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What are the different course options for further study after completing LLB?

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RE: What are the different course options for further study after completing LLB?

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LLB is a graduate level course for students who have a presence of mind and ability to put their views forward. They are able to find a respectable place in society through their professional thoughts. LLB opens a lot of scopes in front of a pupil. But, you need to keep in mind that only graduation will never be able to build your bright career. It may help you in getting short-term benefits, but in order to be benefitted in a long run, a post graduate degree is a must! A post graduate degree always help you in gaining a specialized knowledge about a particular field you have interest in while the undergraduate degree can only help you in getting a general understanding of all the fields.

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A huge number of courses open their ways after LLB. LLM is a blindfolded ritual that every LLB student follows. LLM (Master of Laws) is a post graduate course which is an internationally recognized degree. Almost all law students and professionals pursue LLM as it provides better career opportunities. It also provides a specialized knowledge in a particular subject to the student. LLM students are always preferred above LLB students by the law firms as they have specialized knowledge and advanced training which is a must for a lawyer in a multinational legal environment.

Putting LLM aside, there are many other courses which you can pursue after LLB. If you do not want to follow the traditional way of pursuing LLM, these courses are for you!


Certificate course in infotech law

 This is a one year course aiming to make students aware of the infotech laws. This course will help the student in getting legal knowledge about the IT companies. IT companies have to deal in a very complex environment including various laws and regulations with which they have to comply. After completing this course you become a representative of these firms in a legal world.

Certificate course in Cyber Laws

 Many traditional criminal activities such as theft, fraud, defamation, etc, have found a new medium with the expansion of internet. The criminals now use internet for these activities. The crimes that include computer or internet are called cyber crimes. This one year course will make you specialized in dealing with these crimes. The students deal with the legal issues related to the internet. Some of the subjects that are included in this course are internet access and usage, freedom of usage, privacy and jurisdiction.

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Diploma in Administrative Law


This two-year long course produces specialized advocates in administrative law. During this course, the student will learn about many laws and legal principles that govern the administration and other governing bodies. This postgraduate diploma is one of the best courses available after LLB.



Diploma in corporate laws and management

Want to step into the corporate sector after LLB? If yes then a diploma in corporate laws and management is the best way to do so. This course will help you gain knowledge about the various and legal atmosphere within which the corporate sector works.

Diploma in Environmental Laws

 Conscious about the environment? Want to do something after LLB for the environmental sustainability? If yes then go for a diploma in Environmental laws. This course provides information about the laws and regulations dealing with the effect to human activities on the natural environment. Environmental pollution is the core of the environmental laws. This course will help you in doing something for the environment rather than just sitting and cursing its awful condition.

Diploma in International Laws

 As the name implies, International laws include various laws and regulations dealing with the relations between different nations. With an emergence of a multinational world, a diploma in international laws will help you in dealing with the various legal complexities which are present while dealing with someone outside your own nation. These laws serve as a framework which gives rise to stable international relations.

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The boundaries of different nations are effectless when it comes to establish relations. Pursuing a diploma in international laws after LLB will help you gain information about these laws and opening up a way for brighter career.

These are some of the options which you can go for after LLB. There are many other courses you can go for apart from those mentioned above. Other options could include Diploma in Human Rights, Diploma in Taxation Laws, Diploma in Labor Laws and Industrial Relations, M.A in Human Rights and Duties Education and many more.

 You need to select one course in which you have interest among the pool courses available after LLB. I hope this would help you selecting any one course and making your way towards a brighter future!

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the different course options for further study after completing LLB?

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