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What are the different courses offered by ILAM – Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, India?

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RE: What are the different courses offered by ILAM – Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, India?

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Ever since the Wright brothers first invented the airplane, the aviation industry has been booming. Especially in the past two decades, the aviation industry has changed its course from being a costly luxury to being a cheap and efficient mode of travel. Whether it is goods or passengers, the aviation industry needs strong minds to guide its course and manage all the transfers on time.

If you think you have got what it needs, ILAM institute in India offers you a chance to be one of the best in the field. You can enroll in one of the several courses available to ensure that you have a bright future in this field.

ILAM Institute

The ILAM Institute (Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management) is one of the top institutes of the country which offer you the special skills required for you to make your mark in the industry. The ILAM boasts of having 2500+ industry partners which means pursuing the courses in Logistics and aviation management here in ILAM will let you have better job opportunities.  As mentioned earlier, the industry is a little different from pursuing a normal management degree as you get the specific knowledge about the Aviation and Logistics industry unlike in BBA where you tend to get an overall knowledge. If you are fixated on choosing this field, this is the best college that you can attend in order to have a great future ahead.

The institute has several years of experience in training some of the most elite individuals in the field and hence also has the necessary contacts which will help you land a good job after your graduation. Also, specializing the teaching in a particular field allows the institute to focus on the core subjects pertaining to the field and remove the redundant subjects. Having the status of an institute also allows ILAM to draft its own syllabus and curriculum that will help the students get a more focused and reliable source of knowledge rather than a lot of redundant of it.



  • ILAM is preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.
  • Higher salary 4 to 7 lacs in starting & within 5 years its 10 to 12 lacs pa
  • Additional certificate from CII in Logistics
  • Frequent guest lecturers & Industry visits
  • Additional certificate from Galileo in Aviation
  • Teaching by pool of expert from XLRI &IIMA
  • Placement with big brands
  • Nation-wide campuses- Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Courses Offered

The ILAM institute offers several undergraduates as well as postgraduate courses for students from around the world. Some of these courses offered include,

  1. Undergraduate Programmes:
  • BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 years): The BBA program is one of the most sought programs that the institute has got to offer. Once you enroll in this program some of the skills that you will develop include IT Application in Logistics and Transport, Business Law, Warehousing Management, Transport Economics Operation, Management Business Statistics, Integrated Supply Chain Material Management, etc.


  • BBA Aviation and Travel Tourism (3 years): If your interest tends more towards travel and tourism industry, you can enroll for this course directly after the completion of your 10+2 education. The skills that you will develop in this course include Introduction to Aviation, Hospitality and travel tourism, In-flight Service Management, Business Economics, Organizational Behavior, Safety, and Security, etc.


  1. Two year MBA ProgrammesYou can also opt for a two-year MBA program in case you have already completed your graduation. This option is available to all the students irrespective of the field of graduation with the exception of a fine arts student. You can enroll in these programs to enhance your skills particularly with respect to the aviation industry. The majors that can be focused upon during the enrollment include the following courses.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Aviation and Travel Tourism Management
  • Banking

The pay packages after graduation from these courses can go from 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs in initial stages on an average. Also, the integrated structure of the syllabus includes a three to four month period training/internship in order to make you market ready and so that you do not have a problem working in the industry as soon as you step out of the institute doors.

If you are interested in the Aviation industry in a managerial way, the ILAM provides you with the most focused study experience that eliminated redundant knowledge and gives you hands-on experience of working in the Logistics and Aviation industry. The ILAM is one of the leading institutes of the country that provide you with the necessarily focused knowledge which will make you market ready as well as give you bright future.

RE: What are the different courses offered by ILAM – Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, India?

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