science Tiruvanantpuram.

It was founded by Society of Jesus in 1963. The college offers programs like M.A. in social work, Masters in human resource management and in counseling psychology. The college is associated with university of Kerala.

6) College of social work Nirmala Niketan Mumbai

The college was founded in 1955 by the women to cater the need of technical aspects of social work. The college offers Bachelors program, Masters Program and short duration courses in social work.

7) Road Mistry college of social work and research center

The college is affiliated to Osmania University and is one of the oldest establishments in India. It was established in the year 1963. The college offers programs like BSW, MSW and doctoral program in social work.

8) Department of social work Jamia Milia Islamia

The department of social work was established in 1967. It is a UGC recognized center for advanced studies in social work. The department offers programs like M.A. social work, M.A in Human resource, B.A in social work and post graduate diploma in NGO management.

9) Rajagiri school of social work

It is one of the oldest colleges in South India. The institute provides bachelors and masters program in social work. Same time, the institute offers an opportunity to pursue the postgraduate diploma in social works and offers a comprehensive doctoral opportunity.

10) Xavier institute of social service Ranchi

It was established in 1963 by Jesuit mission Ranchi. The institute offers Postgraduate full-time diploma in Human resource and rural management. Apart from that, the institute offers traditional MBA programs.

Same time department of sociology of various universities like Banaras Hindu University, Mangalore University, Pune University, Delhi University and Christ College Bangalore are worth mentioning for their impeccable and state of art program in social work.

Career prospects in social work

Social service comes with intangible and tangible benefits. The main aspect of social service is that it gives immense satisfaction and happiness. With growing disparity between urban- rural areas, rich-poor, men-women and marginalized people, the challenge of bringing valuable and peaceful solution is quite large. The era where media is been corporatized and the gap between civil societies and government is increasing at an unprecedented level, the social scientist will have a greater role to play.

India is home to thousands of local as well as international NGOs working in the diverse sector. Same time many independent statistics based research center are thriving in India. This provides a great opportunity to social workers to join and contribute in socio-technical aspects of development and research.

Social worker can excel in following fields

  • Social scientist
  • Independent social worker
  • Policy researcher
  • Government advisor
  • NGO worker
  • Corporate advisor for corporate social responsibility
  • Livelihood specialist
  • Counseling psychologist
  • Environment specialist
  • Civil society worker
  • As a political advisor.


The idea of social work is a great thing owing to its many intangible benefits. In true sense, the joy and happiness in serving people cannot be measured. It is important for the person working in the social field to abide by the highest standard of ethics in personal as well as public life. Since social work involves dealing with different personality traits, it becomes important to sharpen interpersonal and soft skills.

The success in social work will come with an ability to do a great deal of hard work without asking for any personal gain. Voracious reading skills and ability to interact in an amicable way will sail a great career in social work.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the career prospects of ‘Social Work’? What are the top institutes in India to pursue social work?

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